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  1. Her name is Nakomi. There are several theories about her identity, nothing solid. I like the Verin hypothesis.
  2. As I recall, the news that the HoV had been sounded and the Heroes had fought at Falme became common knowledge through the standard rumor mill. Our heroes often avoided discussing it to avoid suspicion that they were involved. But people have been spreading that news for almost 2 years.
  3. I remember there being discussion of that, that BS did mess up the timings a bit during an interview at least, and perhaps in tGS. I seem to recall a comment that they didn't discover the problem in time to fix it in tGS 1st run paperbacks.
  4. I think she actually said something about wearing /using a sword leading to disaster in every lifetime.
  5. I think the pillars are outside the pattern, like the 3 ring ter'angreal must be in order to show all the different iterations of your life. Track 1 Aviendha (who did not go through the pillars) was only concerned about the things Nakomi said. After what we've seen in the pillars, I think this is a bit too unfocused of a concern. Track 2 Aviendha now knows of at least 2 things that, if changed, could save the Aiel future. 1. The understanding that was almost reached with Tuon. I think this one is less likely to be the key factor simply because it's going to be difficult for A
  6. Question: Didn't Mat promise to remain in Caemlyn for 30 days? Didn't he break that oath by visiting Perrin outside of Whitebridge?
  7. We don't know how long the Ogier might take deliberating after he's done speaking. He's been writing that book for almost the entire series. There's no reason he couldn't have done his thing at the Stump and written the excerpted paragraph (and a few more even) while the final decision/vote/deliberation/whatever is made. Plus, I think the Ogier would take time to pack before leaving, so even if the decision were made 2 minutes after his speech, he'd have time to jot down his thoughts before they went poof. But yeah, I totally think he'll sway the Ogier into staying & fighting. But
  8. I think that the solution will be for the Aiel to become the enforcers of the Dragon's Peace. It allows them to retain warrior traditions and gives them a use for their highly developed sense of honor. It gives them a purpose equal to the punishment of meeting their toh. My second thought is that, if I were Egwene, and I heard about Avi's experience, I'd institute a new oath for every free channeler - "I will not use/hold/embrace saidar while held by an a'dam". At least that way you couldn't be used against your own people. ETA Someone mentioned around page 3 or 4 about Eggy's visi
  9. Question: How did the wall in Maradon (I think? Rodel Ituralde's seige scenes) get blasted? I don't remember if someone sensed channeling or not. With the way the timeline jumps around in the book, I started to wonder if it was a captured cannon dragon from Caemlyn.
  10. That really pissed me off. RJ would never have Birgitte wear a sword. Ever. Ever. Ever. More likely a dagger or cudgel or possibly even a short sword or hand axe. But never a sword. Never. Never ever. In her thoughts, Birgitte comments about how she was carrying a sword instead of a bow because she might have to fight in close quarters in the palace halls. It really should have been a pair of knives or something. It was when she was leaving the play/opera to deal with the disturbance at the Plum Gate, aka Mat. One thing I noticed, but I've changed my opinion from thinkin
  11. I think I have to jump on the bandwagon of "the timing was bloody confusing". I have to wonder if RJ originally intended that we would never be quite certain how events related timewise or if it was just a side effect from the intricate story. This was one book in which I really would have appreciated each chapter/ POV switch had included a date stamp. If there's ever a massive collector's edition boxed set (with the ebook cover art please) released, I hope they throw in timeline annotations while they're at it.
  12. I don't know why you guys are focusing on the Ashendorai (sp?). I thought it was pretty clear that the tBUT was NOT something about Mat's trip to Finnland and what he got there. I thought that was specifically on the list of things to be eliminated from consideration.
  13. Does anyone else think that Avi's forward trip kinda broke the rings?
  14. Well, *I* think he was. Someone was talking about his young son who was certain to be ugly as hell. Okay, yes other kids than Gaidal can be ugly, but I rather think that's a subtle nod to the readers so that we're not left wondering forever about where Gaidal is. I think it was an Asha'man who said it, but I can't remember. I'm going through the book to try and find it again. ETA: Okay, I found it on pg 172. Gadren, Grady's son. I thought there was a reference here to him being only a year and change old, which was why I thought it was such a good match. But, alas, no. So
  15. All the other stuff people have been mentioning, of course, were fabulous. My personal favorites: I was jumping up and down while reading the prologue because darn it, I was right about Graendel surviving. Maybe I wasn't correct in thinking she would KNOW he would use balefire on her, but hey, she survived. The people I was with thought I was hilarious. The other thing, and I'm kicking myself for not bookmarking or underlining it, was when Gaidal's reveal came. I had been worried that we would be left completely unaware of his identity because he'll be too young to do anything at
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