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Hey there!


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Hi, I am new and such...

Ok, I admit it, I was registered here once, like a million years ago, but I quit, because the boards didn't load for me anymore after a couple of days.

Now the wonderful Red HoA has recruted me to join here again :D


A bit about me... I am 25 years old and from Germany.

I study interior design, though I have tried some other things as well, like maths for instance.

My brother claims I'll never be done with uni and I have stopped thwapping him for that :p


Anyway, I am glad I am here ^^


If anyone has a question, ask away!

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Guten tag, Prewan - wie gehts? Sorry if my German spelling is crap ... lol


Welcome to DM? You look cute ... I think I'll steal you ... *sees Myst's face* ... errr I mean to say I hope you have a wonderful time on DM, and just shout if you need help  ;D

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Welcome Prewan! *licks and snugglebites* Glad you made the jump and hopefully I won't have to appologize for it ROFL.


You know where to find me for any and all questions you may have, but meanwhile feel free to wander around, visit the boards and take a peek at the various activities that are being held in the different Groups.


For information on the books and discussions on them, you can go to the Discussion section of these boards, but I'm sure you figured that one out already LOL.


*snugglebites her beauty all over again and hangs her on the wall* WELCOME! :D

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Hey Prewan, lovely to meet you. My sis told me she was bribing...umm.. bullying... no, what's the word I'm meant to use?..oh yeah... persuading! you to come join us  ;D


Hope you'll have fun here at DM... do stop by and visit the Reds at the WT ...and check out the RP if you're into writing too. Lots to do around the boards.  :)


And by the way... one should NEVER stop thwapping one's brother... it's what they're there for... part of their job description... honest!  8)

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oooh that reminds me!


*Dumps Myst, then hauls herself out of the lake (seriously? we have a lake? cool!) to snugglebite Prewan*  :D


We're normally better behaved than thi ... *chokes* ... damn Oaths  >:(

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Yeah those oaths are really bad ;D


And sadly I know exactly how good a thing it is to get bitten...

I got bitten twice already, by another WoT fan who is a Red at some other place... I guess that's a Red thing...

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Hiya Lianne, welcome to DM. A good place to start is the 'Forum 1on1' board where a lot of information can be found on what all these boards here are about. Next, it's a good idea to create your own introduction thread here on this board so that people can start interacting with  you and get to know you (and you us). You can also go and visit the boards you can see, which will make more sense once you've read the 'Forum 1on1' threads.


Hope you enjoy your stay at DM :)

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