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    WOT, Rock concerts, Football, and poker. Tattoos. Dogs(german shepherds ) in particular.
  1. Heal Black Widow, hurt Rogue 4. Black Widow 14 9. Deadpool 25 13. Hulk 25 15. Iron Man 23 17. Jessica Jones 25 21. Professor X 25 22. Rogue 8
  2. Hell and welcome! Enjoy, have fun, get crazy, but not too crazy....just enough crazy.
  3. Welcome to Dragonmount have fun and enjoy! I think I have done maybe 4 re-reads so far.....could be 5....I am not sure haha.
  4. Welcome to DM and yes the black tower has the best brownies ever!
  5. What part of Wisconsin Terrible? I spent 5 years in Tennessee when I was younger, the south has a way of never leaving you lol
  6. Welcome to the BT!!! *Looks around for Tayla and her brownies*
  7. Don't know if I said thank but: Thank you!
  8. I may or may not have been roaming around other groups lol Thank you Ryrin :)
  9. Thanks Niniel I was extremely happy with it when I received it and I still dig it to this day! It's the brownies Talmanes, best tainted brownies in all the land
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