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Any Rugby fans here?


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Me Me!


Ireland are doing absolutely brilliantly, aren't they? I managed to watch 2 of the Canada games while I was on sick leave, and a few of the other "lesser" teams too. They're actually much more interesting to watch (for me, anyway) than the "big boys". Those guys play their hearts out!


I'm glad I didn't see the South Africa vs Namibia game - I'm South African, but that would have been too painful to watch ... poor Namies :sad:

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Me an corki are ex school boy ruggers players :) I broke my wrist playing, always used to say that was worst injury of my sporting career, but after my shoulder dislocation in football I'm not so sure! The world cup is looking pretty exciting. England put in a much iimproved performance albeit against romania.

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...Not really a rugby fan...but since I live in NZ I thought I'd keep track of how everyone's doing in the World Cup anyway I an't watch any games though because we don't have TV.


Ireland winning was a pleasant surprise ay! (Actually I'm hoping for more wins from that team...they seem to be up for it!) I agree with Mother, it would be awesome to see a lesser known team win! :biggrin:

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Ireland! :D




so we beat Italy, meaning we play Wales in the quarter final, a tough game, but we've beaten them in the 6 Nations, so it'll be a good game overall. If we manage to win that, we play either Engalnd or France. I hope its England. We can beat them :laugh:

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The Australia vs. the USA game of Union highlighted my distaste of Union quite nicely.


The US had the ball about 3 metres out from the Try line.


16 phases later, the US still had the ball and had not moved a millimetre.


Give me Rugby League anyday.

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