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Hello, all


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I'm new.... Surprising, I know, considering the name of the forum. Lessee.... I am on my 8th (?) read-through of the series, obsessively post about the thing on tumblr, connect everything I watch to WoT, I have a dreamcast going with 133 characters cast so far... SO, that's me. HELLO.

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blaaaah I kind of like all of the characters in their own little ways. =s It's always hard for me to pick favorites, especially since all of the women are so strong...


Favorite parts...Verin in TGS, Nynaeve healing in, what, is it Fires of Heaven? I forget.... Anything with Mat & Tuon... The early days of Perrin and Faile... Lots of good parts. :D

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Glad you could join us! :wink:



Welcome to Dragonmount! My first recruit, and I don't even know you. *sniffles*


My name is Eddie, and you should just ignore whatever they say about me, I didn't kill that baby seal.




If she is who I think she is, I totally led you to her blog. :takescredit:




Welcome to DM!

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Welcome to DM! :biggrin:


I hope you are enjoying yourself here! Do not hesitate to ask any questions if you get lost or confused as you explore the place! And do pop by the Campfires of the Band of the Red Hand Social Group!


*waves his :bandredhand: banner all over the place*

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