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Verin vs. Vader


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Yes, Ed!


Well, their background story is different, of course.

I mean, Verin never fully intended to be part of the Shadow. It was all circumstance, and so she used it to the Light's advantage.


But Vader...he was twisted to the Dark Side of the Force, and fully supported it throughout his years.



But in each of their deaths...they redeemed themselves.

I like Verin's scene more...


But, do you think Vader had such a dramatic turnaround, too?


Interesting and weird question, Ed. Thanks for posting this.

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I would have to agree that Verin's story is cooler.


Anikin turned to the 'darkside' out of fear, and anger, but Verin got involved out of an accident (or so i remembered) and she used her time to learn as much as she could so that she could expose them when she found someone who could do something about the Black Ajah. Anakin was in it because of fear of what would happen to his girlfriend... thereby causing it himself... very stupid. I do not know what Verin did while she was in the Black Ajah, but she wasn't there to do evil (though I am sure that she did some to keep up her cover, and keep her new oath.


Very good question!

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*snorts* how come i get this mental image of Ed posting this while looking in a mirror.



anyways, Verin hands down. she didn't go to the dark side for selfish reasons, Anikan did. selfless trumps selfish any day *nods sagely*

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