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Shadow Ball - Jacket required, JD optional


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I don't care if you don't like dancing we are having a Ball and you will attend and I don't want to hear any more whining Simon I will open the curtains if you don't stop shoving demi RIGHT NOW!


Now ... You've all got your jackets? Yes yes demi we've been over that you don't have to WEAR the thing it just says in this rule book that jackets are required. Have Simon carry it for you, if you want.


Who's got my veils? I can't do the Sa'sara without my veils TMD THAT IS NOT A HANKY FOR THE LOVE OF ... *breathes through nose* come here ... *grabs by an ear and shoves a tissue into his face*. Now blow. Thatsa good boy.


Lews ... LEWS! The jacket goes on the top part of your body. Oh stop sniveling - it's not THAT cold. No, I don't know why you can't wear pants. Yes, a short jacket and a bow tie looks funny with nothing else, but if Demi can walk around completely naked, we can do without pants and shirts for one evening.


Where's SM? Has he tried to slip away again? NO Simon, you may NOT go "find him". *Grabs Simon by one ear and hauls him a little way off, then hisses furiously at him:* You're a Chosen, dammit, try to act like one! Big Daddy said we're to do some Public Relations. HE said we're to throw a nice, civilised Ball, cos that's what nice people do. Quite frankly, these heels are KILLING me, my arse is freezing, and the bow tie is strangling me so if you DON'T GET INTO THE SPIRIT OF THINGS RIGHT QUICK I'M GONNA SET HADDY ON YOU YOU GET ME??


Right! Now you go do your bit rounding up these other miserable, whining, sniveling excuses for Dreadlords and Deathlords and for the Dark's sake make sure the Fades are wearing sunglasses! We don't want to have all the lightfriends gibbering with fear on the dancefloor now do we? FINE thing if they're all running screaming when Big Daddy arives  ::)


OK PEOPLE FRIENDS OF THE DARK ALL LINE UP AND LOOK ... damn what's that word again it's right on the tip of my tongue bugger bugger bugger oh right FRIENDLY FOR WHEN THE GUESTS ARRIVE!


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Yes, and WHY couldn't I hear him say his name? It wouldn't be because SOME people man male supreme being that acts JUST like a man didn't think things through when He She It tampered with a Fade, now is it? Oh no ... nothing to do with the fact that one can't channel near a certain Fade, so when the poor thing has a cold one can't even Heal him. Which is why SOME people thought he was saying Hadan instead of Haran.


*Twitches shoulders huffily*

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*slips in quietly and anonymously*


*Wanders over to the bar*


"Hey, how you doin'?"




JD, no! don't let yourself be drawn in! the skirt is a lie! A LIE!


don't lose hope! even though you are within his grasp, he is rendered powerless by the absence of alcohol!


just stay calm! help is on the way! and for the love of god DO NOT GET INTO HIS VAN! whatever he says, he has NO CANDY.


wel get you through buddy, hang in there..



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Good. You can use them to dance with. There's Talya, standing there all alone - go ask her for a ... *consults notes* ... twirl, I believe the word is they use these days.


But me no but! And stop staring at arse - you'll step on her toes and then we'll have ANOTHER flaming complaint about unauthorised mistreatment of light members  >:(


*Stalks off muttering about flaming forms that have to be filled in for EVERY little bit of fun these days*


*Sees Daddy O watching her with raised eyebrow and quickly turns the snarl into a smile*


See? Being all nice and sweet!

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*looks at TMD*


I think not, mine are much better... :P


And you may have to take orders from an Ashaman, but I don't have to..*eyes her sis*


*wonders off*


I thought you were supposed to know have to party, obviulsy the runours are all wrong, no doubt spread by yourselves... :D


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Aaaahh ...


*Adds a comment to her notes with a worried frown: URGENTLY find out how to approach people and politely request a dance, since asking them for a twirl seems to be offensive.*

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YOu should point out that the men ask for the dance and not have you do it, and then because they want to instead of being told to by you...may help a little. :) ;D


You should try being less controlling and maybe the party will flow better.. ;) :)

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*walks up to Talya and bows*


Hi there, I'm the mythical (not to mention Legendary) Justen Diablos.  Now I know you see me and think to yourself wow, I'd love to make out with this master of all wordsmiths but we'll have to hold off on that for a minute.  I know I'm irresistable and all but I can't simply not dance.  Since this whole party was conceptually part of an effort to facilitate the kidnap of the great (not to mention amazing(much like Tom Cruise is amazing)) Justen Diablos.  And though it's evolved into something more than that I'd still hate to pass up a good dance in which my name was mentioned in the subject line.


So, would you like to dance Talya?




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No, it was Demi *watches the hounds head off for Norway!*


Ahhh, someone who knows how to ask a lady to dance, in which case I will accept and I do love to dance. But you must know that you words have no effect over me, I'm not called the Ice Maiden for nothing. I'll ignore the mention of this Tom Cruise!


And I see you, but alas it ends there, no other thoughts, except how I can kidnap you, fot the light of course :)

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