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i need help finding a fantasy book

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Hey everyone, who wants to help me find the book that inspired my love of fantasy when i was a kid around 10 years ago. Everyone? thanks guys. but here's the catch, i don't remember the name of the book, the author of the book or any of the characters.


the general opening of the book is that there are 2 friends and they stop a prince from raping one of their friends and then they go join the army. i feel like one main character was named steven, or stephen.


so any ideas???

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Raymond Feist's Serpentwar Saga book 1 Shadow of a Dark Queen I believe.


One of the two friends is the "bastard" half brother of the guy doing the raping.  They kill him but when the guy died it was a few hours after the father had died so they technically killed a duke.


They were sentenced to be executed but received a conditional pardon if they joined a certain captain's super secret company that was going to infiltrate behind enemy lines and gather intel, it was likely they would be killed.


Sound familiar?

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did the half brother's best friend become a business man? if so than it could be it.


Yep - that's why the sequel is called Rise of a Merchant Prince. :D

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