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  1. "No I have not yet been tested." The accent of Andoran nobility combined with his shoulder length blond hair and fine cut of his clothes left little mystery as to his origins. "I was a soldier in the Queens guards when Trollocs attacked the palace. The Lord Dragon and his Aiel came there to fight and I was injured. It occurred to me then that a single soldier will only have so much impact on the battle to come. A living weapon however...especially one trained to lead men in battle will have much more impact." Nandiel would simply nod in response to the man's answer. There really wasn't much that Nandiel could say to the answer, was it any more foolish than Nandiel's reason for joining the Asha'man? The boy didn't think so, but then what did he really know of the world. He was just a simple farmer, or he had been at least. Now, well now he was a Soldier. "How does one even test for...what does one test for anyway?" Nandiel would chuckle, "There are two types of people who can channel. In this one respect, men and women are alike. There are those who are born with the ability to channel and will do so not matter what during their lifetime. Then there are those who can learn to channel. Left alone, they'll never start channeling, but given the proper instruction they can touch the True Source and channel, in the case of men saidin. We test to see if you can touch the True Source, we won't really know what sort you are, unless you've already begun channeling. But that's beside the point, the how is somewhat interesting. It's one of the first things they teach us here." Nandiel would lift up his hand, turning the palm up towards the sky. A flame would appear hovering above his palm, as he continued walking. With his free hand he would grab hold of Lir's horse's bridle. "Look into the flame, focus only on the flame."
  2. “I am here to become a weapon for the Lord Dragon, and to fight at Tarmon Gaidon.” The Dedicated atop the tower chuckled at Lir's response, "Oh, are you now? Well, then, by all means, come right on in." The man made a sweeping gesture with his arm, and then called down into the tower, "Hey you louts, go fetch Nandiel for me, would you? We've got one who wants to join our ranks, and he's on duty for that today." There was the thunk of a door shutting and then a few minutes later a young boy came trotting up, not much passed his eighteenth year. He had close cropped brown hair, and brown eyes. The look of Andor was thick about him, especially in that black andoran style coat they all had to wear. Nandiel's collar lacked pins of any sort. He'd been at the Tower long enough now that the jog from the barracks to the tower by the road didn't cause him to run out of breath any longer. A few strides from Lir, he stopped his trot and continued on up to the man at a casual walk. Brown eyes would look over horse and man, before he stopped by Lir's stirup, "So, you're here to join us are you? Well, then, follow me. Have you been tested for the ability to channel yet, or did you just up and leave everything behind upon hearing about us? Either situation is not uncommon. The Lord Dragon is a ta'veren, or so they say. I've been told that means he pulls those he needs to his side. Sometimes men just show up saying they heard of the Black Tower and felt the need to join. Others, well, others we find on recruiting trips. Those ones are tested for the ability to channel before showing up here at the Farm. The first sort though, they still need to be tested. And don't worry, even if you can't channel, the Lord Dragon will still have a use for you. So, which sort are you?" As he was talking Nandiel began to walk farther into the Farm, simply expecting Lir to follow behind.
  3. Wolves aren't taught how to fight? What do you think wolf cubs do all day? That's what happens in the real world. In the WoT world, wolves know everything they need to know about being a wolf from birth. The whole racial memory thing.
  4. Also, don't forget that during EotW, Lan spent time training each boy in how to use their weapon. So, Perrin got some axe fighting training from one of the best fighters on the planet. Plus, he fights like a wolf, hamstringing and going for the throat and dodging attacks. Wolves aren't taught how to fight, they just know how to fight. Same with Perrin. So, all that, and he's ta'veren.
  5. Corlock

    The Shattered Shield Miniatures

    Hand Painted Character Miniatures from the GURPS Roleplaying Campaign I'm running called The Shattered Shield.
  6. Nandiel received Healing for the poisoning, and the Dedicated who healed him happened to be a dog lover. As a result, with a little under the table channeling, Blaze was Healed as well. The Healing had been a strange sensation, like ice and fire flooding through his veins, much like holding saidin. It left him a little tired, and rather hungry. From the looks he was getting from Blaze, Nandiel guessed the dog felt the same. It struck him as well past time to head back for that rabbit. He made his way out of the Healing Hut, and made his way back to his fire. He'd nod to Baran and Ful, and offer another nod of greeting to Gavin, the former half-gleeman. Nandiel would eye those pheasants for a moment, before taking his stone plate from Baran, and pulling the remaining rabbit off the spit. The final rabbit was given to Blaze, as it seemed no one else wanted to claim it. Nandiel as his pup then began to dig into their rabbits, devouring them rather quickly. Licking his fingers clean of rabbit juices, Nandiel would smack his lips, "Mmm, that wasn't half bad, if I do say so myself. No wonder Thom and Boyd always made me cook when we went camping out." Nandiel would just chuckle to himself then, remembering his childhood friends and the antics they got up to. Nandiel would look to Gavin then and stand to properly introduce himself, wiping his hand on a handkerchief before offering it to the other man, "I'm Nandiel by the way. Very nice to meet you, Gavin."
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  8. Tandis stepped out from his barracks room, yawning and running a hand through his hair. Rubbing his eyes, he'd slowly make his way down to the yard. Today was his first day as a Trainee in the Tower Guards and he didn't want to miss Visar Gaidin's lesson on basic forms. Realizing the time, he began to trot through the barracks, he'd be early, which was good. He didn't want to risk getting there right on time, though, which was why he trotted. Stepping out into the yard, his trot stopped, and he walked across the yard to where Visar Gaidin stood. Stepping up to the rack of practice swords, Tandis would select one that seemed in good shape and made his way to stand before Visar Gaidin. Scratching behind his ear as Visar asked if they were excited to practice some sword forms, Tandis would nod and respond with a hearty, "Yes, Visar Gaidin." He stood with his feet shoulder width apart, practice sword point down to the ground between his feet, hands resting on top of the grip. More in an at ease position, than a ready position for the moment, after all, the lesson had yet to begin.
  9. I agree with you amaranth, I've also found it difficult to get through the book, and I've noticed the grammatical errors, but those haven't like totally annoyed me. I've just found it difficult to get drawn into the story the way I normally am with these books. It seems easier to put this book down than others. I'm not sure why.
  10. With Baran's continued behavior of suspicion, Nandiel began searching his mind for a way to calm his friend. Some piece of knowledge that would reassure him. Unfortunately, it was only now, as he tried to recollect some useful piece of information, that he recalled being told as a young man that peaches were in fact poisonous, as Baran said. The color drained from Nandiel's face, and he quickly looked down to Blaze, then up to Ful. How to bring this up to the other man without hurting his feelings? He couldn't think of anything. What would his friend Thom do in this situation? He'd always been better with people. Nandiel looked around then, and was surprised to see a men who looked just like his friends Thom and Boyd walking with other new recruits a fair distance off. Well, even if it wasn't them, it at least provided him with a polite way of leaving and seeking Healing. He'd look to Baran and Ful, and then hand his plate to Baran, "Would you mind holding that for me? I just saw some old friends I need to say hello to. I'll be back shortly, and the cobbler was delicious Ful, but I personally prefer apple cobbler, myself." Nandiel would stand then and motion to Blaze. The boy and dog would then head off to the group of recruits that was walking past, waving to them. He hurried quickly, but didn't manage to catch up to them, and they entered the Inn, which he wasn't allowed in to, so he decided it was time to see about some Healing for himself and Blaze. He wandered off to find a Dedicated or Asha'man that could direct him to the proper people. As he explained the situation to the Dedicated he found, the other man looked at him with horror on his face, before hurrying him off to the Healing tents.
  11. (( OOC: Grimm, just in case you didn't know, it's peach pits that are poisonous in WoT, not peaches themselves. Only mentioning it because I was confused on the point myself, as I did faintly recall something about peaches and poison from the books. )) Nandiel and Blaze looked between Baran and Ful rather confused for a moment. First he was offered peach cobbler that looked delicious. Then he was told it was poisonous, then it wasn't, it was all very strange. Ful taking a bite of the cobbler decided him, "Of course I trust you, Ful. Baran, it's fine. I'm sure it's not poisoned." Nandiel focused for a moment, and pulled some stone from the ground, rounding it out and flattening it, to make something resembling a plate. He then produced a wooden spoon and took some of Ful's cobbler, setting it on his plate. He took a bite, and made a rather pleased sound. "Mmm, this is very good Ful. You're an excellent cook." Nandiel then offered a tiny bit of the cobbler to Blaze as well, before finishing it off himself. Blaze now looked expectantly between the three men, seeing where his next bit of food would come from. Using some flows of air, Nandiel would pull one of the rabbits from the spit and set it down on his plate. He'd look to Ful, "Would you like some rabbit?" He'd indicate the final rabbit roasting above the saidin created fire on the spit. "You're more than welcome to have some." Blaze would try and get at the rabbit on Nandiel's "plate", the young man holding it up higher and pushing the pup away from the food and back to the ground, "No, Blaze, this is mine. I'll feed you later." The pup would simply look up at Nandiel dissappointed in it's failure to get the rabbit and lay down on the ground, still eyeing Nandiel's plate.
  12. Weapons Score 1 to 1: Complete Arrival Thread Name of Req: Arrival to the Yard. Complete Joining Up OTA Complete ~Link~ Tandis arrives at the Yard to enlist in the Tower Guard. He is met by Lilliana Sedai, and Visar Gaidin. Then shown to his room in the barracks. Visar offers to look over his sword forms, and Tandis agrees.
  13. Nandiel perked up at the thought of attending a weapon's training, he'd always dreamed of having a sword of his own, foolish boy. He tried for the flame and the void again, failing a few times due to his excitement, before finally achieving it. He'd then reach out for Saidin, the Power seeming to flow out of his grasp like water through his fingers. He began to panic then remembered the flame and fed that into it along with his excitement. He reached out for Saidin once more, trying to grab it in a stranglehold and pull it towards himself. This time it worked, the Power rushed through him, and he felt alive again. He looked down at the pile of logs beside him and then at the dummies. This was going to be harder than throwing a snowball. He reached out with saidin, his right hand mimicing what he wished to do with the power. He'd then hurl the log, like he had hurled the snowball. Much like Baran's first attempt, Nandiel's went sailing over the dummies head. Blaze looked up at him like he was crazy, expecting him to fetch something that big. Nandiel would just chuckle and pick up the next log. He tossed it again, this time aiming lower with his release point, realizing he had more or less lobbed the first one. This time around he launched a line drive that hit one of the dummies square in the chest, knocking it over easily as he had thrown it with a great deal of force. He hadn't been the first to knock over a dummy, that had indeed been Baran, but Nandiel had managed to be the second, only a minute or two behind Baran. He smiled to himself, he was going to get to attend a weapons training class, and with a Storm Leader, what luck he had! Whether that luck was good or bad, well who knows, though Nandiel seemed to think of it as a good turn of events.
  14. "Already have your things taken care of then?" Visar asked of him. Tandis would take a moment to think of his response. As he did so, Visar continued, "It's good that you're enthusiastic about training though. You will need that in the days to come. Well, Tandis, if you wish to choose real weapons to borrow from the armory, I can be available for that. Or if you'd like me to take a look at how you do your forms, I'd be glad to in a few minutes. Go ahead and just take a practice sword from the racks in the yard, they're there for you to use." "I suppose I should check on my things to make sure they are in order first. Then I'll meet you down in the yard for you to look at my forms. I would appreciate that. The Guards and Warders that frequented the Keep often did that for me, but I know I'm far from perfect in them, and I'd like to continuing ironing out any bad habits I may have. Perhaps after that, you can help me to pick out a weapon, Visar Gaidin." Tandis would nod in thanks to Visar, saluting fist to chest before stepping into his room in the barracks to check on his things. (( OOC: New thread for forms practice sounds good to me. ))
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