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  1. There's a technology called Digital Noise Reduction (DNR). When used properly, it removes grain and pops from old film stock to make for a better image when it is scanned in HD or 4K. It's very useful for getting old movies and TV shows upgraded to modern high-def. When used badly, it goes haywire and starts "smoothing" everything on screen, making it weird and soft-looking. On people, it can remove a lot of the detailed features, especially of the skin, and make people look slightly off-putting and fake. Fox used it particularly badly on their recent HD remastering of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (especially in Season 1) and it has that effect. If you fiddled around with it and reduced its effect to just a character's face, it could achieve the same fate as the Aes Sedai ageless look. We know now from RJ's notes that yes, Taim was Demandred and, yes, it was changed because the fans figured it out. So that could be kept the same, and Shara kept firmly off-screen altogether.
  2. Here's my attempt at such a map or diagram of the White Tower.
  3. My initial thoughts for a somewhat more realistic cast list: Rand – Louis Hoffman (from the Netflix series Dark, although he's not that tall but they can always work round that) Lan – Daniel Wu (from Into the Badlands) Egwene – Ally Ioannides (also from Into the Badlands); Camilla Mendes from Riverdale I thought was also a good match Nynaeve – Jessica Henwick (from Game of Thrones and Iron Fist/Defenders) Moiraine – Morena Baccarin (from Firefly and the Deadpool movies) Thom Merrillin – Miltos Yerolemou (from Game of Thrones, where he played Syrio Forel) Padan Fain – Callum Keith Rennie (from Battlestar Galactica and Jessica Jones) Lanfear – Eva Green or Katie McGrath (the latter from Merlin and Supergirl) Elaida – Maria Doyle Kennedy (from Orphan Black and The Tudors) Galad – Bradley James (from Merlin) Of course, some of these are more likely than others. Into the Badlands seems to be doing really well for AMC, so those actors are likely locked in there for a long time to come.
  4. EotW is very reminsicent of LotR in tone and structure, and it makes a lot of people bail out of reading the whole series because they think it's a Tolkien rip-off. It was one of the more challenging questions as to how they were going to address that in the TV show. They're not massively going to change the story or anything around, so it sounds like they'll address it through emphasis, shifting the early POV from Rand (which pretty much destroys any tension as to the identity of the Dragon Reborn) to Moiraine. To what degree they do that is unclear though, as apparently Episode 1, Scene 1 is still Rand and Tam on the road into Emond's Field. It might not very different at all to the books.
  5. Red Eagle are Producers In Name Only. They'll have a production credit, in recognition for the work they did in setting up the original deal with Sony, but that will be it. Judkins was cracking jokes about Billy Zane, so his opinion of the Red Eagle infomercial appears to be fairly low. GRRM wrote multiple episodes of the TV show, had limited casting approval, acts as a creative and visual consultant, had (and still has) final say on any spin-offs that are made and got both a big chunk of cash up front and a slice of the revenue the series makes, not to mention benefiting in the form of 73 million (and counting) extra books sold as a result of the TV show being made. His deal was exceptional by TV standards and unusual (because he used to work in Hollywood so knew what kind of deal to make). I suspect Harriet's deal will be significantly less generous, mainly because of the legal mess the situation ended up in. However, they do say they will be using Harriet as a consultant (and not anyone at Red Eagle).
  6. These are the only characters mentioned explicitly by the showrunner. So of course Perrin will be in the show and I think we can assume most major characters from the books will be. Where characters will likely be cut is around the level of Weiramon, Dobraine and about 80% of the Aes Sedai named or mentioned in the books, unless their casting budget is ten times higher than Game of Thrones.
  7. Huge Q&A with the showrunner today. Main take-aways: The books will not be mapped 1:1 to the TV show seasons. This sounds like the approach taken by The Expanse (which took all of Season 1 and then 4 episodes from Season 2 to adapt Book 1, then 8 episodes of Season 2 and 5 from Season 3 to adapt Book 2 etc) and the new His Dark Materials show (which will adapt 3 books across 5 seasons). Episodes will be 1 hour long each. There'll be more than 5, but definitely less than 14, seasons in total. Amazon hasn't greenlit the project yet but there's been positive sounds in the last few months (which is why he's been allowed to do the Q&A). New Spring may be adapted as well, possibly as a special of some kind once the series is fully underway (could be a good way of keeping Moiraine and Lan's actors interested when they're not doing much in the main series). The TV show will be a faithful adaptation of the books, but will of course have to condense some characters, storylines. Apparently the "latter middle" section of the series may be compressed a bit more (i.e. PoD through CoT, surprising nobody). Judkins notes himself as a Lady Stoneheart fan (from Game of Thrones) and was sorry to see her cut from the TV show, but these things are sometimes necessary. He wants to cast Rand and the Aiel as "tall gingers" if possible. On LGTBQ+ representation, there'll be "pillow friends out of the wazoo." How channelling will be handled is still being discussed, but Judkins liked how the magic was done in Doctor Strange and Avengers: Infinity War, which may serve as a template. Trollocs and other Shadowspawn may be a combination of CGI and prosthetics, but he feels that prosthetics is better for both actor and viewer immersion. Billy Zane will not be reprising his role of Ishamael from the Red Eagle informercial. Judkins is aiming for the quality level of the LotR movies or GoT, definitely not Shannara. Brandon Sanderson, Harriet and the rest of Team Jordan will advise on the show's development, some more than others (I suspect Brandon will be busy with his own books to do a huge amount, though). Confirmed characters: Rand, Egwene, Cenn Buie (if less than in the book), Logain (in an expanded role), Tam, Bela, Padan Fain (who'll be less obviously a villain), Faile, Mat. His favourite Forsaken are Graendal and Moghedien, so it sounds like they'll be in as well. Unconfirmed characters: Aviendha, Min, Elayne. Judkins notes that the four-way relationship from the books isn't really viable for the show and will be changed. He refused to confirm if this means that some of these characters will be merged or cut. I suspect this is the most controversial take-away from the Q&A. My guess is that the characters will still be in the show and Rand may be sequential relationships with them, but won't be in a polygamous relationship with all of them at once. His favourite character is Egwene and his favourite scene is Dumai's Wells. His least favourite character is Faile, but promises she'll be awesome on the show. In terms of tough scenes to write, Tel'aran'rhiod is proving problematic (mainly as they won't know how it's going to be depicted until the vfx department comes on board). There'll be less braid-tugging and dress-smoothing than in the books. There will be one braid-tug in the first episode though. No decision yet on filming locations. He hopes the budget will be large enough so they can visit the most appropriate locations around the world.
  8. Sorry, I was talking about what the actual TV writers are doing. They've already confirmed that Episode 1 will cover the introduction, Winternight, battle for Emond's Field etc, and Episode 2 will then be Shadar Logoth (and presumably Baerlon as well, although they may indeed cut that or speed through it).
  9. At the moment we know that Episode 1 ends with the team leaving Emond's Field and Episode 2 takes them through the Shadar Logoth encounter. So whilst they're going fast, EotW is clearly going to cover 6-8 episodes at the lower end, not 2 or 3. The question at the moment is if they are working towards 1 book per (short) season or 2 books per a standard 12-13 episode season.
  10. Yes. The showrunner, Rafe Judkins, is actually posting new information every (or almost every) Wednesday on his Twitter and Instagram feeds. So far we know that Sony is making the show, Amazon are funding and will show it and the series has two writers in the bag already: Judkins (Agents of SHIELD) and Amanda Kate Shuman (The Blacklist). They have completed writing the first two episodes: 101 will be called Leavetakings and 102 will be called Shadow's Waiting. Judkins has also confirmed four characters from the books (so far) will be in the TV show: Rand, Mat, Tam and Bela. Presumably most of the main cast from the early books will be in the show, but I expect to see massively less characters than are in the books later on (we're not going to get 150 Aes Sedai characters who are pretty similar to one another). They've also said (today) that they will be looking for a fairly diverse cast to reflect the books: East Asian-looking actors for Shienar, ginger-haired actors for the Aiel Waste etc.
  11. The showrunner is making occasional Twitter and Instagram posts confirming he's working on the script.
  12. It's worth noting that previously options have been taken out, but never before has the option been taken up and the project gone into active development. So this latest project is certainly by far the most serious and has gotten much further than ever before. It's not 100% greenlit yet, but almost.
  13. Amazon just picked up a Conan TV show, which suggests that they may be open to helming more than one fantasy show at a time. Although of course now that means they need to be willing to work on three simultaneously for WoT to have a shot.
  14. @Werthead At this stage, largely irrelevant. Until Sony confirm their partnership with a network (or go it alone), there's probably not much for him to do on WoT (I assume a pilot script was written ages ago). Benioff and Weiss did this on GoT, after writing the pilot script they broke off and did other things for a while (like working on the Halo movie that never got made) until HBO greenlit GoT and they snapped back to that. They even wrote some movie treatments and other things whilst working on GoT, and have started development work on another HBO series. Uncharted has also been in development for years with multiple writers and script drafts attached, so this will be less of a writing from scratch job than another pass at a pre-existing draft. Much less time-consuming. Depending on your workload, a scriptwriter could do it in a week or two.
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