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    WOT, Rock concerts, Football, and poker. Tattoos. Dogs(german shepherds ) in particular.
  1. Hell and welcome! Enjoy, have fun, get crazy, but not too crazy....just enough crazy.
  2. Welcome to Dragonmount have fun and enjoy! I think I have done maybe 4 re-reads so far.....could be 5....I am not sure haha.
  3. Welcome to DM and yes the black tower has the best brownies ever!
  4. What part of Wisconsin Terrible? I spent 5 years in Tennessee when I was younger, the south has a way of never leaving you lol
  5. I may or may not have been roaming around other groups lol Thank you Ryrin :)
  6. One of my favorite quotes from the book :) and of course it's red! Red and Black is my favorite color combination.
  7. Nope Moghedian made it for me way back in Feb 2009! So it has lasted the test of time haha.
  8. Exactly Aragem, she really doesn't go about it very well at the start but like I said she definitely gets better towards the end lol.
  9. I was..I couldn't see it so I tried to look at it and it disappeared! :(
  10. I think I will start a reread now since who knows how long it will be before The Winds of Winter will be complete HA!
  11. Almost a month late but welcome and enjoy!!
  12. Thank you, thank you feels good to be back. I forgot what my siggy even was back in the day! haha
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