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  1. Well, I don't know about experiences, per se, but there is a car called a "Domani" where I live. And, my units motto is "first among equals", which always makes me think of how Rand views himself with the Aiel clan chiefs.
  2. I read for enjoyment, not to punish myself. This is one of my new favorite quotes! Thanks, BTD
  3. I don't know. Rand as the King? But it would be weird starting the game with three Queens...
  4. I think that the corridors moving and such was more unsettling to the characters as it caused them to doubt their own sanity by subtly changing their perception of a solid fact in their life. I think that more overt ways of "unwinding" would have been less effective as a plot device.
  5. Yeah. I think Mat is the coolest, but, Rand has the ability to break the world so I gotta gp with him.
  6. My only question is who would bring the potato salad?
  7. I think it totally looks like Mat's hat. Now if I could just find me one...
  8. Who taught Moiraine the weave for balefire?
  9. I think Rolan let himself be killed. If you read the passage it says that he hesitated for a moment, and that moment was all Perrin needed to stove in his head.
  10. "How to juggle three women" classes from Rand might come in handy. ;D
  11. I really don't think that Egwene would kill one of her chidhood friends under any circumstance.
  12. I still think that the numbers have some sort of meaning to the oath sworn on them. Maybe we will see Galina experience some sort of different reaction from swearing on that rod.
  13. brown all the way!! I think the history of the WOT is so interesting that brown is the only ajah for me!
  14. I definitely can believe that Mat will be tied to the horn. He is just too cool not to be.
  15. I'm sure I read a quote somewhere that RJ had intentionally mixed certain notable features from several our world races to make some of his. Like Aiel being a mix of Scotsman and Native American.
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