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Hello All


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I do not flirt - I obtain sustenance via snugglebites  ;D


Hello there, hawkdoctor, and welcome to the insanity DM  :D


Now that's an interesting name you have there - what made you pick that?


While we're on the subject - what attracts you to WoT?

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Welcome to DM!


Prepare to be bamboozled and bombarded with offers by the various ORGs and RP Divs about what they do! Of course, the quick route out of that is to join the Band of the Red Hand ORG! ;)


As you love the books, have you checked out the Book Discussions yet? It's a really interesting part of DM!


But whatever you do at DM, have fun! :) Oh, and avoid Empy...his feet smell! ;)

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What he means is that they smell heavenly.  I don't usually do this for newbies.. but... what the hey..... *strips off his sock*.. here is a small token of welcome from Empy... and really... the whole Seanchan Org. 


I am bad at recruiting.....

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hi and welcome to DM


they all go on about the orgs and RP and thats all good and syrupy .. mmm syrup ..er oh yes but er what was i doing again .. *builds a ships out of sugar*  er oh yeh hi! um the fiddlesticks bit is nice and spamy ..and you dont even have to join! :D


er but yeh um enjoy DM and all that jazz :D

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Guest nephitess

Hey there Hawk...welcome!!


I'd like to know why you picked that name as well...are you a vet? :)


Come and stop by the Aiel and White Tower Orgs...we are tons of fun! ;D

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I chose the name Hawkdoctor because I spent 10yrs in the Army as an UH-60A/L helicopter mechanic/crewchief. I joined DM due to my finding out recently of James Rigney's passing away (I was in Kuwait and Iraq when he passed) while looking for a site of people who have a like mind about the books and the author. Right now I am currently working executive security while I work on getting my Airframe and Powerplant licencse. *sniffs air* Whats that smell?!  ??? smells like dirty feet :-\. Anyway any help navigating around DM and suggestions of seeing the "sights" will be greatly appreciated. What attracted me to WoT hmmmmmm... well I am an avid fantasy book reader and I was looking for a series of books to read and I picked up book one and was instantly hooked. :) I have been reading the series ever since and have not looked back. And if snugglebites are sustenance then it isn't flirting. Please send me any links to your sites to hawkdoctor809@yahoo.com (Thanx for the sock I'll cherish it always "now where is that washing machine at again")

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Oh, well if your in the army or were in the army you should come check out the warders guild in the white tower^^



I know one of our disciplines has a lot of military/ex-military members and recently 1 of them has been posting threads dealing with tactical maneuvering, you should come check it out some time at the White Tower org^^

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