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[SG Faire: Shayol Ghul] Cookpot game

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Ok. I´ll take an easy one.


You can start guessing................................now!

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Please ask more questions but I'll have to answer them tomorrow cos I should already be asleep.

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Is she a member of the Black Ajah?





Is she a chosen?


I would say a forsaken - but yes.



Is it Verin?



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Is it Lanfear?




Is it Lanfear?


No. :biggrin:





Yes. You are right! Then you will do the next one.

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edit: Ive just been told that Ive only got 20 or so min to wait for ppl to solve this one, so if i have to leave Ill post before hand


edit2: The library is closing now.... the answer wassssss.... Hartha the Deathwatch Guard First Gardener.


Whoever posts firsts wins

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"Hi, I'm sorry Ithi can't come to the cookpot now, to run the next game. She is currently already managing two games for the Aiel, plus an impending massive game for the WT, plus playing a mental Mafia game. However, I'll happily take the points for winning :biggrin:"


Whoever posts next can start the next game- I hope that's ok.

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