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Official Dragonmount Welcomers


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Each month an official Dragonmount Welcomer will be announced.


This person will have been active during the month welcoming new members to DM, engaging in conversation and being generally helpful. New members can always depend on an Official Welcomer to help them!


So without further ado, our very first Welcomer is LEDINNA SEDAI!!!!


Congratulations honey!!!




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?? Is there an official welcoming person every month ??


Anyway, I'm new to this forum but I have read all the WOT books (all 13 of them) so far.


It's been a while since I've reviewed the series so I won't be posting too much I guess.


I do plan on visiting now and then though.


I expect to be buying book #14, though, (I may wait a bit 'till the price goes down a bit).


$25 for an ebook is a bit steep for me - - - my curiosity can wait :)


At $12 or less, I'd buy it right away - - - but not at twice that price.


After all, I'm sure the dead tree book will appear sooner or later the public library.




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I am not new to dragonmount. I was here several years back but have been gone for a good while. Actually I kinda fell off while reading Towers and waiting for open discussion to open up. Yea, life simply got in the way if playing online. But I am starting my umpteenth re-read and thought I would log back on and see what y'all are talking about. Is Andoran still hanging out in here? Well i hope to be hearing from many of you!


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