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The Bela Thread (Full Spoilers).


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Violets are black,

Roses are blue,

Bela's a horse,

And you are too.


Saidin is black,

Saidar is white,

Hurry up Bela,

And perish in a fight.


Roses are purple,

Violets are red,

I hate you, Bela,

Hurry up and be dead.


Fire is red,

Lightning is blue,

Hurry up Bela,

Be made into a shoe.


As you have gathered,

I dont like Bela,

I feel like singing,

La la la la!



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using the mystical mercedes ter'angreal rand will transform bela into a 2519 Mustang Jo-Car and startle the DO and cause much mayhem at TG, sounding the 'meep meep' horn to summon back the autobots of the past to come to their assistance at the last battle. (I've said it before but lacked this critical part of LB)


Also perhaps Tam is demandred? Bela will potentially buck, and kill him, lame broken neck style. again showing her military prowess.

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This coming from blackHOOF.....


i think is jealous...or the DO....Bela's counterpart?


*shifty eyes* what.... me... Belas evil counterpart? A beign of evil, ultmate power? Thats... ridiculous.... he.... he.... he.... MY COVER IS BLOWN! *bursts into flame and teleports to shayol ghul.*

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Bela will make the supreme sacrifice to turn herself into glue thus binding the DO once more.


Good. It's about time the non-humans gave somethng up to the defence of the Wheel. I mean its only the FRICKAN UNIVERSE!

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Must add something....


We need the orignal like 3 apostles...





*Prays to Bela for new intestines and to smite Luckers off this site ;)*


EDIT NEW: it's AMoL spoiler....she will....and being some weird thing of time and space and God, it has already happened. ;)

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*kneels in front of big black shadow with glowing red eyes*


Blackhoof: O' mighty Lord! The nerds of Dragonmount have uncovered me! They think that I am you, but in reality I am, of course, only an agent of your mightyness! Please forgive me! I can be useful to you in other ways, i could make a new account, yes, thats it, ill re-register! Please give me another chance!


Big shadow: No, you have failed me, and now you pay!


Blackhoof: NOOOOOO!


*and then the screaming begins*

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