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    That sucks. I was looking forward to talking to the insane, channeling, fence-post wielding ogier too. :'(
  2. I've never heard the secret about why I should join the Band. >:(
  3. We have one of those fools that cook. His name is Cairos. ;D
  4. IT'S JUST A FLESH WOUND! Rand to Forsake after loss of hand Nice Cabriana. I wouldn't have seen Thom and Morgase together either but that happened before. Also when Thom talks about the way he was going to save the chick that was yelled at by her husband or whatever he said that he had left Moiraine behind like the girl when he should have saved her or something in that general meaning.
  5. Chuck Norris would devour the Dark One and then say that he was the one that was going to end the world and temporarily take the DO's position until he can find a succesor upon which the world will be balanced again and Chuck Norris will instead of returning to his Bela form become Aleb.
  6. But Rand has been fighting a lot since then to perfect his form not including his practice fights with multiple people at the same time. Then there was the time at the Cairhien rebel camp where he fought another blademaster with his coat on limiting his moblility and wasn't beaten until he was distracted by a fog that was tearing people to shreds!!!
  7. Thats the only way to do it... Smash, break, hack, club. Any way works as long as it smashes whatevers in the way.
  8. *snugglebites Elgee* AS handling? Why would I need to handle them when I can be handled? I'm just fine. :D
  9. Nu-uh! Rand would say screw Callandor and use Choeden Kal to annihilate half of the world!!! :P
  10. You're not my father! Thats impossible that can't be true!!! *imitates Luke Skywalker because of missing hand* Rp is really fun Rahela! You should try it! *snugglebites Rahela*
  11. I just thought she was the snugglebite monster... I like snugglebites. ;D
  12. So no body pays attention to my post where I just said that Taim was terrorizing Saldaea while Ishamael was dead? ... You jerks.
  13. The Dark seems to be more insane than the whole Black Tower! :P
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