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I'm Back


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Tigraine!!! Welcome back!!!


Don't worry - I have declared that since 2010 was such a rough year for so many people, we are all due for a really good year in 2011. Besides some believe this is the last year before the apocalypse comes in 2012 so why not go out with a bang? :D Just promise me you will avoid jails, cars, skydiving, livestock, sharp objects of any sort, dangerous heights, stairs, elevators, chainsaws, choking hazards, open flame, and corrosive fluids.. and I'm sure everything will be fine!

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Wasn't she also the one who dreamed about killing Kivam? Either way welcome back Tigs!! -ties her up and hauls her to my chambers- She's mine and I'm keeping her!


Yep, and now that I'm getting divorced, her boyfriend really should be worried



I will never live this down will I? Don't worry Kivam, I was really nice to you before you died :tongue:


Thanks for the umm...pep talk there Aust. I will try to abide by your rules.

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