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  1. ok that makes sense with the shocking past. i wouldn't really call that shocking though. but what about the surprising knowledge bit?
  2. In TSR glossary it says that Laras is "a woman of surprising knowledge and a shocking past". Can anyone enlighten me on what this is about?
  3. I was like, this is alright, a little confusing but ok, when I first started reading. Then after Winternight and Moiraine's epic Manetheren speech, I was like this is so sick!!!
  4. Since I didn't actually read the 88 pages of notes posted before me, I have no idea if this was answered or not. Q: How has Elza Penfell served Rand "in her fashion"? Was it when she killed Osan'gar in WH? Because that would be such a cop out.
  5. Actually, there is a character named Jaim; mentioned in Eye of World Chapter 32. Also Perrin has a cousin named Jaim Aybara who shows up at the end of tSR
  6. For me, I blazed through the Gathering Storm in about 5 days of reading. So i could probably get through the series in about 2.5-3 months. That is, if I read at the same pace.
  7. I first picked up tEotW when I was 13, so 7 years ago. Wow how time flies!!! But I definitely related to the young males, most of all Mat, during my first readthrough of the series, mostly because I'm a young male as well. And I related to Mat because he was definitely the funnest and most pragmatic of the three. He also was really loyal and doesn't go back on his word. As I've gotten older, even though I still like Mat, I've been relating to Rand more and more as the weight of school and job huting has definitely made me feel more responsibility than when I was 13.
  8. UPDATE: My gf's now about halfway through the book and she's thoroughly enjoying it. A slightly ironic thing that happened is that I asked her who her favorite character was and she said Min. I laughed at this since my gf is about 5 years older than myself and she identifies with the cougar of Rand's harem LOL.
  9. One of the Asha'man who, when battling the Seanchan with Rand in Path of Daggers, got lightninged by Rand since he lost control of saidin. I think his name was Adley, but I'm not sure. The man that you're following and fighting besides suddenly turns on you and kills you? I don't know if I'm another Asha'man and I want to follow Rand anymore. Hey, at least Taim is teaching different weaves...
  10. I loaned my copy of tEotW to my girlfriend because she was looking for a book to read. She asks me a bunch of questions about the plot and I always have to tell her to RAFO (I've always wanted to say that LOL). One comment she made to me had me laughing really hard. She said "Man that boy/girl psychic is really weird". At first I had no idea what she was talking about but I realized it was min. Anyone else have a story like this?
  11. I think that Elaida will be the easiest Aes Sedai to turn into a damane. This is because of her lack of control over her emotions and her total lack of Aes Sedai calm and demeanor. A trained sul'dam would be able to use these weaknesses to directly influence her and control her.
  12. Seems to me that Caddy's a character that's gonna bite it from old age rather than anything the DO would throw at her. Too stubborn to die, lol. As for me, it would really suck if Mat or Thom died (you can't kill the comic relief), or if someone like Hurin bit the dust taking one for Lord Rand. That would not be cool lol.
  13. How did Elza Penfell "help Rand in her own way", as Min put it? Was it when she defended him from the Chosen at the Cleansing?
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