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  1. My favorite memory of Lan is when he finally accepts that the men of Malkeri will not let him fight the blight alone. My Favorite of Moiraine is the letter that she wrote to Thom telling him there was a snow balls chance in hell of him rescuing her but telling him exactly how he has to do it should he choose to. My favorite of the two of them together is when Moiraine tells Lan that his bond is to be passed around until the appropriate Aes Sedai is found to hold it.
  2. Nope. If you did want to give me a bribe though i would accept it.
  3. Add a line saying that tattoos are for sissies? Go one better and use a razor blade? Mr Ares, you get my vote for funniest/most entertaining person on these forums
  4. I dont think so. He tries to always do whats right and alot of the time that revolves around his sister. I believe that he would return to Andor and become an officer in the Andoran army of the First Prince protector thingy seeing as Gawyn would probably given that up to be bonded with Egwene. I just dont see how doing the right thing would have led him to a Sister that would virtually seperate him from his sister and other duties almost completely.
  5. I am betting that she has yet to bring it up. Mostly because Aes Sedai are tricky like that. Though she may not (IIRC) she swore to stop manipulating him.
  6. Galad was never part of the Tower Guard, he just trained with the warders. I think technically Gawyn is, though his Younglings seem to be their own separate entity. Herid Fel would be kinda cool cause he knows so much, though being ripped apart would really suck.
  7. I have multiple copies of all the books (cause they keep falling apart) both in hard and paperback. The BWB, the roleplaying game, a printed off copy of the Strike at Shayol Ghul. And a tattoo on my arm of a mountain with a feather floating in front of it with the saying "Death is lighter than a feather, Duty heavier than a mountain.
  8. The last remnants of the Da'Shain Aiel were the Jenn Aiel. They all died off with the building of Rhuidean. The only people that have any idea what the song is are Rand, the Aiel chiefs, and the Aiel Wise Ones. Even though all the Aiel now know of their past it is still very difficult for them to cope with it and trying to get them to sing the song would probably drive them all away. This theory is impossible. It could never happen.
  9. He did not command the deathwatch guards to go. Their commmander did that on his own out of fear for Tuon's safety.
  10. Johnny Depp plays Thom over my dead body!!!!!
  11. Personally if anyone wants to join me we can create a crazed band of fans and attack anyone who tries to make this movie. Seriously i can not be opptimistic about this. Its going to be mutalated. That is how these things work.
  12. It is great to have a new member. I am definatly going to have to agree with RAND AL THOR. Avoiding these boards is a must unless you want everything ruined. But if you ever need anything explain search for it and if you cant find ask and just tell people in the topic where you are and they will do their best to help you.
  13. The channeler continues to get sick until the sickness and the touching of the source conincide with one another. And this only happens to wilders who dont know that they are touching the source. Those in both of the towers are guided to their first ouching so they dont have this problem.
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