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Fan Fiction?

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Unfortunately, I read in the Writer's recently that DM has an agreement with Harriet that there is no fan fic allowed on the site. There used to be one I liked on wotmania, but there's none here on DM.


That is correct. Role Playing your own characters in a WoT setting is allowed (we have an RP section on DM, called the PSW or Portal Stone World), but Fanfic is not allowed.

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*puts on her ACW GL Hat* We do not allow Fan Fic from WoT here on DM, however we do allow Fan Fic from other series at the ACW Guild! I could go on, but that gets the message across nicely :)


*puts her Green Shawl and neon green GLO pin back on* aww much better....



*throws a pie in Elgee's face* Hee hee hee...GL me couldn't do that...*runs for the hill while Elgee is still in shock*

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*looks around to make sure Elgee isn't coming. Then looks around again to make sure there are no Green's in earshot* Ok, to be honest...I've never had Key Lime Pie...we always have it in the Green Halls, but I've never tried, or even really seen a piece. I'm not much of a pie person, I will eat apple on rare occasion (think 5 times in my life..max). And I've tried pumpkin pie every year at thanksgiving, but I've only actually enjoyed it the last two.

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but kath ... pie is the greatest!!! you can have meat pies, and dessert pies, and then theres the numerical pi ... and then theres this Pi





who totally kicks major butt in the RPG .hack//G.U.




What is your pick all I can make out is something on a trampoline


it's an elephant, jumping on a trampoline. whats great about it is it defys nature in 2 ways. 1st, Elephants can't jump. 2nd, elephants are too heavy for a trampoline. hence why it's made of pure awesomeness



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Well, I guess I have had shepard's pie and turkey pot pie. And I do like mathematical Pi (had the first 50 or more digits memorized at one point). I've never seen that Pi you posted a pic of, but she does look like the major butt kicking type.

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she does.



mmmmm Shepards pie.



what about boysenberry pie??





rutaebaga pie???





blueberry pie??













and pecan pie





and blackberry pie,





and tarts!! those are like pies but alot smaller!! everyone loves tarts!!




and apple pie with LOADS of icecream!!




and boston cream pies




and hershey's pies,




and ice cream pies




and mud pies ... well maybe not mud pies, unless its a mississippi mud pie *drools*




and how can i forget the bestest best pie of all ... sweet potato pie!!!

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key lime pie is one of the bestest pies ever created, and it is probably the easiest pie to make, next to mud.


you'll see all kinds of variations on the recipe, but the simplest way to make it is to use a prepared graham cracker crust, and pre-bake it about 10 minutes.


then whisk together a 14 oz can sweetened condensed milk with 3+ egg yolks (i've seen recipes using up to 6, which makes it richer, but 3 work), and 1/2 cup key lime juice.


pour the filling into the crust. it will set without baking in about 5 minutes, but chill it for a couple hours for a proper set.


if you're a-scared of raw eggs, you can bake it 5 - 10 mns at 375 before chilling.


it's usually served with whipped cream on top, but you can do a meringue made with the egg whites, and bake it with the meringue about 10 - 15 mns, till browned on top and then chill it.


you can find bottled key lime juice out of season in most supermarkets, and in season you can get little mesh bags of small yellowish key limes to squeeze. i have used regular limes and i have not been struck by lightening. i've also used the basic recipe to make lemon pie, just subbing lemon juice, and grapefruit, and orange, and blood-orange pie, subbing mostly whichever juice you like for the lime with a couple tablespoons lemon juice in the mix, because the high acidity is what makes the pie set.


if i'm feeling energetic, i'll zest whatever citrus i'm using and add most of the zest to the filling and a bit to the meringue or whipped cream.


um, sorry again. you weren't looking for a recipe, were you?


but it's sooooooo good, and soooooooo easy.....


and if you freeze it in wedges you can cover it with melted dark chocolate and let that set into a candy shell and then you can be very happy......


dagnabbit, i can't stop.




um, fan fiction - RJ had strong feelings about it. but he probably really liked key lime pie.


ok, i'm done now. :blush:

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