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  1. I'm pretty sure this is why they invented the internet. You'd think I'd like the parts with me the best, ya know, as a narcisist. In point of fact though every mention of Joram makes me giggle like a schoolgirl. He was the angriest man ever...and was awesome for it. JD, Loves necroing old threads...and also crazy chicks. And also poker...but still mostly crazy chicks.
  2. I get the feeling that warders do know beforehand about the warder bond being able to compel. It seems that many a warder are picked out of the group that comes to train at the WT (younglings) who I assume are familiar with all aspects of the bond, others probably get a roughly delivered laundry list of disclaimers before the bonding happens, like an Ipod. We really don't know what the Tower teaches about bonding since most of the protagonists (ie. Egwene, Elayne, Nynaeve) all bonded warders without ever really being properly taught by the WT in the protocals for doing so. As for the WT'
  3. As for Thom being killed by the fade she does state to the boys her reasons. The main one being that a gleeman getting killed in a street fight in the middle of a small town like Whitebridge would not be forgotten by the time Moiraine, Lan, and Nyn made it into town. That's a pretty logical deduction actually, especially since we've seen how small town folk react to gleeman, and we can't fault her reasoning. So maybe it isn't so much a viewing as Moiraine is smart n' stuff. The comment she makes to the girls I think is just what she said. They were being all dumb and young talking a
  4. Not fighting with the Seanchan. rather two seperate battles taking place after Tarmon. One, the Seanchan v. the rest of Randland. and a second confrontation between what's left of the Aes Sedai and what's left of the Black Tower. Hence the World not being done with battles. The reason they're not fighting now is because of chaos within the Aes Sedai, and a desire not to start fighting the Asha'man until after Tarmon, hence the truces (which are both stopgap agreements until after the Great Battle). Almost every PoV from Aes Sedai on the Black Tower contains loathing and a des
  5. It says the servants are balanced by the guardians, not opposed by them. The lion sword, the dedicated spear, she who sees beyond. Three on the boat, and he who is dead yet lives. The great battle done, but the world not done with battle. The land divided by the return, and the guardians balance the servants. The future teeters on the edge of a blade." It says Elayne, Avi, and Min are alive as of Tarmon and that Rand is dead, but still lives (somehow). Tarmon is over, but the worlds still got some stuff to resolve. That's why I assume Logain is the man to step into Rand's
  6. It's more likely that Aginor was simply not good at making gateways, since we know that not all channeling is raw strength, rather it depends on certain peoples abilities with the power. Semirhage is certainly a far better healer than Ishamael, and if ishy tried to heal someone and failed and then Semirhage came in and succeeded would we assume that she's a stronger channeler than the Nae'blis? No, as we already have knowledge that she's a great healer, a fact mentioned in the BWB actually, which seems to follow true in the series. So Aginor can't make a big gateway, Demandred can't (last I
  7. To say glory greater than most men can even dream of implies something really impressive. She saw the crown around Darlin's head and said "Meh, he'll be a king" I think Logain's stepping over Rand is symbolic of him taking over Rand's various duties one he's 'Dead' (ie. King of the World n' such) Also, I don't think the Tower's will be united at the end of the 14th book. Sanderson has said (I believe) that the story will end with Tar'mon Ninja Gaiden and there was a foretelling that went something like... "the great battle over, but the world not done with battles, the
  8. I was actually talking about you eclipse. Though Roka would also fit the bill. Um, Vanion's funny too, but I mentioned him before right? A bunch of the WT girls are funny... n stuff. JD, Has filled more open boxes than General Mills
  9. I love Barm, but this is Hax we're talking about. He's still got funny. Hax's guide to german girls and his uncensored opinions on fat chicks, not to mention his various works of comedic genius on display throughout the site put Hax in a class all his own. It's slightly below mine of course, but still all his own. *g* JD, Contemplating a top ten series that showcases the funniest of DM. Let's see. I got me. ;D Hax would be two Kat third, um... Cads has to be somewhere, maybe before Kat so she's the first girl on my list. You know chicks, they get jealous n' stuff. ;
  10. Initially I'd planned on putting this as a third section of my Spymaster's report, ya know, in honour of the BT stalking me for the past three weeks. But since I've only finished the World News section so far and Cads is no longer texting me to keep me arouse...erm, awake, I'll just put this on it's own. That way you can ignore this bit of self indulgence and save up your JD tolerance for my new stuff (ie. Spymaster's column which I should finish sometime tomorrow night) Top Ten JD Posts 10. JD on Myspace Hookers 9. The thread in which I proclaimed my return to
  11. So here'e my attempt to sum up your intro. Ya know, for those of us with a little less upstairs... *nods towards Empy picking his boogers* You said... "Hi, I'm a random newbie who either picked out a trolloc name or I'm from Jamaica and I'll let you all be the shotcallers on this one since I deserve your every waking bit of attention. I've really just been floating around the room evesdropping on your conversations for some time now but I think I've deemed you worthy enough to have me occasionally grace your boards with my deep insight. The books were okay for me, but once i get p
  12. Are you calling me the American version of a Canadian Republican? Because that might just be an insult. And for your information I don't like him because he's not a chick JD, Spymaster
  13. Cads sweetie that's entirely too many points. ;) We've talked about this I believe. Now it's time I punishe... well, we'll talk about this in private. JD, Yeah, that JD
  14. First off I need to make me a country music playlist as a background for this here report. Because that's how the kid does, that's where I'm at in life. Three of the six songs on the heaviest of rotation on the media player lately are country (Stay by Sugarland, Home by Blake Shelton, I'm movin' on by Rascall Flatts (what can I say, it's depressing and I like it)) So I'm going to go make a playlist. Oh and I need to text Cads. Done, and Done. I accidentally broke my earphones as I got up to grab my cell phone by the way, so I had to grab an old pair that only has one working earpi
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