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  1. I don't much care one way or another about the Moiraine/Thom thing, although it is interesting to note that they are about the same age. I would be very disappointed if Min were removed/reduced. She's one of my favorite characters, and her relationship with Rand is pivotal.
  2. I must be alone in this. I've re-read every time from book 6 until the last book, when I just re-read books 11 and 12. Probably just read 12 & 13 this time. I can't see myself ever re-reading it after that. I'm old, and there's too much still out there to read. Maybe I'm wrong.
  3. Solid. All three. :D ************************************* Yes. Very good. Especially Moiraine and Siuan.
  4. Luckers - haven't been around for a while; nice to see some of the old "faces". Anyways, nice job. I, too, am concerned with the direction for Rand, but (somewhat) trust it is a bit of a red herring. I found Nyn's curing of madness awesome, and her viewing of Rand's mind chilling. As to Mat's letter - I found it quintessential Mat; I thought he was being sarcastic and demanding, after being ignored by Elayne on his previous letter. Perhaps that would have been more obvious if we had seen that. I, too, laughed out loud. This was the first time I didn't do a complete read through in
  5. I apologize if this has been discussed; Christmas morning and I'm rushed, but could it be the whole situation with Herid Fel? What he discovered, what Rand has figured out, what Min has figured out, Fel's death, and what all of this means pertaining to TG? I know this HAS been discussed elsewhere, but perhaps it hasn't been given the significance it deserves, or we've missed something important.
  6. How will Cadsuane react to Egwene? Will she recognize her as Amyrlin, and obey her if given direct orders? Would she do penance if Egwene demanded it? And how will Egwene react to Cadsuane? It may depend on how she views Cadsuane's interaction with Rand. But now as full Amyrlin, can she accept someone as independent as Cadsuane? I don't know if there is time in two books for this relationship to be fully developed.
  7. We know what the Towers of Midnight are, a fortress in Seanchan (not Seandar though). It is unknown if there is any connection to the Finns in Seanchan, although bear in mind it is a superstition over there. Yes. Very good, about the superstition thing. I find it odd, though, that the only entrances are in this continent. Wonder why?
  8. Is there any information about entrances/exits to the land of the Finns in Seanchen? Is it possible that the Towers of Midnight could be that?
  9. If you assume that Cadsuane is growing increasingly frustrated with her lack of progress with Rand, and with TG approaching but Rand continuing to deteriorate, it is conceivable that she would "lose her cool". She is being broken down, somewhat as Semi was. But I expect Cadsuane to rebound, pull herself together, and have a major role to play in the last two books.
  10. Yes, they were surprised to catch Egwene, but they knew they were catching someone. And Egwene was not surprised to have been captured.
  11. Is it possible that Moiraine was injured severely enough that she couldn't return?
  12. This is reasonable, but it is also reasonable to consider that the Eelfinn are sustained by feeding on the experiences of WOT folk, and they have been getting fewer and fewer opportunities to do so. Moiraine would seem to be a choice "meal", once she gets back; lots of interesting experiences. A side note: I don't see Moiraine considering a life with Tom if she expected to come out of the Tower still able to channel. She would have a few years with him, and then he would be gone, while Moiraine would have a lifetime to live. If she thought her time would be limited, she would be more
  13. I think maybe he is frustrated by Caddy perhaps playing an important role in the next two books (she really hasn't shown Rand and/or the Ashaman what she needs to), and as he really doesn't like her, he doesn't enjoy writing it. Hope that's all it is, anyways.
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