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  1. It's all there, and I just don't see how people CANT allow demandred to be a skilled swordsman - he has every right to be, and every opportunity was given to him to learn and improve.
  2. I do believe it's mentioned somewhere that he was exhausted periodically from using the sa'angreal. Also, Demandred has been free for at least as long as Rand has, and therefore pretending he has no knowledge of fighting prior to being freed from the bore (which is hogswash, he was already second only to LTT) So in that time, Rand became almost as good a swordsman as Lan, in such a short time, it's entirely possible that Demandred got caught up on his swordsmanship enough to be better than Galad and Gawyn, and Lan even.
  3. Meh, galad should have died with gawyn. hated them both.
  4. There will never be a scene in ANY (yes, I'll say that) other work of fiction as personally powerful as Mo's story about Manetheren in Eye of the World. I can read that, get goosebumps (or goose pimples, bird zits, whatever) and immediately reread it, and have the same thing happen. "The men of the mountain home stood, their backs to the terendrelle" like. yeah.
  5. Then, i find this little gem: Which, by omittance, we can gather that Aes Sedai in the AoL knew of Callandor's design flaw - thus they guarded it so heavily so it would be there for the Dragon Reborn. The CK, while amazing and powerful, is about as useful as Vora's wand at solving the ultimate problem. Which means that if the Aes Sedai knew about callandor's potential, it had to have been made post-strike at sg for Lews Therin to be expected to not know anything about it. As he clearly doesn't know anything about it..........blah. Then, boys and girls, I think i've put a nail in this thread for now: There at the end, in italics, It seems that this is being intentionally kept in the dark, at the very least until the encyclopedia is released, if i were to guess. It's gotta have some juicy stuff otherwise it's just repeated information, right?
  6. I just have a problem with that. We learn from aMoL - specifically the seed given to elayne, how angreal - and presumably, sa'angreal are made. This piece of knowledge is absolutely useless for the book. It serves no purpose. She doesn't use it, it's only there so we know how they're made. Thus, i believe that it's true power function is not a design flaw. It simply can't be. One can't accidentally touch the true power, outside of the very specific situation with Rand's link to moridin. the true power is explicitly controlled and thus can't be a 'ghost in the machine'
  7. I think the closest thing would be Rand's sort of 'knowledge block' where he would randomly use LTT's knowledge of weaves prior to veins of gold.
  8. Beings Brandon Sanderson is the published author who finished the series, regardless of accidental discrepancies - his words are canon.
  9. In my opinion there's a constant lacking of awesome wot fan-art. There are some good ones, and I in no way mean to belittle the artists who do post fan art, (as I myself am lacking in the artistic department) there just aren't enough amazing pieces in my opinion. I think this is probably because we have such personal ideas of how scenes in this book in particular go down, that we don't accept fan art for what it is. Like, the other day I was looking for one where Egwene heals the pattern with the flame, and kills all those sharans. I know what it looked like in my head, so in the end, I was glad nobody attempted it and thus left me disappointed.
  10. also how you make a 'dragon's reborn soul only' ward is beyond me lol.
  11. Correct Barid. We see that, and somewhere we learn that wards of saidin and saidar are used to protect it in the stone of tear, which i believe was also constructed solely for the protection of the sword for the time when prophecy would require it be drawn. The High Lords of Tear are foremost charged with it's protection. As to why it wasn't placed in the eye- to make a neat little dragon reborn starter kit, I've no clue. I'd love to get some team jordan feedback on this. Even if it is a simple 'we don't know - you guys and your theories. lol'
  12. but the thing is, unless your finding yourself in the exact situation rand found himself in - bonding himself with moridin - you really can't accidentally touch the true power. It's at the DO's whims. Moreover, we don't know the specifics of Rand's situation. We don't know if it happens to everyone who 'crosses the streams' because it doesn't happen elsewhere, we don't know if it has to do with the two souls of rand/ishy, or if Rand could actually use the TP a second time. He thinks he can, but we don't know with certainty. I'm thinking now that this was simply a little bit of a plot oversight.
  13. there almost has to be - the mention of the Seed rand gives to elayne has absolutely no purpose in the book aside from casting questions concerning already existing angreal and sa'angreal - in my opinion - specifically Callandor. It's a nice sentiment that should he die, a bit of knowledge from the Age of Legends lived on, but it has no purpose in the book, it's essentially him saying 'bought you a toy, don't use it - love rand' Also, if the sword was used and whatnot in the War of Power - and the flaws were discovered, and it was in fact used among the side of the light - for such information to be passed on, wouldn't you assume that the Light's greatest general would know about such flaws and weaknesses? Rand post VoG seems to have no knowledge of the sword's history - as he still rely's on Min for researching it. I think the more we dig into this the more questions and inconsistencies arise. turning into a giant CF in my head lol.
  14. I'm not knocking or doubting what you've said - I admittedly didn't browse all the Q/A reports before crafting this theory - but it seems a really unceremonious beginning to the sword that becomes a pivotal device of prophecy. And regardless of everything, true power magnification is not and can not be a design flaw. It was intentional, and thus was created by someone who had access to it. With the sharan involvement in aMoL (which we were told in Q/A wouldn't happen) I have to surmise that some answers we've gotten from signings and so on are not accurate.
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