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Music For the Last Battle


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Off the top of my head, I can break TG down into four showcase fights:


Rand vs. Moridin


Mat vs. Fain


Perrin vs. Superfade


Light Alliance vs Shadowspawn


There will likely be plenty of others, particularly for Lan and the Supergirls. Feel free to add your own.


My question is- what will be your playlist for the final (for now), climatic battle between Light and Dark?


I was inspired to make this topic because it occurred to me that the perfect music for Rand vs Moridin would be Mortal Kombat.

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Hans Zimmer's soundtrack to the movie "Gladiator"


1812 Overture




As much as I love Tool, I don't listen to their music when I'm reading. Perhaps their new album will be more reading friendly, but I kind of doubt it.

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It's the final countdown :tongue:


and the music from star wars when the red sith guy fights oboey one kenobee (excuss the spelling :blush: ) and his mentor in the phatom of the menis (i think its called Duel of Fates choir) (..maybe this one for the fight between moirdin and rand..)

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