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Adanced Saidar - Lesson 1 - CLOSED


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Sipping delicately at a steaming cup of tea, Pia waited patiently for her students to arrive. Inwardly she couldn't help but be disappointed at how few initiates there seemed to be these days. It was a harsh truth to think that many of those currently studying would likely not even make it to the shawl of Aes Sedai. Well, it wouldn't be for a lack of knowledge, and that she would make certain of. She took her role seriously, as overseer of the girls. It was a joy to her to impart wisdom and watch them flourish under her guidance. Teaching a class like this was rarer still, given just how busy she kept herself, and she planned to enjoy every moment.


When at last the girls in their banded dresses were all seated, she set aside her tea and joined the circle of chairs set out for the lesson. "Good morning, Accepted." She greeted them all with a smile, smoothing the sombre dark grey of her skirts. "During these lessons, we will be learning advanced weaves, in further preparation for you to become Aes Sedai. We will be covering quite a few things in these classes, and it will be physically and mentally draining. Ensure you are well rested for class or I will be forced to exclude you for your own safety."


"Now," she clapped her hands together, "I know who you all are, but humour me. I would like you to go around the circle and introduce yourselves, and tell us all something you particularly would like to learn. It could be a certain weave, an area of expertise that interests you, or even a new skill." She pointed to the girl on her right. "You may begin."



Pia Tovisen, MoN


OOC: This is just an intro post to get you all rolling and give everyone a chance to join who is interested. I'll have the first 'lesson' post up once you've all posted.

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Regalia smoothed the front of her banded dress. She frowned thoughtfully as the Mistress of Novices pointed to her to start introductions. She wondered if the Aes Sedai was getting back at her for the visits she had made to her office when Regalia had been a Novice. Those visits reduced greatly in frequency now. In some ways, she missed it. Still, as an Accepted, it was hardly dignified to be walking around with a sore bum and a wet face. Plus, she was much better at hiding her tracks these days. With the added freedom of being able to channel and move around the Tower without needing permission, Regalia had even managed to start a little spy network for her self. Very handy.


"Good morning. My name is Regalia Frantelle. I am very pleased to meet you all, especially Pia Sedai over here. Each meeting does help me learn more about you. Especially Pia Sedai over here. So many things." Regalia bedazzled everyone with a glaring smile. One of the other Accepted blinked in startlement and then settled back with a wide eyed look of confusion. "I am yearning to be Blue. That is the Ajah I aspire to. And as such, it would be good for me to know much of the skills required for it. I find Daes Dae'mar an intrigue and the Game of Houses is definitely something that would help alot in my life as a Blue. Channeling would obviously be helpful as well. I know some of the Blue Sisters are gifted in Healing, which is something I would like to learn. But also since Anyagwen Sedai spoke of Cloud Dancing and Listening to the Wind last week, I’m also intrigued to learn more about weaves and Talents that affect a large area. As a means of crowd control.”


Regalia pouted her lips slightly. “I suppose we’re all here to learn to defend ourselves against a Dark Tainted world out there. So defensive and offensive weaves would be good. There’s just so much to learn. I hope Pia Sedai over here, would be able to guide us in this rather bleak world. To be our shining light in the shadows. Forever guiding our ships towards harbor.” She flashed a smile at the Mistress of Novices, who in turn gave her a slight frown and a shake of head. “Thank you. That’s what I would learn. All of that. From Pia Sedai. Our Mistress of Novices.” And sat back to wait for the others to introduce themselves in time.


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Amadine arrived at the class just in time to see Regalia taking her seat and a couple of more girls in white dresses with bands of colour filed in behind her.


She took a seat near to the middle of the classroom and arranged her notepad, inkpot and pens neatly in front of her though she suspected and hoped that this Advanced Saidar class would be a lot more practical in nature than theory.


Pia Sedai stood and welcomed them to the class and pointed to Regalia to begin the introduction. As Regalia spoke she was increasingly flowery. *Light but that girl can spin a good yarn* Ama thought to herself and almost giggled allowed. She watched as Ray employed her dazzling smile to win over the room. Even Amadine, as used to it as she was, was still not immune to that smile. Pia Sedai frowned slightly and gave a minute shake of her head and Amadine had to stuff her fist into her mouth to stifle a giggle. She composed herelf, stood and begun her introduction.


"My name is Amadine al'Varine, originally i came from Caemlyn to the White Tower. I came to the Tower after my employer was Healed by a Yellow sister. I know not that sister's name was but she saved the life of Mistress Patira and allowed her to bear a child after twenty years of barrenness. It was that miracle by that nameless Aes Sedai that inspired me."


Amadine's eyes took on the excited sparkle that became prominent whenever she talked about Healing, "It is my wish to study Healing, to become a Yellow sister and travel the world Healing any and all in need. To give life back where hope is lost, to me, that would be the greatest honour."


"I too, enjoy the intrigues of Daes Dae'mar, a useful tool when travelling the nations. I feel that if i want to be able to travel safely within our troubled world then i will need to also take close note on defensive weaves to protect not only myself but any who may travel with me in the future."


Amadine smiled at Pia Sedai who nodded thoughtfully. She sat back down in her seat and arranged her skirts as the next girl stood to begin her own introduction.

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Regalia tapped her elbow in impatience. The introductions were starting to bore her. After all, she knew all of them, some slightly more... intimately than others. And so did the Mistress of Novices. Which made sense. Since she was the one who met them all during their initiations and tests. There was obviously something devious up the Aes Sedai's sleeve, and Regalia was using her powers of Daes Dae'mar to figure out what.


Perhaps she was just stalling.


That would make a little sense. Since having been Raised to Accepted, most of them had not seen the Mistress of Novices. Most of their chores and lessons did not bring them into contact with the Aes Sedai, as such Regalia had heard some of them mentioning how much the missed the sister. Which was odd for Regalia, since she visited the Mistress of Novices all the time. Either for private penance or advice or just general tea drinking. She had since bought the Aes Sedai a new chamber pot, having broken the one she used to have in a fit of thrashing about. Having the freedom to shop and the relatively generous pay of an Accepted helped Regalia make amends with Aes Sedai she had crossed paths with as a Novice. More often than not, Regalia spent most of her pay on presents. Often little trinkets that were useless but pretty, little gifts left at the door of friends without a note or identification.


Sighing, she looked to the Accepted whose turn it was to introduce herself. Mina Kroving was one of the few Accepted who had been in the Tower for ages. It was said she had been novice for ages as well, and barely passed the test in the ter’angreal. It was also whispered that she would not be raised to Aes Sedai and would probably be put out of the Tower soon. But Regalia liked her. Humility probably came as part of having been Accepted for so long, but she was genuine and sweet and very unassuming. Regalia had spoken to the girl many a times, if only to find out more about Accepted life. Light, that girl had been Accepted long enough to rival most sisters.


Still… the lesson would not start. Regalia sighed and went back to day-dreaming.


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Kathleen was not the first one to arrive, but she was not the last. Just as she had intended it to be. She hated being drawn out and taken notice of. The first was always remembered as was the last. Not that she had any reason to want to be forgotten, she just didn't like attention and eyes on her. She was pleased to be sitting comfortably out of the way, but not so far that she stood out as a loner. From the out side she may have looked like she was trying too hard for this, but it came so naturally that except for choosing exactly the time to enter the room, there really wasn't any trying to it. She didn't think of it at all.


Just as she was getting comfortable with the room and the other Accepted in it Pia Sedia said it was time for introductions. At least she wasn't first! She sat quietly and listened to the introductions the others told with interest, but as they went on she couldn't help but notice Regalia had lost interest. When the person beside her finished her introduction Kathleen took a quick deep breath as the eyes in the room settled on her. She gave a quick glance at Regalia, who thankfully hadn't even looked up and Kathleen relaxed a little just knowing that not all the eyes were on her and she began her introduction.


"My name is Kathleen. I too would like to learn healing, my mother was very sick and I had wished I could have done more for her. I really wish that someday in the future I can do more to help someone who the others say can't be helped. I would like to learn as many weaves as I can, but I know we don't have time for that in one class. I would just really like to learn what I am capable of with the One Power. I don't really have much interest in the Game of Houses, but I am curious of a lot things." Kathleen would have went on, but she was starting to let the nerves of having the class' attention on her get to her and since she had answered what Pia had asked of her she let that be her last sentence. She folded her hands in her lap, met Pia Sedai's eyes then dropped her eyes to her hands to signal more clearly she was done.


(OOC: Sorry if I am not supposed to post here, I can delete this if you want me too, I just saw it was open and posted)

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Kasi had sat off to the side a little bit. She was tired of getting asked a dozen things about a relative that she'd never met. A day without someone talking about Taei had become more and more rare as word spread like wildfire around the tower, even to those who didn't realize that Taei had existed she was willing to bet.


She listened to the others make their introductions, some she knew and some she didn't. When it was her turn she spoke up without hesitation. "I'm Kasi Duvan. I came to the Tower with the purpose of learning how to become Aes Sedai and I think that this class will help me to reach that goal and maybe pick up something interesting that I didn't know before as well."


It was short, sweet and to the point, but Kasi didn't feel like going into detail like some of the others had. It seemed like she didn't feel like a lot of things at the moment. She'd get over it, that she was sure of, but for right now she just wanted to leave everything alone and for everything to leave her alone. Listening to the other introductions she awaited the actual start of their lesson.

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Pia listened with quiet interest as each of the girls spoke in turn, filing away the useful tidbits for later. Perhaps she could make this class even more interesting for them, time always permitting. "Very well, let us begin." Hiking up her satin charcoal skirts a little, Pia withdrew a small basket from beneath her chair, containing several small figurines of different shapes and sizes. "First we will learn about using an angreal." Pointing to a girl at random, Pia asked, "tell me what an angreal is." She nodded as the girl blinked in alarm for a moment before correctly explaining the purpose of an angreal such as those resting in the basket at Pia's feet. "Very good," she praised. "Now, watch and listen closely. To use an angreal, I prepare to embrace saidar," Pia put words to action, selecting a small alabaster cat from the basket and holding it for the girls to see, "then I reach through the angreal to touch the source." Pia did so slowly, and repeated the action for all the girls to see. "Now, each of you select an angreal and practice this until you can do it the moment I ask you to. Remember we are not creating weaves with the angreal, just channeling saidar through it at this point. Go ahead."


Once Pia was satisfied that each girl had mastered the knack of angreals, she turned the lesson to another subject. "Next I will show you linking. A common technique of the Age of Legends, linking allows several flows to combine, thus increasing the overall strength and precision of the flow. A group that is linked is called a circle even when it is only two people. And so it is with us today. To link, you must first open yourself to Saidar. Embrace the Source, but hold yourself at the point of embracing, the brink of surrendering. This is usually simple to achieve with practice but many do tend to have trouble with it. If this is the case with you, not to worry, you can stay behind and practise with me." Pia smirked to herself at this, confident in the ability of the Accepted ranged before her. "Regalia, you shall start. Do as I say and hold yourself on the edge of surrender." She nodded to Regalia as she did so. “The woman in control of the link joins to bring the flow from you and join it to the whole. Just like using an angreal I embrace the Source through you.”


Pia opened herself to saidar through the Accepted and let all the girls observe that the glows around Aes Sedai and Accepted had merged when they linked. “It’s tiring to link but the benefits are great. There are stranger effects to being linked. A sense of closeness and feeling the emotions of other people in the circle as if they are your own. For Instance I can sense that you only had time for a quick breakfast and would not mind a bite more to eat.” Pia shot a wry smile at Regalia. “As you noticed, you can’t stop me channelling through you since your flows are controlled by me. Only the woman in control of the link can dissolve it. I must warn you that linking is awkward with most women at first. All the more reason to practise and practise!” Lavinya nodded and let go of the link and the glow of Saidar disappeared. "Now it’s your turn. Pair up!” The Gray Sister motioned to the girls and watched, giving helpful advise as they each practised linking. Once she was satisfied that each girl could link successfully with herself, Pia moved the lesson on.


"Now we move onto Shielding. Listen closely as this weave will most certainly come in handy even if you are not aspiring to the Red. Shielding prevents a channeller from touching the Source. I’m sure you can see already how this is both useful – and dangerous. Let me demonstrate.” Pia said and wove Spirit heavily on Amadine, pushing the Shield in place. “Try to channel,” Pia instructed, knowing it was impossible. “While I’m holding the shield it’s very difficult to break it. However, if I tie off the weave-“ Pia tied the weave, “you can break it more easily. With time and patience you can undo the knot that holds the weave and the shield will break. We do not have time to even begin teaching you that though, we must move on."


Pia allowed the shield to dissipate and continued the lesson. “It’s possible to shield someone who is already channelling, but it’s more difficult than to shield someone who isn’t holding saidar or saidin.” Pia paused for a moment, “Please embrace the Source, Amadine.” The accepted did so. She looked a bit nervous, anyone would after having felt the shield on her. Pia hated the feel of a shield on her, but she forced herself to endure the Shield every now and then, as part of her research. “I’m shielding you now,” Pia wove calmly and carefully and a sheer wall slid between the Accepted and the Source. “Did you see that?” Piaa asked, repeating until each of the Accepted were nodding before quickly dropping the shield. “I know it is awful, but you can have your revenge now, Amadine. I want you to pair up again and practice shielding each other, both while she is channeling and when she is not."


Satisfied with their progress, Pia clapped her hands to regain the attention of her class. "You are doing very well girls, I just have one final weave to teach you for today.This next weave is called Sleep. A newly rediscovered weave and not one that you’ll be familiar with. It’s simple enough; I draw out several thick threads of Spirit, and lay them on my victim.” Pia pulled out a small cage holding a tiny white mouse. She deftly wove the threads around the mouse, making sure to cover it’s head entirely. The mouse slumped to the floor of the cage. Pia had not wanted to use the weave on one of the girls as when falling asleep she might have missed some crucal part of the making. Pia let the weave go. The mouse kept on sleeping. Pia opened the age and poked the creature. It opened it’s eyes and made for the exit. Pia closed the latch again and the mouse was left caged. “The target of the weave doesn’t stop sleeping as soon as you let the weave go; you’ve put the victim to sleep and they’ll stay there until she wakes up of her own accord, or something happens. Practise this weave on the mouse and don’t worry, it wont be harmed by this practise.” Passing the cage to Kathleen, she asked her to begin.


At long last Pia was satisfied with the progress of each of the girls, and she beamed proudly at them. "You should be pleased with yourselves, you are all doing very well. That is enough for today. In fact, I suggest no more channeling today if you can help it, you need to rest and recuperate your strength. Practice what you have learnt today and we shall meet again the same time next week. Dismissed!"



Pia Tovisen



(OOC: Practice all the weaves, feel free to ask questions or have Pia help you. Next lesson will be in a new post titled lesson two. Have fun!)

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Kathleen was glad to get to know the other girls but she was very happy to begin the lesson when Pia started. Kathleen had thought it would mostly be fundamentals, layout and warnings the first day but she was pleasantly surprised when the Gray Sister reached for a basket and began to show them how to use the angreal. When Kathleen picked up the angreal from the basket she was surprised how normal it seemed, eager to try what she was shown Kathleen held the figurine in her hand and tried to slowly embrace the source. The first time she did this she realized she hadn't reached through the angreal and so she let the embrace go, she began again and on the second try she had it. She was pleased and wanted to hold it, but she knew she had to let go so reluctantly she pulled away from it and let it trickle out.


Kathleen watched as Regalia was singled out to help Pia demonstrate linking and Kathleen watched each detail memorizing every point. Thankful she didn't have to go in front of the class not knowing what she was doing, she was still very pleased when it was time to pair up. She was a little nervous of giving up her control of Saidar. What if the girl didn't let  go? What if she tried to channel and used too much? What if she let this girl take control and the girl pushed too much and she burned out? Kathleen tried to stay calm and remind herself that this was a class and Pia Sedai would be watching, she wouldn't let that happen. And they weren't going to use the One Power, just embrace it. Kathleen met her pair she opened herself to the source, just a movement away from surrendering to it and she felt the girl take up the source. It felt so odd, and Kathleen wanted to struggle. It didn't seem natural to have the power so close and know she was not the one controlling it. Just long enough for the other girl to really know she had linked with Kathleen the girl dissolved the  link. Kathleen released a breath when it was over, and she watched as the girl got ready for Kathleen to link with her. Just like the angreal, I grasp the source threw her, Kathleen concentrated and slowly felt through and then felt to make sure the link was complete. Satisfied she had done it, and not wanting to keep the girl from having her own control of the Power any longer than necessary Kathleen let the embrace go and felt the sweet draw of Saidar leave her.


If Kathleen didn't like giving up the control to the lead of a circle, she hated the feeling of being sheilded. It was the single scariest feeling she had ever felt, and she hoped after this class she would never feel it again. She managed to do the weave herself, and luckily the girl she was paired with got it right the first time too. Why the girl insisted on doing it again just to be sure she had it right, Kathleen didn't really understand, but she grit her teeth and told the girl to do it quickly. When the last shield was let down Kathleen embraced the Source once more just to make sure she still could. Embarrassed, but satisfied she let it slip away again.


Kathleen watched closely as the Mistress of Novices showed them the newly regained weave for Sleep. This would be a very useful weave to know someday. All of the weaves she learned here today would be, but this one could get you out of trouble without the fight that all of the others surely would involve. It was a good thing Kathleen had been watching so closely as she was the first to have to show it. Of course Pia would make me do this first! And after the pairing so I wasn't just the last to be watched before we move on. Leave it the great Mistress of Novices to pick up on my insecurities and force me to deal with them. She smiled at the Gray, she really had become quite fond of the woman, but who wouldn't be fond of someone who has helped so many, and who has done for her what Pia Sedai had done for Kathleen. Such a simple gesture to most, but the support and advice given throughout the years topped with the gift she had given her had pushed Pia Sedai to the top of Kathleen's mentor list, and she knew the woman knew it.


Kathleen was handed the mouse cage and she began to weave spirit in just the same fashion as Pia had around the mouse's head. When the mouse dropped to the floor Kathleen held her breath, let go of the weave and the Source as she watched for its chest to rise and fall. When she noted that it did Kathleen let out her breath and reached in wake it up again. Thank goodness I grew up near little mice like you, this could have been terrible if I was afraid of you! I hope Pia is right and you are ok in there little mouse. Kathleen locked up the cage and handed it on to the next girl.

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Regalia's eyes sparkled. She had had no idea this lesson would be this amazing. For one thing, having linked with Pia Sedai made her want to cry. The woman was so much stronger. Far stronger than Regalia was now. Regalia knew she was not even close to her maximum potential, but she was eager. Eager to reach that point when Channeling was not about just practicing weaves, but doing something with those weaves. And that link had given her an inkling of what that was like.


And then there had been the Angreal. Hers had been a toad like thing with three eyes and a constellation of stars tattooed on its back. From the amount of Saidar Regalia drew through it, she had a feeling it was not one of the strongest Angreal. Still, it was a marvel to finally have a feeling of what being a strong channeler was like. It was a strange feeling, a coupling of fear and joy. On one hand, she wanted to be of a positive effect on the world, and on another, she knew it was a dangerous thing. She had read the histories and attended enough Brown lessons to know what channeling had the potential of doing.


Then it came to Shielding.


Regalia did not like this part of the lesson. Her partner was Urumueah Chamdin. A Saldean who had fiery red hair and a temperament to match. But lucky for Regalia, much weaker in the Power. But still, when Urumueah shoved the Shield into Regalia's link with the Power it had chaffed. Almost to the point of pain. And the grimace Regalia had unwittingly displayed had made the other Accepted giggle. But that stopped when Regalia had managed to bend the Shield and break it. Yes, she was much stronger than the other woman. And tried as Urumueah might, she could not even scratch the Shield Regalia had woven. Intriguing.


And then the mouse. That had been the most interesting part of the lesson. The weave Pia Sedai had displayed was simple. Far simpler than the ones the Yellows had taught during their Healing lessons. And Regalia had had not problems with those. But for some strange reason, when Regalia had copied the weave, instead of sleeping, the mouse had danced and twisted about. Not the desired effect. Still, even after Pia Sedai had corrected the weave and told her never to do what she did again, Regalia could sense a strange tension in the air. As if she had done something she should not. And more importantly, something that was definitely not expected.


Interesting indeed.

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Pia Sedai lifted the small basket of Angreal from beneath her chair and placed on the desk in front of her. She lifted one of the Angreal and explained how the girls should reach through the Angreal to draw on the source. She indicated to the gathered Accepted to select an Angreal each from the basket and attempt to draw Saidar through it.


Amadine rose from her seat and took a small statuette from the basket. The Angreal felt cool in her hand, made of what appeared to be pale white marble it was heavy in Amadine’s hand. The figure was of a woman seated with her legs crossed, her hands turned palm up, resting on her knees.


Ama concentrated on opening herself to Saidar, the one power rushed into her, but not through the Angreal. She sighed and released the source. She tried again, going slower this time, and again she was filled with Saidar, but once again not through the Angreal. Amadine pushed Saidar away from her again. This time she went slower still, just as she felt the one power she pushed her thought towards the Angreal and reached. She felt Saidar flood into her, she was stunned to feel how much extra she could hold through the Angreal. She practiced drawing on Saidar through the Angreal several more times until she was confident that she could do so at will while holding the statuette.


Pia Sedai smiled at Amadine and nodded her head before continuing the lesson.  Linking! Amadine had not even imagined that Linking would be taught so early in the Advanced Saidar lessons. Ama watched as Pia Sedai selected Regalia to demonstrate the technique with. To Amadine it looked very similar to drawing through the Angreal, but instead of an Angreal, it was another woman. When Pia Sedai told them to pair up Amadine felt a touch on her arm and turned to look at a smiling Mirshan. The tiny Accepted had been at the Tower much longer than Amadine, but for all her years at the Tower, Mirshan looked for all appearances to be about fifteen, though she was much older than that.


They stood together and Mirshan went first. Amadine held herself on the brink of embracing the one power and she felt Mirshan draw on Saidar through her. Ama attempted to release the source and found that as Pia Sedai had said; while Mirshan was controlling the flow she could not. Mirshan grinned at Amadine and released Saidar. It was Amadine’s turn. Amadine reached for the one power, reaching through Mirshan, as she had reached through the Angreal. It was the same feeling of reaching and the one power filled her, rushing through Mirshan and adding to her strength. Pia Sedai walked around the classroom smiling and nodding and offering help to those having difficulties.


The lesson continued. The next weave was shielding. Pia Sedai explained the use of shielding and said she would demonstrate. Amadine gasped as the Aes Sedai wove a thick shield of spirit over her and pushed it into place on her. Ama’s eyes went wide as she attempted to embrace Saidar and while she could sense the one power there was a slick wall of nothing between her and Saidar. She was panicked and felt her way across the shield; she was relieved when the wall of nothingness disappeared.


Pia Sedai instructed Amadine to draw on Saidar and Ama did so reluctantly. She knew what was coming. Pia Sedai was going to shield her again. Amadine watched as the Gray Sister wove the shield again, this time with a sharper edge and pushed it between Amadine and Saidar. Ama shuddered at the feeling of sudden loss; it was almost painful to have the source cut from you while you were holding it. Again almost instinctively this time, Amadine felt her way across that sheer wall, looking for a weakness she could exploit to break the shield. Even as she scrabbled away at it the shield dissipated and Pia Sedai gave her a look of pure compassion, “I know it is awful, but you can have your revenge now, Amadine. I want you to pair up again and practice shielding each other, both while she is channelling and when she is not."


Again Amadine paired with Mirshan, this time Amadine went first. She drew deeply on Saidar and wove a shield from Spirit and attempted to slide it home between Mirsh and the source. She laughed as it bounced off harmlessly and tried again. This time she wove a sharper edge on the shield and pushed it hard between the girl and the One Power. This time it worked and Mirshan gasped much as Amadine had when Pia Sedai had used her as an example. Releasing the shield Mirshan immediately drew deeply on Saidar and said “Light but that feels awful!”


Amadine nodded and Mirshan took her turn. It took the girl five attempts to push the shield into place while Amadine was embracing the Source. They practiced for a while longer until Pia Sedai called for them to gather and listen again.


She explained that this would be their last new weave for today and showed them how to induce sleep with a weave of Spirit. She demonstrated on a small white mouse that she had caged for lessons such as this. Kathleen was first to practice the weave. The look on her face told Amadine that Kathleen was not sure Pia Sedai had been telling the truth about it not harming the mouse. Kathleen poked the mouse with her finger and gave a great sigh of relief when it woke up and scurried to the back corner of its little cage.


Regalia went next, and far from sleep the little white mouse danced and twisted about wildly. Pia Sedai sternly told Regalia she was not to do that again and showed her the correct weave again. After Regalia the little cage was passed to Amadine. Ama drew on the Source and wove the threads of Spirit as Pia Sedai had shown them. She laid the weave of Spirit over the mouse’s head and it collapsed. She poked her finger into the cage and prodded the mouse. It did not move. She opened the door and gave the mouse another poke with her finger. Again, no response. It took a full ten minutes of prodding and poking for the mouse to groggily awake from its Saidar induced slumber. Amadine passed the mouse to Urumueah and turned to look at Pia Sedai who was eyeing her thoughtfully.


Once they had all taken their turns with the mouse Pia Sedai called them all back together and told them how well they had done. Once they were dismissed Amadine walked thoughtfully back to her room and promptly fell onto her bed, exhausted she was asleep almost before her head hit the pillow.


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