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  1. I get the feeling that warders do know beforehand about the warder bond being able to compel. It seems that many a warder are picked out of the group that comes to train at the WT (younglings) who I assume are familiar with all aspects of the bond, others probably get a roughly delivered laundry list of disclaimers before the bonding happens, like an Ipod. We really don't know what the Tower teaches about bonding since most of the protagonists (ie. Egwene, Elayne, Nynaeve) all bonded warders without ever really being properly taught by the WT in the protocals for doing so. As for the WT's upset over the Black Tower bonding it's members I don't think most people understand the world of Randland that well if they don't see where the Aes Sedai are coming from. Mainly because we see the world through 'Rand tinted glasses'. Basically men who can channel are reviled on a level that would be difficult to translate into something we could relate to. To try though we'll just say they have the same place in society that pedophiles have in our society. And because of their power and the local governments inability to deal with them they become the sole jurisdiction of the White Tower. So essentially the Tower would be like a police force in this instance. So back to the analogy. A group of pedophiles engaging in some of the most depraved behaviour immaginable decide to congragate in a big compound. The police go in to arrest and/or kill these people to make the world a safer place. Instead the police are killed (or I guess captured and forced to live in said compound). What's the response then to that? "Well the cops should've known those pedophiles would capture them, and have absolutely no right to be upset about it. I mean really, what did they think was going to happen?" I don't think so. Not only would every police officer (or Aes Sedai in this case) be completely outraged by this (I'm talking visceral outrage here) but the remainder of society would also hold utter contempt for that being done. As generally speaking I'd say Randland as a society values the WT as we do the police, they're well respected and in fact lauded for what they do except by those of the criminal element who would fear or hate them. So in this case I would say Egwene's outrage here is completely understandable if you understand the general view of the majority of the world to Male Channelers. JD, Yes I still tag my posts.
  2. As for Thom being killed by the fade she does state to the boys her reasons. The main one being that a gleeman getting killed in a street fight in the middle of a small town like Whitebridge would not be forgotten by the time Moiraine, Lan, and Nyn made it into town. That's a pretty logical deduction actually, especially since we've seen how small town folk react to gleeman, and we can't fault her reasoning. So maybe it isn't so much a viewing as Moiraine is smart n' stuff. The comment she makes to the girls I think is just what she said. They were being all dumb and young talking about marrying when Aes Sedai never marry, and she decided to tell them how dumb and young they were. Finally I always assumed when she told Thom he would live if he went with Nyn and Elayne it was because that was one of her questions she asked the Finn. "Will Thomdril Marrilin die if he goes to Tanchico?" She seemed to think it was of the utmost importance to get Thom away from Rand, believing Rand's stalling in Tear was a result of Thom's interference. So if she believed passionately (which we know she did) that Rand had to move and that she must be his only advisor (Thom was getting in her kool-aid after all) perhaps that was worth one of her questions. So if the answer from the Finns was no, he won't die, she would be able to tell Thom with certainty that he would live. If memory serves she went to him the day after going into the ter'angreal, which is why I always assumed such was the case. Min having a viewing makes less sense because why would Moiraine be able to state with Aes Sedai certainty that Thom will live through Tanchico based on Min's foretelling of their marriage, and then be unsure if she herself would live through her trial with the finn's later using the exact same logic. It seems incompatible with her belief in Min's visions. Also Min references the 'one viewing' she hasn't told Rand in a CoS, talking about how bleak he would be to find out that he would almost surely lose the last battle without a woman who was dead and gone. We can deduce she meant Moiraine because it comes on the heels of her thinking Caroline was Moiraine, and then later (in that same segment of storyline) she mentions her one failed viewing (That of Moiraine being at the Last Battle with Rand). JD
  3. Not fighting with the Seanchan. rather two seperate battles taking place after Tarmon. One, the Seanchan v. the rest of Randland. and a second confrontation between what's left of the Aes Sedai and what's left of the Black Tower. Hence the World not being done with battles. The reason they're not fighting now is because of chaos within the Aes Sedai, and a desire not to start fighting the Asha'man until after Tarmon, hence the truces (which are both stopgap agreements until after the Great Battle). Almost every PoV from Aes Sedai on the Black Tower contains loathing and a desire to whipe them out. The second the DO is taken from the page as a possible enemy the Aes Sedai and Asha'men seperate and begin to face off. It simply seems too much of a stretch to expect these two groups of people to co-exist peacefully after so much animosity for so long. The Seanchan will be similar, once Tarmon is over, the stopgap truce Rand will have negotiated uniting the East and the North with the West and the South will be done, and all hell shall break loose. JD
  4. It says the servants are balanced by the guardians, not opposed by them. The lion sword, the dedicated spear, she who sees beyond. Three on the boat, and he who is dead yet lives. The great battle done, but the world not done with battle. The land divided by the return, and the guardians balance the servants. The future teeters on the edge of a blade." It says Elayne, Avi, and Min are alive as of Tarmon and that Rand is dead, but still lives (somehow). Tarmon is over, but the worlds still got some stuff to resolve. That's why I assume Logain is the man to step into Rand's shoe's as the leader of the Coalition he's built, hence the glory, while Rand is off not being dead but not really being alive kind of thing. And yes, it does say balance, I just assumed they were still squared off in confrontation due to the context of the foretelling. World not done with battles implies more fighting to come, and then it immediately rattles off two situations where such would be the case. The return devides the land, so the Seanchan have half of the world kind of under their control and you know what? Don't think that really the rest of the nations would be all that happy about it. Also given what we know about 3000 years of accumulated Aes Sedai feelings toward men who can channel and the fact that those girls rarely (if ever) change their mind, I'm guessing they've got a bit of animosity towards those BT boys. That's how I've taken that foretelling. Also I don't think Sanderson will clear either the Seanchan issue up, or the BT/WT war. He said the last book will resolve Tarmon Gai'den, and there will still be issues going forward after that someone may or may not resolve in future books. Unless of course after the DO is bound back the Seanchan can be wrapped up in an epilogue. "Oh by the by we're heading back to our land, dueces everyone." JD
  5. It's more likely that Aginor was simply not good at making gateways, since we know that not all channeling is raw strength, rather it depends on certain peoples abilities with the power. Semirhage is certainly a far better healer than Ishamael, and if ishy tried to heal someone and failed and then Semirhage came in and succeeded would we assume that she's a stronger channeler than the Nae'blis? No, as we already have knowledge that she's a great healer, a fact mentioned in the BWB actually, which seems to follow true in the series. So Aginor can't make a big gateway, Demandred can't (last I checked) create Trollocs and Drakgtar and Gholam's oh my. Aginor can, which I tend to think is pretty impressive. Also I assume the forsaken were listed in the best writer's order. Ishamael. Top billing because he is Nae'blis, even when he's not Nae'blis he's Nae'blis. Aginor Second to appear in the books, along with old Eval Rammen, listed before him probably because he has a more interesting story (he makes shadospawn) or because he's stronger (Sure, all things being equal I'll give you the caveat of strength in this one case) Balthamel (second we see along with Aginor, listed after Aggy because Aginor is stronger and does cooler stuff like making Shadowspawn (see above)) Sammael. Listed next because he was Rand's current challenge, the most interesting Forsaken among those not released into the world in the first book, Or, just because the author had a really neat segway, Most of the other Forsaken were trapped deeply enough to remain untouched and undamaged by time, though it made them a little slower to escape than Aginor and Balthamel. They lacked even scars, except for the one worn by the Chosen called Sammael BWB Rahvin. Because he so liked the segway format from earlier he/she continued Sammael hated political intrigue, but Rahvin much preferred such diplomacy and manipulation to open conflict. Be'lal, segways like a David Letterman show, with less shots at Republicans While Rahvin preferred manipulation, the Forsaken known as Be'lal, the Envious, was a master of it, to the point he was often known as the Netweaver. goes on to talk about Samael and Rhavin and Be'lal surpassing both in their various talents, so it helps that the reader was introduced to those two first...n' stuff. Demandred, listed next because at this point no one really cared about Demandred. When the BWB was created he was fairly ambiguous as to where he was, who he was, and all that so the author kind of threw him in near the end. Sammael is referenced, so it's good Sammael's story came before Demmy's. Asmodean, listed last because he was barely a Forsaken at the point this book was made. He'd already been captured and used by Rand, and to our PoV he was more of a hero than anything else. At the least a likeable character, which is why the BWB goes out of it's way to place him last and mention that Asmo's were the least cruel of any of the Forsaken regimes, because they don't want us to lose our attachment with him. Now I may be way off, but I do think it's much easier to chalk up Forsaken listings to the best way to tell their story. RJ was a master storyteller, and though he didn't exclusively write this book he did have a hand in it. So he probably knew all the forsaken's backstory and simply placed them inside this 'chapter' for the best possible story flow. Even though it's a guide, it's also a book, and can be read cover to cover, making sense and being interesting the entire way through. I could go through the Women's chapter but it's more of the same. Lanfear, because she's central, Greandal, because of the female Forsaken she's had the most POV's and story time (up to that point), Semirhage, because after you mention Graendal the flow of the story naturally rolls to Semi, Graendal heals the mind beyond compare, and Semi is an equally skilled healer of the body. Mesaana next because unlike the previous two she turned to the DO because she was not the best in profession (goodness this author's good at Segways, I should quote this one too but I'm tiredish). And Moghedian last because she was all captured n' broken and we saw her very weak so she was the least impressive as a bad girl at the time. Wouldn't want to cut in right after the frightful Lanfear, throw a browbeaten Moggy in and then have to get the reader to reinvest in being afraid of the evil Semirhage would we? It would be counterproductive to the story.
  6. To say glory greater than most men can even dream of implies something really impressive. She saw the crown around Darlin's head and said "Meh, he'll be a king" I think Logain's stepping over Rand is symbolic of him taking over Rand's various duties one he's 'Dead' (ie. King of the World n' such) Also, I don't think the Tower's will be united at the end of the 14th book. Sanderson has said (I believe) that the story will end with Tar'mon Ninja Gaiden and there was a foretelling that went something like... "the great battle over, but the world not done with battles, the Servents vs. the Gaurdians" etc. etc. Great battle being Tarmon, Servants v. Gaurdians is Aes Sedai v. Asha'man. So I would guess that would be one of the unresolved issues that might never see a written conclusion. JD, Mostly here, though sometimes there.
  7. So here'e my attempt to sum up your intro. Ya know, for those of us with a little less upstairs... *nods towards Empy picking his boogers* You said... "Hi, I'm a random newbie who either picked out a trolloc name or I'm from Jamaica and I'll let you all be the shotcallers on this one since I deserve your every waking bit of attention. I've really just been floating around the room evesdropping on your conversations for some time now but I think I've deemed you worthy enough to have me occasionally grace your boards with my deep insight. The books were okay for me, but once i get past six I really have to force myself to read them, kind of like eating carrots at this point. Anyway if I'm really bored and have nothing better to do I might come hang out and post. Until then dueces ya'll." I think I caught most of the nuances. Anyway Hi, I'm Justen. JD, Big fan of Peanut Butter since 1983
  8. Justen Diablos here, back in the day they used to call me... um, Justen Diablos. If you don't remember me you're not cool. JD, Made of Awesome
  9. We have mods? huh. And to answer your question new guy I have seen intro posts like that before. But it was a nice try. The game you're referencing is played over there *points* and they've been waiting for you so I wouldn't tarry long. Welcome to the Circus. JD, On the Eighth day the Lord combined originality and awesome to make Justen Diablos...and it was the best work he'd done to date
  10. That's a mighty long and depressing intro there Heath. I'm going to have to ask that you become just a tad more upbeat if you want to come and kick it with the legendary JD and the Seanchan. You could always join the Illuminator's guild, they're the official writer's guild at DM, and if I'm not mistaken somewhere in that there intro you mentioned writing. Not only could they help you out with some writing concepts and ideas they'd be great for bouncing your own ideas off of. Also artists are generally pretty moody, so you're 'bring a dark cloud everywhere I go' kind of writing would be well recieved over there. Now, did you ever think with your grasp of the written language and seeming intelligence you could use the power of word for good instead of evil. I mean make some people giggle for goodness sake. Smile and the World smiles with you and all that. Anyway welcome to the Circus. JD, Crowned Prince of Silly
  11. I believe we had a MUD game on this site about seven years ago. I didn't play, because I have better stuff to do with my time (namely chase puppies with a board (preferably one with a nail in it) until their owners come out and scream something along the lines of 'Hey! That's my puppy!' (and yes I did use exclamation points and they're attached to the words of the dog owner and not me, were they my words and I needed something indicitave of excitement I would have ended them with (exclamation point) like so). You know it took me almost a minute to figure out BK 4 meant book 4 (most of said minute was spent staring at chewbacca the dog and wondering why he was staring at me (it was an unintentional staring contest but he started it and I had to finish it because that's how I roll (that's how the kid does)) but there was a brief moment when I thought you were referencing B2K (the R&B (The & button is hard to find when you're typing in the dark) group)), but once i did I was hooked on your post. I literally read it all in one sitting. I know, I know. So anyway What kind of RL things would get in the way of reading a book? Are you saying from the time Book 9 released you haven't had even the seven or so hours available to read it until just now? And I'm not trying to be sarcastic (I'm succesfully being facetious :P) I'm just genuinly curious as to what could take up that much of one's life. I mean if you were in jail that's cool (or if you're married (it's roughly the same thing)). I was in jail a time or two myself (never married though), and I understand how that kind of thing can dictate one's life decisions. Really the only reason I posted was because everyone else was ignoring you and talking to that Tel Janin guy. I mean here you are with an original name and they've got to be over there talking to someone who ripped of Sammael's age of legends name (he'd be pissed if he wasn't a fictional character). Bah, bah I say. So just for you man I'm not going to greet him, I'll let him go completely un JD ified, because that's the kind of dedication I bring to every facet of my life. Welcome to the Circus sir, enjoy your stay. Oh and what's your work that you can listen to music (and/or books on tape) during the course of the day (or evening if you're work doesn't take place betwinxt the standard nine to five hours)? I get curious about life stories n' such. It's in my nature (as is peeing on old women's gardens (preferably on the tomatoes)) JD, Welcoming
  12. Hey what's going on. Here's my problem ok... I authorized this monthly charge on my visa card from the website 'hotasiangirlswholikeguysoriginallyfromSouthDakotawhonowliveinTexas.com', mostly because I liked the 'exclusive' clientelle for the site, it was almost as if it was made just for me, especially with the show ponies... but I digress. Here's where I'm at in life friend, I'm trying to get them to stop charging my card, because I really don't need that site anymore after a friend of mine turned me on to 'hotcanadiangirlswholiketopostpicturesofthemselvesmakingbreadfromscratchwhilenewd.com' and it's pretty much fulfilled all my...erm, foriegn relations type needs. I've offtracked however; because all I need from you is for you to block the afformentioned site (hotasian.... etc. etc. etc. (etc.)) from being able to charge my card. Paying for two sites is really cutting into my pizza hut money. And no I don't need any kind of credit protection. Thanks though, and welcome to the Circus. JD, Innovationist
  13. What's up dude? I'm generally known as the funniest man alive, and I could regale you with witticisms that would have you literally slapping your knees in genuine mirth. But I won't, because you're a dude, and I don't waste my pith on anyone but the ladies (preferably of the brit variety) but I'll still welcome you to the site n' stuff. I'm currently living in East Texas, though I'm originally from South Dakota so when I yell out stuff it's generally more along the lines of ... (To continue this message insert a brit girl in this thread now, otherwise JD feels no need to continue) JD, The Truth
  14. It'd be kind of cool if they actually knew the old tongue (ya know, in a wow that's a lot of time you've got on your hands kind of way). My personal skill with words comes from taking Ludacris' verses and posting them on DM. *nods* Impressive that. ... I got some brain up in the front seat of the hummer And if you can make it rain then big Diablos make it thunder I ain't messin' with these lames but I seem to make em wonder How I came into the game for the past seven summers How you want?... When I get it from the front, from the back If she with it I'm a hit it from the side Give her what she want's, in the 'lac She a freak and I can see it in her eyes She can go tit, for tat It's so good that I made her want to cry A little bit of this, a little of that For a two peice biscuit and some fries... Straight from Church's, You're boyfriend's worthless Cuz JD goes DEEP while he barely scratch the surface She itchin' for a scratch like she DJ JC If you looking for your match girl come and find me I'll be at the D-Mount, I ain't that hard to find, Put your legs up in the air and see the CoL sign Diablos in the house since it's March of 0 eight, And is mighty well known as the greatest of the great. JD, Since long before March of '08
  15. What's up man? So here's my problem (one of my problems) I lost my fantasy football game this week right? Though I said all week I didn't think I'd win I was secretely holding out for a certain set of events to play out so that I could win the game. First for his team I needed some bad games. I hoped Michael Turner would have a bad game against a tough defense, which he did. (Good) I hoped Kurt Warner wouldn't get too many points, and if I'm reading it right his four fumbles and two INT's should cut him down to under twenty points (not bad) I hoped his recieving corps would falter a bit, Unfortunately this didn't happen as I'd hoped Fitzgerald went for about fourteen (which isn't so bad since he didn't see the end zone) and Royal went for about ten (fumbled once, but I was really hoping Royal would completely be shut out) and his TE Sheffler only scored about two points (That was way good at least) Problem's mostly came with Greg Jennings who decided to score two touchdowns and grab up a hundred yards. I have serious problems when Jennings is putting up numbers in the mid twenties. *shakes head* So all in all his recievers did me pretty dirty. I needed his second back to be shut out, and while Slaton was stopped on the ground (about thirty yards) he ended up recieving for about 90 and a touch (that sucks) Finally I needed sub par games from his defense and kicker. Unfortunately Kaeding hit two field goals and the Tennessee defense racked up four sacks, one pick, and three fumbles. Bah. So now you're probably thinking I was way out at this point, since a lot of the things I needed to happen didn't. But I wasn't completely out of it just yet. First off, L. Coles lit it up for three touchdowns and over a hundred yards, so his thirty point performance really got me off to a good start. Things I needed aside from the huge game from Coles. I needed Philip Rivers to play like he's been playing. Didn't happen, he got caught picked twice, and only threw one touch, also only threw for about two hundred yards. He did pass for a two point conversion though, so that was at least a little salve on an otherwise horrible day (bad) I needed Santana Moss to come up big once again (150 receiving yards, check) I needed a huge day from Mr. Edgerrin James. He only rushed for about thirty yards, fortunately he caught passes for another thirty and scored two touchdowns (and a two point conversion)(good) Next I needed good days from my kicker and defense. Longwell had a FG so it wasn't a horrible day, and the Packers Defense did score a touchdown (Yay Charles Woodson) but all in all both performances were mediocre at best. (bah) And yet with all of that I'm still in it (Thanks Coles) if only one of my three back-ups plays well (Moss (of the Randy variety), Julius Jones, Marvin Harrison (who I technically replaced with Coles so that was a very positive swing) and Jeremy Shockey (who's injured) were all riding the bench for me this week due to bye's (and the injury)) I needed a big game from either Selvin Young or Javon Walker. I really hoped for a couple more passes thrown Javon's way, and I figured with Selvin becoming the featured back in Denver a game against the Chiefs would be just what he needed to finally break one off. Didn't happen, and my back-up TE (Soon to be cut Jeremey Stevens) didn't even see the ball once. So those three guys accounted for about seven points, and I lost. Bah. By my scoring it should be within twenty (probably withing fifteen) and that should be a good perfomance all things considered, but I'm still dissapointed. Going forward I like my team. I get Randy Moss back, and Coles should be one of Farve's (Pass Happy Farve) main targets in New Jersey, throw in a blistering Santana Moss and my recieving corps is sound (with Harrison coming off the bench when favorable). Julius Jones looks to be the man in Seattle, and Edgerrin James still scores decent points out in Arizona, throw in a returning Willis McGahee (who hopefully will get his starting job back soon and not have to split carries (crosses fingers)) and I should have a solid three man RB rotation (not great, but solid). Longwell at Kicker isn't horrible, and the Green Bay defense has scored a lot of touchdowns this year, so I'm content with them. My real problems may be at QB (I worry about Rivers going forward, though he really should at the very least be dependable (we'll not even talk about Hassleback backing him up, though in theory he should at least stop sucking sooner or later) and TE (I need Jeremy Shockey (out four more weeks at least) or I need to find someone else to come in and help out). But hopefully I'll be better next week. What? Oh, that's right, Welcome to DM dude. JD, 'Chan Postscript: I saw you joined the Seanchan, Welcome to the Circus. You should have fun over there. ;)
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