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Hi there! My names Lauren and I am 22 yrs old. I started reading the Wheel of Time Series about 6 months ago, but since I've started I have bought them all and couldn't put them down, especially tGS, I've read that one like 10 times. I've been lurking around here for about a month. It's amazing to read everyones opinions, even if they're sometimes wrong XD, and to see the theories that I would've never come up with on my own. I've loved reading my whole life, but it's only in the past year and a half that my tastes have matured and am now into more "adult" books.


I've been a members on other forum, and always tried to get into the RP thing, and by tried I mean I'll write out my whole charcter card, take like a week to make it perfect, and then when typing decide that it isn't good enough and never post it. Maybe I'll get over my fear on these forums and try my hand.


Anyway, that was just a brief kind of intro, I look forward to sharing my thoughts on what I've read and I eagerly await the release of ToM, and if anyone wants to more just ask.

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Hey there Song!


Welcome to DM :biggrin:


What kind of RP characters are you interested in? If it's Aes Sedai, just give me a call - I'm always willing to help. The PM system is still off-line, but you can add me on msn if you want (lg_curepipe@hotmail.com) or email me (at lg_curepipe@yahoo.com).

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*shh Elgs... you'll scare off the newbies :laugh: *


Welcome Song! It always amazes me when people say they have only just discovered WoT LOL Because i have been reading for so long i guess... around 18 years or so now.


As Elgs said our RP side is fairly active, check it out if you like :) Elgs is my boss over at the White Tower RP, if you decide to join you'll be seeing me LOL


Take care and enjoy the forums,



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Song! You poor, poor fool! Stray not into the midnight hands of the White Tower! For all the untarnished connotations of it's name, that Tower is rife with evil! Evil I say! Why not spend your time learning to channel Tainted Saidin, and in doing so, throw your despite into the very faces of the Aes Sedai that would knowingly murder every living man capable of touching the One Source!


And also, welcome to the site.


Join the madness. Forward the Black Tower!

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:: Eyes Grimm's muffins, sniffs at them. ::


What kinda muffins you got?


:: Snaps head around to look at Song. ::


Oh, hi! Welcome to DM. I second the recommendation of the Black Tower, is fun so far. Hmmm, yeah, definately the Black Tower if you're going to roleplay, can't trust those Aes Sedai, even with their vaunted Three Oaths. We all know how well that always tell the truth oath works. :rolleyes:

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Welcome to Dragonmount, Song. I absolutely adore Martin's work and its great to see another on board. We in the Writer's Guild seem to be full of Martin fans; I'd highly advise checking it out sometime.


Have fun on the boards.


/done trolling boards for Writer's Guild for the day

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  • 3 weeks later...

*Shoves Grimm under a passing steam engine*


Don't mind him, Song - it's the Taint, you know? *Makes twirly motion next to head*





hehe... you said a naughty word :biggrin: Oh yea...and in case you didnt notice Ice... your post has now been bumped, and spammed :) welcome to Scott's list of trolling encounters :)


And further more...


::walks from around the corner seemingly out of thin air... points his hand...NO, mearly looks to dude on the ground... and he magnificiently can get up now!:: "FORWARD THE BLACK TOWER!!"


**note** I'm not apart of the black tower, I just did this for trolling/arguments sake **end note**

**note note** I even brought out the RP for this...so it must continue... **end note note**

Edited by soccerscott
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No one find this AMAZING YET?! An unknown miracle worker steps out of NO WHERE and dissipated an Aes Sedai's (with all due respect a very powerfull one aswell) weave of air off of some troubled souls probably miss-shapen body (she seemed somewhat angry when she body slammed dude). Who is this person...he must be amazing...

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I think you are overestimating your power of troll Scott dear. :tongue:


AH HAH! Clearly I am NOT! Examples...


1. Here you are back in a thread that I have CLEARLY taken over.<period> I should leave it at that...but I will continue.

2. You have added a term on en"dear"ment (gigg...err...chuckle...yea...chuckle) to my name.

3. The RP'ers will be "jumping out of their leather sewn buckled boots" to find out who the "person" is..

4. Notice I said "person" in qoutes so as not to ruin the surprise for the RP'ers who may ,and when I say may I mean un-doubtingly will stumble back into this thread.


::enters mystery man:: "If you want to continue this silly... silly argument, HaHa! Then we can take it back to a much more private chamber." ::mystery man mysteriously vanishes::


For the record, I don't know who that mystery man was, but dude just invaded my post, and I get the feeling, when he said "private chamber" he means another reply box below this one.

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1. New members always post in lots of lonely looking fresh posts to gain attention :biggrin:

2. The endearment was dripping with so much sarcasm it even made me feel dirty! haha

3. RP'ers(meaning Role Playing) Mean acting or inventing up situations(such as interest in not so great trollers) just to keep RP threads going... :laugh:


...I mean yea clearly your examples were stunning and she totally digs you...... :dry:

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