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  1. i have sorta simular thoughts... i believe that the DO can only win if he turns Rand to the shadow... like at VoG... if Rand had given in to the darkness.. he would have ended the pattern which is sorta what the DO ultimatly wants... but i think after VoG, thats when the last battle began... Rand holding of the shadow was almost liike the first attack and when that failed... the attack on everyone else for the pattern comenced... if u get what i mean like...
  2. I felt that mat and gawyn were the two charaters that changed the most.... i felt as if i'd lost a friend who will never retern with mat's charater... like it was to be expected wiv BS and i'm glad hes finishing the WoT but its sad that the mat we are used to disapeared under a shallow potrail of what he was...
  3. Well, i reconomended to my friend to read it after he has finished all the published books like i did, because after the black ajar revalations in TGS, it was interesting to see how some of the black ajar aes sedai/accepted started off... it gave NS for those parts and intersting dynamic since you knew who the charaters really are... get what i mean like... i wanted that dynamic experience to be avaliable to my friend too, but ultimatly, it is up to him. I was to engrossed in the main series to want to read the prequel till i had finished the 13 books anyway.
  4. I always thought it was obvious that the lightning eye thing was a reference to Mat giving half the light of the world to save the world... lightning is a form of light... and when he sacrificed half the light of the world, his eye got ripped out... do you get what I mean like.... that’s why in this prophecy it says “the lightning his eye” it was symbolising mat giving up half the light of the world (his ‘lightning’ eye) to save the world....
  5. i just like big books and long series... thats what go me to pick up WoT; i get through books so quickly but why i love WoT, i just love how RJ describes things in so much detail and hides clues of what is to come. I love how the charaters develop, change grow and sometime go backwards; i really get invovled with the charaters. The story is great, leaving me wanting to read more and the actual world that has been created could easily be a real place. Ive never read anything as good as this series and thats why i love WoT. Compared to other fanacy i've read, it is definatly top or a joint first
  6. its back so soon.. yay my vote goes to saphira every time!! the inheritance cycle got me into fantacy... :) (i will also vote for morraine aswell ) and i will always vote agaist Mr wednesday!! ( american god's -worst book i've ever read it put me off reading for 6 weeks...) oo...Gimli and Iorek Byrnison also get my vote but if the paired up it would have to be Iorek Byrnison
  7. Ive always liked this (Barid Bel Medar) theory. I always thought along the same lines but you have really refined it... like when the dark one and the creator are viewed as good and evil it doesn't make sense because if the creator was good he would stop suffering but him being a creative force matchs in with his actions (or lack of) thoughout the series. The same goes for the DO. Also the concept of good and evil has always seemed... naff to me, espacially in fantasy series... and the way the DO and the creator paired up mirrors some physical notions which we know RJ knew about from his scien
  8. isn't as good as my first one but i liked the image
  9. No it makes sense, I have seen those arguments before and I used to think along similar terms. To me though I can't get past that quote I provided. Again the question refers to a specific incident in text where Ishamael was referring to Rand's soul, not some generic "Hero of the Light". RJ says in that instance Ishamael was not lying. To me it's pretty cut and dry. In text if Ishamael had just said "we have turned the Creators Champion" or some such there would be an argument. Ishamael however was specifying Rand's soul and RJ said he wasn't lying. lol probally me making t
  10. Moridin didn't want him dead because primarily of the link. We see how upset he was about Rand just losing a hand and how that affected him. Also they didn't just kill him because there are degrees of victory. Per the game of Fisher killing him outright doesnt assure you victory and may not achieve the DO's goals. As for Rand's soul we know it has been turned because... Looking at the statement RJ is saying Ishamael wasn't lying in this instance and in the book Ishy was referring specifically to Rand, not some generic "Hero of the Light". Mordin didn't want rand dead befor
  11. My theory that i have thought for a while is that Mordin doesn't or what I believe didn't want rand dead before VoG because the DO can only true win if rand is turned to the shadow. Why else would they keep him alive..? surely it would be easier for the shadow to just kill him and keep him away from the LB (like the world looks screwed without rand so y not just kill him). It has never been confirmed that rands soul has been turned to the shadow... the champion of the light has... who can be any hero that is bound to the horn... but it has never been stated directly that rands soul has turned
  12. theres something about Padan Fain... he will survive... hes like a cockroch... i think he will survive but end up in a have life state... mordin will die i think, tho can death die..? Also... demandred will die in an epic battle.... and i hope lanfear sacrifices herself to save rands life... that'll be an unexpected romantic twist, going on the motion that anyone who's in the shadows grasp can retern to the light... and who better than the person who unleashed the DO..?
  13. i noticed them too but they must just be coincedenses.. no-one can be that blantent about copying others work.. like many people say that TEoTW is RJ copying LoLR.. tho i will agree... inheritance cycle is a fantacy version of star wars.. though that doesn't stop the series from being good (if CP never wrote eragon i wud have never have found my love of fantacy and subsuquently TWoT)
  14. i thought that the term dragon for rands soul was a play on eternity, the snake eating its own tail is the same as a dragon eating its own tail like the consellation draco.. it can be seen as a dragon like in the film dragon heart or as a snake... i thought it was used to reflect that the wheel will keep spining and rands soul will be reborn time and time again.. anyway.. to the topic... IIRC i think i thought it was a girraff as well
  15. used to hate reading till about the age of 13.. where i picked up some kid action books (alex rider :P) all because of an accident in school... now i was 13 and very immature but if it wasn't for this i wouldn't have found my love of reading... me and 3 friend sat around a table in an English class and the teacher chucks 4 stormbreaker books down and tells us to read... i was preparing to endure an hour of boredom where my friend on pg 31 IIRC notices if u change BMW to mean Big Man's W___ (i assume u can guess what the third word was...)from the car then the most hilarious scene unfolds.. ( l
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