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Allow me to introduce myself...


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Vhy hello there, citizens of this strange realm. I am not sure vhat confluence of forces brought me and my friends here, but I assure you, our presence shall not impede your normal enjoyment of this "Vheel of Time" I hear so many of you talking about. I myself found the books to be very amusing, especially the parts about "blood on the rocks". Here I vas thinking they were talking about my favorite cocktail!


Ah but you must forgive me for my poor manners, I have yet to introduce myself. I... am Count Dracula!!!


*flourishes my cape and executes a flawlessly elegant bow*


But you may call me Vlad, if you wish. I am pleased to make your acquaintance, especially those of the gentler sex among you... particularly that one in the back with that attractive neck...


Oh no has my bride arrived yet?! Do not tell her I vas here! I shall return again once I have found a more suitable area to entertain my... guests... while on my visit here.


*transforms into a bat in a puff of smoke and flies away*

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Hey Vlad! great to see we are branching out into the undead now too. Can't hurt to get in good prior to the impending zombie apocalypse. On your way to that White Tower party you might want to stop by the Black Tower and meet our very on Vampire Zombie Werewolf rockSTAR ( and front page DM blogger) Despothera.


See you at the party.

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