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  1. Sub-Title: From a short hop across the North Sea Welcome and a hearty good day from Newcastle, England :)
  2. I know there are some guys out there who will be able to help me on this one. I am a total simpleton when it comes to PC Terminology etc, so please keep any advice to as basic a level as possible. I have a Canon Powershot camera and I have found a firmware hack that will give this point n shoot camera an almost professional performance. This involves creating a bootable SD card formatted to FAT16 which contains the firmware so that the camera isn't affected in any way. This would be simple if my card was < 4Gb as, apparently that is the maximum for FAT16. Therefore I need only create a partition of about 64Mb to contain the bootable data and the firmware for modding my camera into a super camera... Kinda. I have read many a post on various forums specialising in this but when it comes to actually creating the partition, everyone assumes that creating a partition is common knowledge and I just feel baffled by technobabble. Any help would be much appreciated. To Summarise: 1. I have an 8Gb SDHC 2. I need to create a 64Mb Partition. 3. I am currently running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit. 4. I am a feckless moron when it comes to technical PC terminology... But fairly intelligent otherwise
  3. As the High Inquisitor, unceremoniously, barged his way into his office Halent felt his anger rise, as well as his contempt for the man. To keep it in check, Halent took a deep breath and employed the technique known as the Flame and the Void. A method that he had been shown as a way to embrace Saidin by a man long dead... Dead at Halents own hand. The benefit was that he was all but bereft of emotion, but the drawback was that the temptation to obliterate the obnoxious, belligerent Light-Blinded fool standing before him, was almost too much to bear. One thing, of many, that irritated Halent about Argath Yaldin was his penchant for preaching to others. True, it was his passion that drew Halent and convinced him to follow the Light... Albeit as a way to gain a true position of power. But as Halent had climbed up through the ranks, rather too quickly it had been said, Argath had started to become... Wary of Halent, thus the two never saw eye to eye. The fact that the Inquisitors often held themselves aloof from the rest of the Children was but one factor. The High Inquisitors words washed over Halent, only half aware of the mans pretentious rambling as boredom threatened to overwhelm him. That was... until Argath uttered the words "...unless you want to be put to the question I suggest you be very concise in explaining what you've been doing as of late." So, you show your hand at last. You have wanted this for quite some time I'll wager. I would not be surprised if that is the thought that sends you off to sleep at night. That will happen the day I marry the Amyrlin Seat. I could tear you apart right now before you even knew what was happen... Halent reigned in his thoughts, pleasurable as they were, he needed to convince this man of his own innocence. Had he not assumed the Void he may have laughed at the thought. Innocent was not a word associated with Halent since he was a lad of fifteen. "High Inquisitor, may I call you Argath, as one friend to another?" that brought a satisfyingly affronted look to the face of the High Inquisitor, who nodded reluctantly. The corner of Halents mouth twitched, almost becoming a smile of satisfaction. "Argath, as you are aware, there was a man whom I personally put to the Question. While I am aware that the Inquisitors claim the right to extract information, and confessions, from suspected Darkfriends, I was on hand to carry out the questioning without the need to wait for assistance. As you know yourself, I even trained to become an Inquisitor before I was asked to be Lord Captain Commander. Therefore I am more than capable, if not more so than some within your ranks." Yes, let us see how that barb stings Argath Halent continued "I also know that this man was with others, who have yet to be detained. This fact alone was enough to warrant some sense of urgency. There was no time for further delay, lest his accomplices disappear into the shadows only to be allowed to spread their filth amongst those who walk in the Light!" Halent was rather pleased at his pretense of an impassioned devotee. Unfortunately Argath was as easy to read as a stone "Now, in my defense, I admit to a modicum of over zealousness in my line of questioning. But I have always found that when a man has become somewhat more intimate with a cleaver than he would prefer, and finding he is a finger tip or two shorter that when he woke, then the answers we seek flow much faster. My only fault however was in underestimating the mans tolerance to pain." Halent gave a disappointed shrug, which was actually genuine. "I did, however, glean some vital information and a signed confession, which was the point after all was it not? Regardless of who extracted the truth, be it the Hand or the Children we both strive for the truth under the Light!" Halent paused and walked over to his desk which held a decanter of the finest Brandy, which was his one true pleasure. He offered the other man a drink, which was declined before pouring himself a drink, and using the opportunity to cast a warning glare at the man still trembling visibly in the chair. Halent drained his glass in one long slow swallow, savoring the taste and the burning sensation as it flowed down his throat. He replaced his glass with a satisfied sigh, using the few moments to mentally arrange the remainder of his story. "After the success of the Questioning, I returned to my office and was met with this... Visitor demanding the release of his friend. What he thought to achieve I can not even begin to speculate. But I was intrigued, and my curiosity led me to allow him to plead his case which, of course, is a total fabrication concocted from the mind of one who has long walked under the Shadow. I was about to allow him to leave so that we could follow him to this lair of Darkfriends. However, I feared that may give them prior warning as to what has become of their accomplice. So I decided that detaining him, then apprehending the rest of them, using evidence provided my this man would offer the better solution." Halent spread his hands as one who has been misjudged "So, you see, Argath there was nothing untoward in my actions lest it be that of the pursuit of truth in the name of the Light. Now, excuse me while I change my tabard as I can almost feel the touch of the Dark one himself emanating from this blood." Halent turned and removed his soiled tabard and donned the fresh one Either believe it or let it drop old man or you will force my hand earlier than I planned Halent Roglans CotL LCC
  4. The corridor echoed to the sound of his heels clicking on the marble floor as Halent Roglans, Lord Captain Commander of the Children of the Light, made his way, determinedly, back to his office. The pitiful excuse for a towel in his hands was stained red from his attempt at trying to clean the blood from his hands. It wasn't to hide what he had done. His blood stained tabard, emblazoned with the golden sunburst, was evidence enough of the grizzly deed which he had completed only minutes before. The whole episode had left a sour taste in his mouth. Not the fact that man he was questioning had died, nor was it the fact that Halent had been forced into excessive measures trying to extricate the truth, for that was one of the perks of his position. No, because for once Halent had been trying to conceal the truth. His only worry now was that his apparent loss of control could cast doubts regarding his temperament. A Lord Captain Commander did not lose control in such a way. Least ways not in public. To make matters worse, that simpering fool Brile will waste no time in scurrying back to his bloody leash-holder, Yaldin. But Yaldin will be dealt with in due time. Halent smiled darkly to himself as he arrived at his office and thrust open the door. His entry was so abrupt that Tylar, his secretary bolted upright, wide eyed, before standing and saluting with his fist to his chest. "My Lord. I trust every thing is well?" this only earned him a stony glare from Halent. Bowing his head and, noticing the blood on his hands and tabard and sensing his master was not in the best of moods, Tylar continued. His voice faltered showing signs of his trepidation as he had faced the wrath of Halent several times. "M-my Lord, you have a visitor. He was most... Insistent that he should see you. He said he 'Bears a message from a mutual friend in Illian'. He is waiting inside." The Lord Captain Commander Glared at Tylar. He demanded privacy at all times, unless otherwise prearranged, or for his Special Contacts. Luckily for his secretary, this was the latter. "At ease, Tylar. Prepare me a clean tabard. I expect a summons to will arrive soon from the High Inquisitor himself." With that he turned and entered his office. The room was bereft of all personal effects. Halent was not one for sentimental attachments, nor for ornamentation. To call it utilitarian would be an understatement. Halent stood with the blood-stained towel clasped in a white knuckled fist as he saw his 'visitor' standing at his desk, a sheet of paper in his hand. "That is of no interest to you." The man turned and was seemingly unconcerned by the blood on Halent. The man was unkempt and swarthy-looking, most definitely not the type of person one would expect to have a private audience with the Lord Captain Commander of the Children of the Light. Nor indeed any self-respecting person. "I beg to differ My Lord, it has everything to do with me considering this document incriminates my good friend and business partner. Since we both share a certain contact, I feel it would be most unwise for you to follow up on any interrogation of him, lest he or I were to divulge information of a sensitive nature regarding your good self." He paused with a smug, self satisfied smile on his face. "I would hate for your position to become... compromised, or even untenable, should this information fall into the wrong hands." Halent, his anger almost at boiling point, was about to bear down on this impudent fool and kill him where he stood, when the other man raised a hand to forestall him. He forced down the urge to tear out his heart and decided to see exactly what made this oaf so confident. That this man was well connected was in no doubt, otherwise he would not be so brazen as to assume he could make demands of Halent on his own grounds. "Well, you have me intrigued," Halent said in a cold level voice "Please go on and enlighten me as to why I should release a man who has admitted being linked with a Darkfriend." The other man just smiled and said "Because I know you to be a Darkfriend. Also, if I do not return, with my partner, to the Inn we are staying in by dawn... Well, let us just say that there are people there with less patience than myself. They will make sure you will pay, no matter who you are." with that, he replaced the sheet of paper he still held and walked out of Halents office. Halent stood for a moment, gathering his thoughts. A dark smile spread across his face. He thinks I am a mere Darkfriend, that he has a higher standing in his service to the Great Lord? Oh, I think I will enjoy disabusing the disillusioned fool of that notion. He turned and hastened after the departing man. As he walked, he opened himself up and felt the glorious wave of ecstasy as was filled with Saidin, to him even the Taint could not mar the feeling as he was filled with the power. He walked past Tylar who was just about to proffer the clean tabard and strode out into the corridor. The other man was only a few paces away as Halent called to him "Stop where you are or I will stop you myself." The man only half turned, enough for Halent to see the smile on his face. His rage would be contained no longer. Weaving a bar of Air, at chest height and in front of the other man, he slowly drew it back towards himself. His anger betrayed him as he was somewhat more forceful and took the other man clean off his feet. He walked over and drew the, would be blackmailler, to his feet. He was shaken and dazed as he was led back to Halents office. Halent paused as he drew level with Tylars desk "You know where the man who was put to the Question was staying?" Tylar nodded. "Good. It has come to my attention that there are more Darkfriends staying there. This man will be providing descriptions of each and every one. Coupled with the signed statement I received from the Questioning earlier is sufficient to warrant the execution of every one of them." He took the clean tabard and, pushing the still-dazed man ahead, he entered his office and shut the door firmly behind him. Halent pulled a chair over with a flow of Air and forced the man to sit before binding him, once more with a flow of Air. The face of the seated man was ashen, his eyes wide in horror "You... You can..." he stuttered "Channel?" Halent finished his sentence for him "Of course I can Channel. I would advise you to be more careful and to make sure just who it is you threaten in future. Your friend has also learned his mistake as it is his blood you see on me. Now, I need names, descriptions, and the room of each man you were staying with... If indeed there were any." At that a ball of fire appeared in front of the terrified man in the chair. Halent paused, cocking his head to one side as he heard voices in the adjoining room, one was Tylar the other... He wasn't so sure. There came a tentative knock, and Halent spoke with quiet menace "You say one word and I will kill you, and you will wish for death long before it comes, am I understood?" as that was met with a nod, the weaves were released and Halent called out "Enter!" Tylar opened the door before making the one announcement that Halent had looked for least of all. "My Lord, The High Inquisitor, Argath Yaldin, is here to see you" Halent Roglans CotL LCC
  5. Defence Lawyer extraordinaire, Juan Hangslow, paced the floor, wearing a long black coat, his dark hair slicked back. The heels of his boots clicked against the marble floor as he paced and he held his hands clasped behind his back. He continued his pacing, considering what opening speech to use. He had a few favourites, namely “Your very existence offends me” , “A horse, a horse! Your mother was a horse!” and the well received “Give me back my liver, and take my kidney instead!” *cough* thinks-he-be-snape *cough* Juan paused to glare at the scabrous old pirate, from whence the interruption originated. "Hmmmyeeesss... Indeed." His mind made up, Juan turned to face all whom had gathered to witness and unleashed the fearsome force of “Oh, come all ye feckless” "I gaze upon the slack faced mass of semi-humanity gathered within these walls and I truly know despair. I pity you, though I can raise and lower my jaw by force of mental determination alone." Juan, slowly raised and lowered his jaw like a ventriloquists dummy. "That, I promise is merely a sample as I don’t want to give too much away at this early stage. We are gathered here to claim this festivity as more precious than it truly is and, this should light up our eyes with love Let us move many limbs at once! Madness will ensue! We celebrate...." Juan stand with arms aloft for approx 32.76 seconds, before slowly lowering them. "I call Elgee to the stand." Turning, Juan nods to Manny as one who has just scored a minor victory.
  6. Actually, speaking as the one that officiated the wedding, I believe the exact vow were "Till DM8 do us part". So no divorce is even necessary. I DECLARE THIS MARRIAGE ANNULLED! *stamps and notarizes the appropriate documents* *stamps and notarizes the inappropriate documents* *has the entire stack of paperwork bound in a nice leather binding and files it away in the legal documents section of the library* So now....Who wants a slice of cake? Holds up a hand to halt proceedings Hold it!!! Your point Mirshann, whilst valid, may actually be erroneous in your assumtion that this is actually DM8... Since it isn't functioning anywhere near 100% I think it would only be fair to say that this is only DM 7.9, at best. I must insist that in the best interests of my salary, and also that of the rt. hon. Mr Riva, that this sham of an annulment shall not be allowed to proceed. Shall the sanctity of marriage be sullied by such flippant disregard for the blurring of details and the skirting of laws. I have studied long and hard for many years to get to where I am. 5 years of going through Law School... On my way to the pub, shall not be in vain. I INSIST on this going to trial, in search of the truth! *Bellows in a random passing strangers face* YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!! Stands with arms in the air as though victorious. Victorious in what, nobody could say.
  7. RUN! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! ELGEE HAS YOU IN HER SIGHTS!!! Ahem... Ok, welcome to DM *backs away from the thread*
  8. you already would "Rather break open my head" but as to whether or not you CAN break open my head is a different matter entirely
  9. Not at all Myst, I have merely been biding my time until your return! Now the party can get begin in earnest! BREAK OPEN THE KEGS OF BREW!!!!
  10. Well, I usually have to pay for treatment like that, as well you know. You have made enough out of me
  11. It wasn't my feet that were worn to nubs.... It was me bloody nips! 4 miles out and the dreaded joggers nipple struck with a vengeance, a red streak streaming from me right nip
  12. You need a spork? Or a sporking, perhaps? Or would you rather wait until next year?
  13. I wasn't trying to apportion blame, merely stating a fact... Can I lick your face?
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