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  1. So can someone draw up a little list of Who's Who for the Forsaken. Who got bitch slapped out of the pattern with Balefire? And who got transmigrated and who they are now? Such as..... Sammie- Balefired when Rand and Moridin crossed the streams Where the Shadow Waits. Be'lal- Killed by the eye of the world by.. You see its been to long was it green man or Rand? etc. etc. etc.
  2. After reading the forums mentioning who the best swordsmen is in Randland, and the Mat v. Lan forum there was a lot of discussion of Rand's lack of a hand hampering his ability as a swordsmen. Now its a bit of a stretch going from say making a crowbar to making a working bending, pivoting, opposable thumbing hand out of the power. But Rand now has all of LTT memories and such from the AoL couldn't he just channel a hand? I seem to remember, correct me if I'm wrong that somebody had visions, foretelling or something that Rand was seen to have a black hand? Could that be foreshadowing to it? Or am I just pulling feces out of my ass?
  3. So my question is about the variations in how many more powerful sa-angreals there were in existence at the end of the AoL. I know of at least 3 or 4 different quotes that contradict each other. When talking about Callandor, Lanfear I believed that only 2 more were made that a MAN could wield. So 1 is definitely the Access key for a MAN, whats the other one? Was it a miss print where it should have said "only two more were only made that were more powerful"
  4. Honestly, I most definitely dislike the fans that I know personally. Not to dis on any of you guys but usually they're annoying. Especially when the figure out you've read all the books too.
  5. While it would be cool for Lan to be Ta'veren I highly doubt it. The Wheel weaves as the Wheel will and the pattern (aka RJ) obviously had other things in mind for him. Not to mention you can't kill Lan in a prequel when he is alive in the sequels.
  6. What if the book of translation is a translator for the portal stones? I forget in what book, I think it was tGH or DR. Lanfear or Verin or someone explained that they could used to transport the user to a different world. I'm just pulling that out of my ass but hey it might be it.
  7. +1 A kiss for you my Lord Dragon. =) I'd like to start off and say... Right back at ya Then I'd like to reiterate the futility of this thread. While it does provide a place for people to argue over the merits of particular authors writings style, vision, scope and detail of their world and blah blah blah(<---Insert pompous literary analysis talk here) it lacks fact. Because the fact of the matter is... It comes down to the reader. What they want, and what they feel they get. Its all based on opinions which are based on feelings. While you can argue that oh... RJ has a better style talking about the bird in the distance crying out as Nynny talks to such and such about the change in weather vs Terry Brooks telling you what she said. It comes down to what the reader wants. For all intents of purposes this thread is moot. I don't expect the arguments to end but at the end of the day, nobody is going "to win" You can back it up with claims of verb usage, adjective, blah blah blah and such but it doesnt matter.
  8. Now... Correct me if I'm wrong here but I was led to believe there were several more fantasy series out there. Now I have been in my shell for a while but I think theres this guy name Tol.. Tolkeyn? Oh yea Tolkien that wrote a series a while back. And Idk some hundred other series out there. But again I've been a hermit for a while. (<---- Previous post riddled with rampant sarcasm) And its all personal opinion anyway. I could say the guy who dreamed up a purple talking 10ft dinosaur had a really good fantasy series. Anyway, there might be general consensus but it won't prove anything. But on that note I'd say WoT, and I love the Shannara series by Terry Brooks. Gotta say kept me in the fantasy realm for a long long time. But
  9. Personally, I can't listen to music and read. Not when I'm trying to really comprehend whats going on in the story. And Mortal Kombat would be annoying on a 2-3 hour loop as Im sure TG is going to encompass many many chapters. lol
  10. In the SR, Lanfear tells Rand that there are only two things that are more powerful Callindor. So one I think is the ko'denkal or however you spell it and whats the other one?
  11. So is Birgitte un-bound from the horn now? Or will she go running away from Elayne when Mat blows it again? <--(Sarcasm)
  12. "By the light and my salvation and rebirth I swear.." So I've been reading the books over again and it struck me that I didn't know what all these people were swearing to. The creator in WoT isn't worshiped as a God. While he is often called upon as "Light!" and a myriad of other sayings. So my question is if the Creator packed up his bags and moved onto the next world on his checklist... why all this non-sense of salvation? What happens to someone that loses his salvation. I don't believe there's an equivalent of hell in WoT. Or does the darkone get to shove pineapples up their bum everyday at 2am and 1pm? Or is there salvation connected with their rebirth? Anyway Just wondering bout your thoughts. P.S. Seeing as this might call our own faiths into this discussion lets all play nice.
  13. So I was wondering if any one had made a list of darkfriends that are most important to the story. Im not talking about random man in EotW chasing after Rand and Mat. But those that among the lords, whitecloaks, Seanchan, etc,etc.
  14. Probably as she is the Creator.. But If i couldn't be the creator... then... I'd be Mat cause hes hilarious, a banger of queens, lucky as hell. And has a really good memory haha And gets to hook up with Fortouna (<--misspell?)
  15. Ok so Ive seen a lot of post and such elsewhere and here about Rand's blood being spilled on the rocks of SG. What if it doesnt mean him but someone who shares his blood? Such as Luc, Galad, and even Gawyn and Elayne share distant blood ties. I think Luc will die regardless but perhaps one of the others will spill their blood on SG. Other then that... 1. Mat will bring the Seanchan over to Rand, or Rand himself will go bow before Tuon asking for her alliance. Thus meeting what he was told in the door to the Finn, (Paraphrase: The north and south and the east and west must be as one) 2. Rand Sedai will use both Mo and Nynny opposite of him as he wields Callandor. ^ 3. Min will be in danger because of her research for the use of said sword that is not a sword/|\ 4. The Last Battle is going to be bad ass |
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