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  1. Welcome back my friend! It's awesome. Being friends with him on FB I was able to watch it happen. It is some achievement
  2. Back after a long hiatus. I hate wedding planning. [dont tell Lessa. She'll kill me! ]
  3. *wanders in. sees the chaos* ...ok...back away slowly, wolf. you didnt see anything *backs away slowly. didnt see anything*
  4. _wolfbrother_ Der.Manshima of the Ren'Shai. Only met the one, and I'm unfortunatley marrying her
  5. Hello friends. Chances are there are a few people here who don't know who I am, whereas there are also quite a few who do remember me. Unfortunately I've been absent for quite sometime and I never did tell anybody why it happened, or give any updates on the reasons I wasn't around. For that I apologise. Unfortunately real life, as it tends to do quite a bit, interfered, and interfered in quite a way. As a lot of people know, or knew anyways when I was active, I was in a long distance relationship with Lessa, so you know the stresses involved with that. Add to that to studying in engineering school for 13-15 hours a day and you can see time was limited. There was also family issues concerning both the health of family members and that of my own health, and evidently emigrating so that I could be with Lessa all the time. I realise that I should've always found some way to check in from time to time even if it meant just signing the roll call. However, part of me didn't want to just be popping back and forth and not actually take part in activities and such. For that again I apologise. Now, though, things have changed. As I mentioned, I've moved to Canada and both myself and Lessa are now engaged. And this wouldn't've happened if not for this group. So for that you have my thanks, and I assure you that I won't be going anywhere anytime soon. The Wandering Warder has stopped wandering and come home.
  6. We never did master our secret handshake did we? hehe
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