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The Bela Thread (Full Spoilers).


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She's a horse. Possibly a horse-bovine hybrid. Any other suggestions will be met with the Banhammer!


Merry Christmas.



(This thread is for all holiday shenanigans, not just for those of you who are christian and/or materialistic commercialists)

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My only reply must be All praise Her Holiness...



Psst....what is your reference...


EDIT NEW: We cannot leave the Creator to be used as a cork.

She flies when no one looks.

Can we see the wind?


Bela is there. Always. Everywhere.

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She will let mankind deal with it, but don't think in the LB, that the Humble Horse will just stand by.


"Rand was about to slip on the bloody rocks of SG, and out of nowhere, Bela was there propping him up."



That is a spoiler from AMoL. ;)

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:D :D :D


Bela, in her infinite wisdom has given Egwene the method to root out the Black fester in the Tower.

She has given Egwene the views that will change the way AS work and think.


Bela is the source of the upcoming change in the world.

Think not that she takes no part in helping Man.

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You see this is my problem with you religious types--so blind with your faith that you never consider that Bela may just decide to crush the world under her stern and undiscerning hoof.


(I'm being funny, no real world parallel intentions meant).

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My inner nerd is really comming out tonight.  I think I have added 40 posts to my post count.  I think Bela will never be involved in the story again to any extent.  Who wants to ride a lame horse that is very slow, except to Suian, but she has no balance.  Bela would win the slowest horse prize.

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