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Make your own ... Birgitte!


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Misheru started a thread, Create your own Aes Sedai or Warder Avatar, which inspired this competition.


Here's how it works: I will start a thread for a character, and we all make avatars for them, using this application (or any other you want):



You can make as many of each character as you want, and post them in that thread. They MUST be your own work, though, not a picture you found somewhere. If you can't get the link to work (I can't, for the life of me), host them on something like photobucket and then post them here. If you don't posses something like a photobucket, you're welcome to send the links to me and I'll do so for you.


After a week or so, I'll assemble them all for one character in one post (depending on how many there are) and start a poll. Pointsies will be forthcoming, and maybe even req credit. Rinse and repeat.


People may make INSIGHTFUL comments on and discuss the avatars, but spammers WILL be sent to the Kitchens.

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To start the ball rolling, I made a quick Birgitte:




This avatar was made using the SARI MAKER app, found in the link provided in the first post. The background made me think of the Royal Palace in Caemlyn. Wish I could remember exactly what the uniform should look like! lol

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Nice work, ladies!


I also used the Viking one to make another Birgitte, but I definitely want to try and make a Luca one for her too *grins*

I found another one where I made a great Birgitte, but then couldn't save it anywhere in the end! grrr ... can't remember now which app it was ... duh ... I'll check later.


Here's the Viking one:



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I swear there is a braid behind that cape! Im thinking this is a Birgitte from one of her former lifes.










She's holding a bow, just a bit difficult to see.

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