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Anyone who is over at SG this is the same thing as the trolloc game except that the roles have different names.  It is also known as the Mafia game.  What happens is that there are two teams the murderers and the innocents (Civilians) Everynight the murderers decide on someone to kill adn everyday the innocents decide on someone to lynch (murderers count as innocents during the day because no one knows they are murderer's except them) No one is allowed to communicate outside the game thread except the murderer's.  Post here if you are interested in playing. I will give it a while and then PM roles etc.

As an added twist everyone who plays will be given a post restriction to follow :D

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Description of history/basic playing:



I will post a little more detailed rules and explanations of the roles that we have when I start the thread (I would appreciate it if you can sticky it too tay once it gets started).

Nyn wrote this when we first started it at SG:

Some of you might know this game from Real Life. It's called the Mafia. This game is also played on the fiddlestick board in DM. There it's called the werewolf game.


If there are some people out there that still have no idea what i'm talking about, I am going to explain the rules.


In this test run of the game, I am the Dark Mistress aka the game master. I let people sign up and then I rapart the roles randomly. I PM every person his/her role and they keep it to themselves. If anyone shares his/her role with another person in the game, the game is simply ruined so I urge you not to do that. Discretion is the key.


The roles are as followed:

1. Lightfuls - You are an innocent SGer just minding your own business.

2.Trollocs - You eat everyone. HORRAY!

3. Fade - A person that gets to protect one person every night

4. Gholam - Gets to find out the role of one person every night.


The days and nights in this game do not go hand by hand with day and night in real life. I annouce when it's day and when it's night.A day in the game can last three real life days...and so on and on.


We will start the game when it's day. Everybody needs to start discussing and nominating someone who they think is a Trolloc and should be lynched. People vote and majority rules (although the majority needs to be a certain number I set, you will see in the game in case you don't get it now). When you vote for someone, you bold the name of the person. For instance, I vote for Bob

Also if you voted for someone....and then you want to change your vote (as long as the vote is still open, you can't change your vote after I post your verdict) then you put it in this manner: I changemy vote to George.


After someone is lynched i tell you what his/her role in the game was. If he/she was either a ful, a gholam or a fade. Not good. If he/she were a trolloc, then you're on the right track. The number of Trolloc will be according to the number of people that sign up for this. I'll let you know how many trollocs there are when we start the game. So you will have a number.


Okay, someone was lynched, then I announce that it's night now. In the night only the following happens:

-The trollocs talk between themselves and decide on someone they want to eat during the night. When they pick someone they PM me and let me know.

-The fade PMs me a name of a person he wants to protect during the night. If the name the fade and the trollocs give is the same, then the trollocs won't eat anyone during the night. Whoever is under the protection of the fade cannot be eaten by the trollos. The fade can't protect from lynching during the day, though.

-The gholam PMs me asking about one of the participents role and I answer him/her and tell what the person is.


Now to the ones of you that get to be either the fade or the gholam. You can reveal what you are at some point throughout the game, if you wish to. However, it can seriously backfire. The others might think you're really wolves and you're bluffing....or if you seem reliable, you'll probably be the Trolloc's next target at night. So....keep that in mind ;)


mmm....that's about it.

Just one last thing. The most important thing. ONLY trollocs are allowed to talk between themselves outside of the game thread. The fuls, the gholam and the fade can ONLY speak on the game thread. Please don't let me find out that you've been talking about it through PMs, messangers or chat cause it will ruin the fun.


Thanks....and i hope I get enough people to sign up cause this is gonna be a fun ride ;)


if you have questions...something that seems unclear....this is the place as well.





Dark Mistress

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