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Hannibal King

What Music Are You Listening To?

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Cradle Of Filth: Sodomy And Lust


That's cool, I was watching my flatmates Ozzy DVD yesterday. And then we all went out and found the underground Metal club! I'm new to the city, was hoping to find somewhere like that, so glad I did, I felt at home. Everyone has long hair and beards and leather and giant boots - just like me! They played 3 songs I requested (Fear Of The Dark, Wish I Had An Angel, The Final Countdown) and everyone is standing in the middle of this low room, not dancing but headbanging, I ended up in a circle headbanging like crazy with lots of people I didn't know to Raining Blood - great stuff! It was even their annual Pirate Vs Ninja night, had I known I would have worn my Pirate bandana! And so now I'll be there every Friday night. I think it'd be a good recruiting ground for a new frontwoman!


Did anyone see Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure earlier? What a film! That's proper Metal! ("Put them in the Iron Maiden." "Iron Maiden? Totally awesome dude!")


Nightwish: Planet Hell [Live] - End Of An Era really is good.



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Guest Majsju

Peace, Love & Pitbulls - Takin' War Out Of Men

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