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    I didn't check to see if this has been done before and would like to know the link, but if you had the chance to go to a university of the Wheel of Time as a student or instructor, what subjects would interest you the most. Tuition is Free and unlimted money for reasearch (sounds like Rand's schools). 


Myself, I would like to be in a class taught by Thom Merrilin to become a gleeman, not just for the stories, but the acrobatics, juggling, etc.

Next I would like to learn how to fly Raken from the Seanchen.

Then I would like to think of something completely stupid and join one of Rand's schools so I would have the money, time and resources to see if it would actually work.


  Have fun with this, some people on the website either have 'WOT' names or quotes at the end and it would be fun to know why. Not trying to gain information about anyone personally, just to delve into the Dark Secrets of your Mind!! lol

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Definatley swords with Lan. And classes with Aldura about making fire works. And then I would take pretty much every class that had to deal with chemistry physics and engineering. Basically all the thinkgs that I would have studied if I went to college except with the influence of the One Power. Archery and quarterstaff classes from Tam would be cool as well. And miliary strtegy and tactics from Mat.

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Guest leebarr

Get Thom Tuon or Mat to teach me how to play stones. Then get a warder to teach me all they know of fighting not just the sword

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Okay mine is bit more dark maybe...


First I would study pain under the watchful eye of Semi.


Second I would study adventuring with the hunters of the Horn.


Third I would learn all of the history I can with the Browns, the Wise Ones, and the Ogier.


Fourth I would learn to become a wolfbrother from Elyas(And dethrone that loser Perrin as Wolfking)


FIfth I would study with LTT(and Rand too I guess) to unlock the secrets of Sadin.


Well after that, I would have all I need to raise an army and take over Randland! MWAH HA HA HA!

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It's like my old scenario if you get plunked into the WoT, what would you do, right?


What to learn


The One Power, if I can channel, would be far and away the most interesting and useful activity.


If not, I'd have to resign myself to being some kind of scholar/bureaucrat of little consequence. Take a few self-defence/sword lessons, learn the laws and go become some kind of clerk to a ruler.


What to teach


I guess not much. Most people have only a narrow expertise in their field of knowledge due to specialization. It would be the story of the chip designer hurled into the Middle Ages. I could probably suggest a lot of theoretical political/legal/economic and philosophical ideas; whether people listen to me, or refrain from hanging me for thoughts that abandon the Light, is another matter.

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Also, I would love to study philosophy with Ishy, but I am a tad nervous about the consequences of failing an exam...


The consequences aren't that bad, you know just the usual, a little introduction to the DO in the Pit of Doom, a bit of instruction and application of the cour'souvra, and you've learned your lesson. But you only get one chance at the exam again (hence the meaning of Lanfear's new name).


As for what I would take:


-Philosophy: With Herid Fel (I'd find a way to bring him back)

-The One Power 101 through 337: With LTT and Lanfear

-Ter'angreal DIY: With Elayne (could be fun, especially if she trys to figure out the Red Rod again)

-Fighting: Quarterstaffs with Abel Cauthon, Swords with Be'lal, Aiel fighting with Bael

-Investing: With Moghedien

-Strategy and Tactics: With Mat and Rodel

-And finally Hiding/Evasion: With Demandred

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