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  1. Ah, I never thought of it that way but I like it alot now that you explained. Very nice if this is what RJ intended with that line.
  2. Also I have a memory of Min saying that one of the three was her in one of the early books (book three I think).
  3. Yeah, I assume so but it's the following Pain POV below that threw me off and I still think that it hints at some special form of torture that only Fain extorts on the Fades. Notice how the Myrddraal only begins to sweat after he starts talking to it about arrangements. It's not in any way confirmation of what I'm saying but I always took it as a subtle hint on such an ability. Wouldn't surprise me either since this guy has quite a few powers by now which most Jedi would call "Unnatural" - spotting darkfriends, bringing dead people back as illusions, commanding/communicating with Machin Shin etc. In fact I remember that when that bubble of evil in "A Crown of Swords" showed up during Rand's little duel, I was utterly convinced that it was Fain who had somehow summoned a small Mashadar on steroids. In fact I'm still not entirely sure it wasn't Fain - no matter what has been said. Fain sure is a cool villain tho. =D
  4. Didn't Fain also have some method for causing Fades some kind of pain just by looking at them? I can remember something about it from his POV after the cleansing of Emond's Field where he had a Fade captured. Fain has some intresting abilities and I have a bad feeling that when all is said and done in AMoL, he'll still be around in the world.
  5. ^ Thanks for the great image of RJ having sex. It's almost as bad as imgining my parents having sex for some reason. Gross! :-\
  6. I to want Demandred to do something wicked. He has the single coolest name of all the villains in the serias. Reason enough for me. =D
  7. I certainly hope Hurin makes an apperance before the end. I loved that guy, he was what kept the second book normal when everything else was out there. The average man in big events so to say. Sure he could smell things but otherwise there was nothing special about him. I liked that.
  8. I think some good points have been brought up in this thread. I had forgotten many of these things since I haven't read the books in years and am now only at book four on my re-read. I also relate alot with Harmless Bandit about the lack of Rand. Quite frankly he was the reason I started reading the serias since I really liked him from the start. Him being a main chracter and not being so active anymore grates at me alot. I hope AMoL has alot of Rand in it now that I have decided to actually finish the serias. Now that I think on it, I dropped the books at book ten last time because I was sick of Perrin being a lame character (post Faile owning), Rand being gone and Mat being gimped around by everything. They were the ones that made the early books such a fun read for me. I'm just not that intrested in a bunch of side-character becoming more important than the three main chracters. And no I wouldn't go and call it dislike either, I really mean that I hate these aspects since I consider them like black spots on something that I truly love and care about, the serias. Sue me. =/
  9. I guess you're right since when it all comes around to it, Christianity must have had it's influences as well. I'm not really familiar with those myth you mention - religion was never in my intrest fields. I guess people relate to what they know and last I checked Christianity was still number one as world's largest religion. I guess it was too obvious of a comparison. Also don't worry about making trouble. I take no offence in getting educated, I have no real personal intrest vested into any of this (except the WoT side I guess). I'm a complete atheist so as far as I was concerned I was comparing connections between two stories. Trust me, it takes more to get me pumping with any form of hostility, so have no fear. =D In fact you have managed to spark my intrest in some of the things you mentioned. I now feel forced to check out wiki again and get more understanding about myths and religions of the past.
  10. That verse always made me feel bad since I love Aiel. I certainly hope it's not Shaido who lives on out of all Aiel. That would be horrible!
  11. True but adding the other things I think it would add up. Marked hands - Stabbed hands? Wound under the chest area - Speared on the cross? Crown of Swords - Crown on Thorns? Reborn - Jesus will be reborn? Doomed to die - Destined to die on a cross? Might get ressurected at TG - Jesus walks again after death? Death for mankind's sake - Death for mankind's sake? Of course, I'm not saying it like "OMG IT'S JESUS", I'm just saying that I see some Jesus in Rand but like you said; so far his personality doesn't really match up. My theory is that RJ really like the visual aspects of the Christ and implemented them into Rand to some extent. I think people are reading too much into my Jesus connection so far, I meant it only as an influence and not even really a large one. lol, Myndrunner. =D
  12. The thing I dislike the most is that most of the women act like they know everything while in fact they know as little as the men. It's annoying. But if there was one single thing that really pissed me off it is the incident when Mat dragged his way down to Tear to save Elayne, Nynaeve and Egwane and they treat him like dirt. I mean, the guy came all the way to help you out risking his life countless times and what do you do? You spit him in the face. I remember reading that I was totally pissed of and my opinion of the three ladies hasn't really recovered since. I guess it's good that Aviendha tries to put them straight later but it never quite made up for it in my book. Otherwise I pretty much agree with your list.
  13. True enought but if you'll notice I mentioned it in the way that it was my hope that he develops in the Jesus way - dying for mankind etc. It is true that he is not really a Christ figure right now. I was arguing that if he'd learn to be human again and end up dying painfully on the slopes of Shayol Ghul to liberate men from shadow - I'd consider him a Jesus-esque character. Which is still my personal hope for Rand. Him becoming human again has been so forshadowed for quite a few books so I always thought it a set deal that he wouldn't be a cold bastard forever. For lack of better terms. >__>
  14. Hah, Tyler meets Luke. Didn't think of that but considering how insane the image in my head is of the two combined... I LIKE IT!!! :o I'm kind of divided on your question. I mean it would make sense for someone to betray Rand considering how much betrayal came Lews Therin's way. Why should Rand be so safe from it? On the other hand I just can't fit a betrayal as a good story option out of the current main chracters. None of them seem the type to me. I guess we'll just wait and see what happens. But I certainly hope some of them actually die. I mean they've pretty much been owning the shadow since book one. I personally feel that it's about time someone started to pay the price of war and not just the unnamed commoners you read about dying. RAND AL THOR Fair enough. =D
  15. Excuse me if I offended. I meant the Jesus comparison purely from a storytelling point of view. I mean, I enjoy the martyr story of Christ (even tho I'm not a christian myself) and there are similarities betwen the two which I always thought were intentional by RJ. The whole aspects of marked hands and a foretelling of death to save mankind from damantion is pretty intresting to me. Not saying he's a direct copy of Christ but that there are influences from Christ in Rand. I was saying that I hope Rand has a grand finale like Christ but his soul remains alive since I think that would be the most satisfying ending for me personally. Not saying that it must happend that way, I certainly would hope RJ had an even more dramatic ending that I would find totally unexpected. However denying that RJ was influenced by many cultures and religions of our world when he created his lush world would be like claiming that water is not wet. Pointless. I mean just look at the Dark One himself - Shai'tan - I think most people know around here that Shaitan is the Devil figure in common Islamic faith. Not saying they are the same but that RJ was influenced by things that actually exist in our cultures. There are many other examples but I'm off-topic as it is so I'll stop here. However one last thing; I personally feel that making a fantasy world tie in with our own only makes it more real and believable to me which is what I would call brilliant storytelling.
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