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The Confrontation


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    One thing that I have found with Cadsuane that she can either be Aes Sedai to her toes, or she can be seen doing or saying things that make her look quite different. I could see her looking at Egwene and HOW she is working the WT, and I would hope that Cadsuane would respect her for that.


    Egwene has grown alot and though she might have problems with Cadsuane's bluntness, I could see her taking advice.


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My personal hope (that won't happend, mind) is that during such a confrontation Cadsuane would knock Egwane down a few notches. I mean Rand needs/needed it but in my book Egwane needs it more since Rand always had somewhat good reason to be messed up.



Following is the conversation I recorded while serving on Enterprise...NX-01


Degra: We can not save the Zindi without destroying the earth.

Reptalian Leader: Also Egwene.

Degra frowned..."why Egwene, she doesn't even live in earth.And Channeling is no threat to us. On Zindi warship is enough to destroy whole WOT world."

Reptalian leader: She has different kind of power.

Degra..."and what that would be?"

Reptalian leader: She has the power of annoyance and irritation....she can irritate people to death.

Degra: Very well then, we shall put her in an airlock.....see how she can irritate us then.....hu...ha...ha....ha...hu...ha...ha...ha.


Power of the irritation is the power of the dark side-------Dath Vader.

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Cadsuane has a long history of treating people the way their manner suggests they be treated irrespsective of their rank. For a lot of Aes Sedai that means being treated like children, but Egwene is free of that. Self-contained and self-controlled, without any real posturing... I don't see Cadsuane having an issue with Egwene.


And Egwene is one of the few characters i suspect would be capable of going toe to toe with Cadsuane anyway. She wouldn't win, but she wouldn't lose either.

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I agree with Dreadlord. Im more looking forward to Moiraine meeting Cadsuane. I wonder if Cadsuane will show her any respect or still try to call her down like a novice. Because if killing 2 Forsaken isnt good enough to get into Cadsuanes book, nothing will be.

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Yes, the Moiraine meeting should be good - in PoD, Cadsuane's pov chapter has her listing Moiraine as one of the AS that has mishandled Rand.  She will call her to task for that.  Has Egwene heard anything about Cadsuane?  If not, she will not necessarily feel she has any reason to be wary of her.  If Cadsuane believes that Egwene gives the AS the best leadership, and has the best chance to unite the tower, it will be well.  However, she hasn't had alot of respect for the rebels up to this point.

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