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  1. I think alot of people are misunderstanding what im saying. There is NOTHING lacking from the wheel of time. The books are the great and the graphic novels will not be able to add anything to it at all. they are perfectly fine without any adaptions. All im saying which people dont understand that if the wheel of time is being put into entertainment form, it (in my opinion) is better in a comic form. Not a movie for obviuos reasons (actors age , length, cutting of materials, and hollywood in general.) A tv show would be better but then again keeping the consistancy of actors and m
  2. Ive heard nothing about Red Eagle entertainment with this project. Only Dabel Bros. is mentioned. And it doesn't sound like their involved. All im saying is that for a visual representation, comics are a great way to represent the story.
  3. Wow. I thought people would be a little more enthusiastic about this. :-\ But anyways i think its a great idea to make these into comics cause its just so full of material that it would fully flesh out the whole world. As long as they get great artist and designers and everything is fully to Harriet's approval which i assume it would be. Another reason i think it would be great is that a comic is one of the only ways you can fully explain the story of WoT. Things that would be all but impossible and hard to make film wise could be easily done with graphic novels. And there is no restriction o
  4. Dabel Bros announced their plan to do a comic adaptation of WoT. http://www.dragonmount.com/News/?p=354 Many people are skeptical because of former dealings with Red Eagle Entertainment and the failing of the New Spring comics. But with Dabel Bros continued success with various authors from George R R Martin to Orson Scott Card's book series being adapted, can they live up and fulfill the huge shoes of the Wheel of Time? Do you want graphic novels? And what does this do to the Wheel of Time? Share your thought!
  5. Nah i was 15 when i played Starcraft with my buddies. I was always into stratagy games for as long as i can remember. And yes even at 12. I played anything from command and conquer to chess. As of Starcraft 2 I actually got to see a sneak peak at it last year at Comic Con in San Diego. It was looking super clean and i was really impressed, and the game was far from being polished.
  6. I LOVE STARCRAFT!!! Dude i played that game for soooo many years. Oh yea, and im only 22 so im that old.
  7. The other series Robert Jordan was going to do was called Infinity of Heaven. Sounds tight huh? Well anyways he described it as a high fantasy shogun series. There was no relation between that and WoT. The outrigger novels were with Mat and Tuon post Tarmon Gaidon. Also a couple more New Spring novels. Personally, I dont think anyone should be in RJ's world. After AMOL it should be done and live on with the fans. Yea it would be nice to have other novels about some of the histories, wars, and other characters but i think it would be disrespectful. Cause all it takes is a book to be h
  8. I cant wait either and my bet is that BS wrote Moiranes return. Just a guess. But the dead mules references refers to an interview with RJ about authors in S. Carolina. He says that your not really a southern writer until you have dead mules in your story. heres a link to the interview here on Dragonmount. http://www.dragonmount.com/News/?p=347 Watch till the last seconds because RJ states that we'll get to see some dead mules in AMOL. hope that was helpful. Enjoy!
  9. George R R Martin's, A Song of Ice and Fire is a great read. Very realistic and mature, but beware those books will make your heart hurt. (ill say no more; if you've read it you know what i mean). I always liked Orson Scott Card, its more sci-fi but very good.
  10. Dashiva

    Q TGH

    In TGH Moiraine is ignoring Rand on purpose. She wants him to believe he is free of her and that he can go anywhere he wants. Lan even mentions in the beginning why Rand hasnt left yet. IMO i always thought she was trying to make him feel that he needs her.
  11. Weve just had a couple of discussions on these boards about spoiling other book series. http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/topic,31441.0.html I feel i must give up reading these boards, because everything gets spoiled. what a shame.
  12. Thanks for the apology Lille, its all good. I'm just hoping I can get to see the last harry potter movie without any of it ruined. *crosses fingers* But hey im just glad that i was lucky enough not to have any of the WoT ruined before i read them all. THAT would have been disastrous!!!
  13. Yea i was serious. Harry Potter is on my back list of books to read and didnt get to that one yet. Been reading them after each movie comes out. *sigh* well lets see if i can make it to the last one without spoilers.
  14. WoW! thanks alot Lille. I didn't know Snape killed Dumbeldore. :o Thanks for throwing that out there. Good contribution.
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