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  1. My guess is that Mordeth is a gholam's soul, but I'll explain more on that later as I'm crunched for time. Who or whatever he is/was I doubt that he is anything like the Luc/isam combo. But, IMO, Mordeth has had some previous experience with either the DO or the DO's minions, due to the fact that one of the Forsaken refers to him as 'an old thing, an old friend, an old enemy'. The Forsaken, I forget whom, is talking about Mordeth, not Mashadar, so that rules out the possibility that that quote had anything to do with the Trollocs and Myrdraal that were killed in Shadar Logoth. The boys at the time they met Mordeth still had Moiraine's coins, and the weave Moiraine put on the coins could have been what drove Mordeth to scream. The weave she placed on the coins was some form of a bond weave, as the effects of it parallel a Warder bond, it could have been Moiraine's bond that caused Mordeth to create his Illusion.
  2. I think Rand was the only one that was given fancy clothes. It also takes more than clothes to disguise a persons history, the way they carry themselves, words used, hairstyles, etc.
  3. You didn't think that the WoT world was just filled with white people did you, lol. What do you guys think of the Eye of the World comic book preview? (In the Latest WoT news for those of you that haven't seen it yet) I think all of the characters are good, except for Lews, he doesn't look like I pictured him at all. Though they are too ... perfect looking, but that's comic books for you.
  4. ;), gotcha. The Metric System is fun isn't it? (Boo Imperial System) I thought Tuon was really good too, and the new Perrin w/wolves.
  5. heck out some of Lord_of_chaos_jr's pictures. He does some pretty good renditions of the characters. Here's the link: http://seamassketches.blogspot.com/ ? ?? ?, I don't think anybody stated that. An inch is 2.5cm(well, close enough as makes no difference), and 180cm/72inches is exactly that, 2.5cm/inch.
  6. Right, sorry, I meant Egwene knows of Egeanin, IIRC, via the Tel'aran'rhiod conferences the Supergirls had. Of all the Seanchan, I think Egeanin would probably be the one Egwene would trust.
  7. Surely you mean Leilwin Shipless, a Seanchan with a sword, and one that is already technically on Egwene's side. Egwene also knows and trusts Egeanin(sp?). Tuon does not carry a sword. I think Mat's force will end up travelling to the WT and end up saving the AS from the Seanchan siege, or something like that. He could give the command to Egeanin, she is well trained for such a task, go off and rescue Moiraine, and come back to find that Egeanin has saved Egwene and the WT from the Seanchan. Two plots wrapped up neatly at approximately the same time.
  8. Most unfair fight: Gaul and the Whitecloaks, hands down. Every chance I get I give this book a plug, ACACIA- David Anthony Durham, I see it as a combination of RJ's and Martin's writing style. The fights in that book are not predictable at all. I actually prefer Acacia to both WoT and ASoIaF. PS- I'll continue to plug this book until I've found at least one other person who has read it.
  9. Right after the girls used the bowl, they noticed that Saidar still seemed to be around them or something like that, and they also noted that Saidar played and crackled along the Bowl after they had finished channelling. Then Elayne made her Travelling Gate and it didn't want to form then suddenly snapped into place. I think this shows that the event that caused the weirdness in the Powers was the Bowl, nothing else. We've seen what happens when differing weaves of power hit each other, Rand and the Asha'man in Illian setting off Sammael's warning wards. Uncontrolled reactions of the Power occur. The Bowl most likely did not create a one time only weave, that was formed, did it's business, then dispersed. It was more likely a residual weave, the Windfinders even said that 'the rudder had been turned, but a ship this large takes awhile to turn', not the actual wording, but as close as I can remember. The residual weave of the Bowl combining with any other weave would have had uncontrollable reactions.
  10. I think the DO can bypass Saidar or Saidin without too much difficulty when they are used seperately. To make the wards functionable I think you'd have to remake them with both Saidin and Saidar. After all the True Power is the DO's answer to the OP, OP as in both Saidin and Saidar. As for why we have not heard anything about Saidin's "failing", there haven't been any permanent Keepings or Wards made, that we know of. And any that failed at the Black Tower would probably be kept secrets by Taim and the Asha'man DFs. I think that this will be the point that eventually brings the Aes Sedai and the Asha'man completely together. Not simply working together to make bigger circles, but working together to prevent the DO from bypassing them. Bricks and mortar. A wall of bricks is certainly a barrier, but easily bypassed by the small and easily dismantled by the large. Bricks and mortar is another matter entirely.
  11. Thanks for that Andrew the Great. Looks to be a pretty amazing finish for the series. Harriet couldn't have chosen a better author to finish AMoL.
  12. @ The Lost One In every case that we have seen someone move an object with the Power the source of that Power has been in no way moved by the weave. Trying to get the Power to move the person who is the Source of that Power wouldn't be possible, as Siuan has explained in one of her POV's. Making a moving platform of Air and then tying it off would require you to specify where it will go and how far etc. before you ty it off, you'll also have limits as to how far you could send it. As soon as you stepped onto the platform it would go where you had set it to go, but trying to then control it somehow when you were on it would require you to assume the weave again and cause it to fall, not really flying at all, more like a mechanical lift with the Power. But still that hinges on being able to tie off a weave of moving Air, which I don't think is possible. Nynaeve creates a crowbar to break into a storage room in the WT and when she drops it it falls to the ground, just like a real crowbar, therefore implying weight. To make a platform capable of carrying itself and your own weight you'd hardly be able to make a platform weave with much more range than what Nynaeve did for Rand and Lan, some women further, men not even that far.
  13. That gets me to thinking, perhaps the flying weave is just a weave that bends gravity. It seems easier to me to bend gravity and cause that to pull you up and wherever you intend to go than trying to lift or pull yourself up with the power. If it used gravity the weave would not have to be very strong either, instead of building some sort of contraption to lift yourself with the Power you'd just be creating a conduit that could bend gravity's pull. It also would not require you to stop gravity, only bend it, and as we have seen the OP bend light, Folded Light, it doesn't seem like such a ludicrous idea.
  14. We have seen someone fly. Ishy, at the end of The Dragon Reborn. Rand and Bel'al fight, Moiraine kills Bel'al, and Ishy floats down from above them, smacks Moiraine aside like a fly and proceeds to try to kill Rand. My guess is that it is probably an extrememly rare Talent, hence it being forgotten and the uncertainty among Aes Sedai if it even truly existed.
  15. She has met Mat. He tried to hit on her and she whispered something like "Too much like me" under her breath and walked away. But yes I agree with your theory, for the most part. Her and Faile seem to have an unspoken and grudging respect towards each other. And then along came Galad ...
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