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  1. Barring a very dissapoiting Demandred (his blood on the rocks??....did he not know where Rand would be???) and a truly moronic Galad (why oh why did I expect more??) I LOVED THE BOOK.....there were some seriously emotional heart string tugging moments and I found the ending to be enough to fulfill my expectations. I'm appy there were unanswered questions.
  2. Continuing my faultless run of 'narry a response' Apologies anyway yoniy0
  3. Quality of the writing, Jordan v Sanderson, people getting all uppity: topics of which I have never felt the need to engage in. The ONLY issue I have is BS stating 'then the hard core fans feel the need to point out flaws' Feel the need? Am I the only person who finds that generalisation mildly insulting? To me it reads like BS is stating that the hard core fans harshly critique his work not out of intelligently thought out reasoning but spite alone. After reading all and sundry on the topic I fail to believe that I am the only one who reads BS' comments as both unecessarily defens
  4. I concur. For mine though whilst I am not sensitive my any means I do feel as though my intelligence has been somewhat insulted. I like to reserve that right for my close friends and myself occasionally...... Feels a bit like BS has taken the bait hook line and sinker though and I would think that while he probably mulled over the post for quite some time I would expect given his time again would not have been so brash in his choice of words. He will succeed in only bringing more animosity towards himself. I struggle to understand how he could not come to that conclusion himself an
  5. We need to be very careful in understanding that no matter what our thoughts on Jordan v Sanderson actually are that there are correct arguments from both sides of the fence. The trick here is realising that as readers we are all unique individuals with different tastes, expectations, criteria and opinions of any books be they WOT or not. Considering that this is a 'fan forum' situated on a 'specifically created WOT website' I would like to think that we are all (Brandon, Harriet and Jason included) aware that there will always be a difference of opinon. Surely this is something th
  6. Combine my utter disdane for Ebooks and the contents of Chapter 2 and I find my anticipation of AMOL waning. I feel like the DO is touching my Thursday morning.......
  7. Series as a whole...............3 times. EOTW and TGH.................at least 7 times. TFOH..................................at least 5. Dumai's Wells.....................Countless times. The Cleansing....................Countless times. Veins of Gold......................Countless times. A visit from Verin Sedai......Countless times. Quite indicitave of my fave bits..Iv'e noticed!
  8. Congrats! The more Aussies involved the better!!
  9. Personally I think that Rand willed be killed prior to Fain getting his chance. Once Fain discovers this he will open up a 'whole can a whoopass' on whoever was responsible. I'm thinking whatever he does in response will set back the DO allowing Rand upon his return to successfully seal the bore.
  10. Rand fought Ishy at Falme not Ba'alzamon. IMHO Rand is totally going to sacrifice himself to defeat the DO. As to surviving I think he will be ripped from TAR. My big tip is either Ishy or Lanfear will betray the DO leaving him open to defeat by Rand.............
  11. My 2 bob's worth: Inwardly seething at the release date (I'm with Fish: we have been told too many constantly revised dates for years) and quietly fearful that they won't even make January 2013......
  12. Is A Memory of Light out yet?????????????????????

  13. Quite new at posting guys but thought I would put this out there as I haven't seen this touched on at all. In Chapter 32 of TOM 'A Storm Of Light" we hear Rand say "In Maradon, I saw what had been done to men who followed me. I saw Light in them, Min. Defying the DO no matter the length of his shadow. We will live, that defiance said. We will love and we will hope. And I saw him trying so hard to destroy that. He knows that if he could break them, it would mean something. Something much more than Maradon. Breaking the spirit of men......he thirsts for that. He struck far harder than he ot
  14. 37 male Big fan of Moridin, Zen Rand and Nyneave.
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