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*stabs Barm*


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*sigh* Gather round kiddies.


Once upon a time, it was Kathleen's birthday. I told her I would've sent her a cake in the mail, but it would've gotten all messy in transit. Kat then suggests that I send cake mix and instructions to someone in Canada to make it for her. Yet, I don't know anyone in Canada, so I suggested sending it to Barm. Kathleen liked this idea, and said she'd take that option if I got Barm to drop it off to her. Then I was all like,


hahaha I doubt it... he'd be all like, wtf... ooh cake mix, yummy! and nom it down >.<


Thus, the stabbing.


The End. :)

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yes well, being a jerk is being a jerk, it doesn't matter if its a the movies in the dark, in a store in public in a private room or in her dream; if you're being a jerk your being a jerk and you should be happy that you only got punched in the chest.


Same thing goes for Barm, if he didn't want a stabbing he shouldn't have eaten my birthday cake! :tongue:

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*stabs eclipse0 for poor trolling*


seriously, the guys vs girls troll? you are capable of so much more. . .


She started it for being mad about an imaginary cake...



she stabbed him to remind us to say


Happy Birthday!


i know i've learned my lesson.

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