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  1. The magnification of the taint no longer seems relevant. So is the danger still that large? I am still not convinced the blade of light is callandor. But meh. What if the three were Lews Therin, Rand, and the stranger? >_>
  2. When does Shadar Haran appear? Are there distinct theories on his nature and provenance? I have none of my own, just accepted him. At first I wondered about a relationship between him and Ishmael/Moridin since they appeared at a similar time and were never in the same scene whilst seemingly working together. I dismissed it later.
  3. As Fel explains, either the bore is made whole again at the end of this age, or later. At some point before, once again, Mierin drills the bore it must be made whole. Destroying the dark one would require the destruction of the wheel, which is the DO's own plan. Seems unlikely. I think the nature of the book means the end result will be sealing the DO away as if the bore had never been. No idea how.
  4. I get the impression that torture of suspects/criminals/opponents to acquire evidence/confessions/treaties is common practice in all of the world. Certainly almost every society we have seen uses them in some form or other. Don't think we can criticise the Seanchen for that. The poor are looked after - but they are, as I recall, made to work for it. One assumes a variation on workhouses. A place for everyone and everyone in their place. This can be good or bad dependent on your PoV. Property being a hereditary state? The interesting thing to this is the pride some property have in their positions. To our culture it is unthinkable, but I do not see a lot of misery there. Again, depends on your PoV. Damane is the dealbreaker for most people. But if I were unable to channel, in a world where marath'damane ruled as they did in Seander. Unchecked by oaths or attitudes not to use the power as a weapon. I think it would seem like a sensible position too. Combine the need to avoid hundreds of channelers behaving in any way they wished, with the acceptence of humans as property and you get Damane. vOv I do not see the Seanchen as evil, I do see them as interesting and flawed.
  5. I wrote a big reply two posts up agreeing with you. This will become, possibly, The Big Unanswered Question If it does I intend to invoke large degrees of :smug: ^_^ Like as not it isn't though, and yes I would have thought years of the bore being open before LTT went for his finalattack - but I tend to take the most pessimistic possibilities when I am unsure of the facts. The thing that gets me is I never really considered this before. We are led to see the prison being destroyed as effectively the end of the world. Yet the world existed in that state for a decent amount of time. Time for a complete re-read? :p
  6. The logic of it breaking semirhage was fine, the speed with which it happened bemused me. A few smacks to the bottom and she'll eat beans off the floor? Felt like a massive breaking in one go, I'd have expected her to go slowly, in increments. Losing her poise and self image a little piece at a time as Aes Sedai treated her with less and less respect. Just my opinion though.
  7. My point is the bore was open for weeks at least (as I read it, Mierin has to turn into lanfear etc between the opening and the 100 companions sealing it) the first time. The dark one still seems to have worked through proxies in the physical world, and was unable to unmake the pattern or any of that shit.
  8. This is what I do not understand. We take the fact that the bore was open for a long time in AoL. Yet we seem to think that the moment the dark one is unbound now he can break the wheel/pattern? If it was that simple he had plenty of time before the companions came and patched that bore back up. So yeah, break the seals and what exactly can he suddenly do? What stopped him from doing it last time?
  9. Good point. Gah - I'll never come up with an ingenious insight (this will not stop me trying).
  10. Why? Why do we need to 'clear the rubble' first? What exactly will breaking the seals do? How free was the DO before he was bound? vOv
  11. Just a quote I noticed in another thread that made something click: 'Constructs of the power cannot pass through a gateway' Edit - cannot survive passing through even. Not living, ergo probably not relevant. It is VERY thin, but possible?
  12. When was it first brought up that rand needed to break the seals? We still don't know WHY that is. Or we do and I missed it...
  13. Throw it off the platform when skimming, it would be gone, but not destroyed. Do we know if this other method is known by someone in the books? I am assuming we are supposed to be able to work it out?
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