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Hello all, I'm a somewhat new, or old? reader(relative to you) of the Wheel of Time Series, started with the Crossroads of Twilight back when I was in my wee days as a preteen ( I think in middle school)


and yeah, starting with the 10th book naturally lead me to having no idea what the blazes was going on, but fortunately I proceeded to read the 1st, and the 2nd, and so on.


I'm twenty now, and I just recently read the 12th and 13th book for the first time after a hiatus prompted by Robert Jordan's death, and the impression that the series would never ever ever end (even when he was alive and putting about)

The much faster pace of the new books as well as the fact that things are actually starting to happen have made me very excited and anxious about the final book.


Anyways, um, I've been aware of these forums for quite a while now but until recently I couldn't quite understand the need to open an account for a forum such as this. But Here I am =D


And I lust for Milano Cookies with an unstoppable passion.


Nice to meet you all

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FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF yes those cookies...




Anyways, my favorite character would probably just be Mat, mostly because of how he flaunts authority. Least would be...Elayne?

I've always enjoyed characters on the basis of their actions and Elayne's been doing almost nothing for the past few books, although that's probably more because she hasn't been covered that much beyond the Succession.


As for Forsaken, I can't really choose one, it's been quite a while since I read the earlier books, at least 2 years, so I don't remember them that well. Everything before the 8th book or so is pretty hazy to me at this point.


And yes, a tour would be nice =D

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Welcome! Im sure were all glad to have you here and hope you find some niche for you in the various groups and activities! Theres the ACW guild and there is the different SG. And all the different discussion boards. At the bottom of the forums is the Group im in is the PSW. Which is were people come together and RP. (Role Play) different stories based in the world of rand land. Its very fun if enough people can be found. Were always looking for new members. If your interested feel free to pm me or ask any questions. biggrin.gif

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Ok, here comes the tour :) Again, just ask, if there are something you didn't fully understand. I can be veeery confusing ;)


In DM, there are


1. the Getting started boards. Here you can find the basic rules, guidelines and helpful information. In each board there should be pinned topics. These are good to read first, they tell you what the board is about, and what are it's rules.


2. The WoT discussion. Discussion about WoT, generally. Major spoiler alert for those that haven't read all the books. You don't have to worry, though :)


3. Social groups and other discussion (social community) Again there are the pinned topics, that were good to read before posting on that board. The discussions here are pretty much about everything possible :) I totally recommend the social groups. the pinned topics there tell you how to join them, what the groups are about etc. They're lots of fun.


4. the role playing. Create your own character and tell about his/her life in randland. Again, I recommend this, and remember to read the welcome inn's pinned topics before starting :)

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Welcome to DM! :biggrin:


Hope you enjoy yourself here! Do not hesitate to ask any questions if you get lost or confused as you explore the place! And do pop by the Campfires of the Band of the Red Hand Social Group!


*waves his :bandredhand: banner all over the place*

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