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  1. My favorite Forsaken is....... Lanfear, I think. I also quite like Asmodean and Graendal's kind of fun.
  2. I am the one known as Punny Little Piggy
  3. Are we allowed to be raunchy and potty-mouthed here? Like all good humans, I accepted the terms without actually reading them....>_>
  4. WHY HELLO THERE. Nice to meet you :)
  5. First recruit? Bwhaaaat? You from tumblr too?
  6. I AM INDEED WHO YOU THINK I AM FROM TUMBLR. blaaaah I kind of like all of the characters in their own little ways. =s It's always hard for me to pick favorites, especially since all of the women are so strong... Favorite parts...Verin in TGS, Nynaeve healing in, what, is it Fires of Heaven? I forget.... Anything with Mat & Tuon... The early days of Perrin and Faile... Lots of good parts. :D
  7. I'm new.... Surprising, I know, considering the name of the forum. Lessee.... I am on my 8th (?) read-through of the series, obsessively post about the thing on tumblr, connect everything I watch to WoT, I have a dreamcast going with 133 characters cast so far... SO, that's me. HELLO.
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