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The Bela Thread (Full Spoilers).


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Must add something....


We need the orignal like 3 apostles...





*Prays to Bela for new intestines and to smite Luckers off this site ;)*


EDIT NEW: it's AMoL spoiler....she will....and being some weird thing of time and space and God, it has already happened. ;)


Ha! Smite me? Don't be silly. I have... words... and junk.


Bela better be afraid.

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*flash of fire and Blackhoof appears, badly shaken at his tortures*


Blackhoof: Now i am Belas counterpart incarnate, my master gave me his powers and possessed me, forcing his massive soul into my fragile body, now i am all-powerfull! I serve Belas counterpart loyally and faithfully! I serve his Darkness forever and for eternity, wth all my heart! Yes, thats right, i-serve- PIPS! I am not a darkfriend, i am a pipsfriend! MWA HA HA HA!

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Yes, the rest of that thread is funny.  Yet nothing compares to the sudden hilarity of reading the signature in a totally unrelated thread.


I'm annoyed every time someone in the story talks/thinks about Bela being Egwene's horse, or Suian's horse... dammit, she's TAM's horse.  The White Tower owes Tam rent.

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