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The Last Battle.


spigots or caudrens  

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  1. 1. spigots or caudrens

    • spigots
    • caudrens
    • pie spoon
    • washer woman. shaped washer.

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It will be the last battle for this revolution of the wheel.  Following this will be an era of chaos and everyone running around for a while, then they will forget about saidin and saidar (less and less people are able to channel in the current time, so eventually none will, its kind of like a balancing tool, channlers).  After that society will muck along for a while, they will rediscover the power, have a new age of legends, drill a hole in the dark ones prison, etc etc etc. Rinse and repeat.

It is a last battle, but not the last battle.  "there are neither beginnings nor endings to the turnings of the wheel of time"


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It's not THE last battle but it is A last battle.  I think I remember reading sometimes he wins, sometimes he looses, sometimes he even joins the dark one. .. Being silly now...maybe it's OUR history.. and the talent of channeling itself was lost.  Maybe some of us have the potential but no way to tap it!! *nods*

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I believe it will be the last. I believe that when the Shadow wins, the Great Lord shall make it so we all live in peace and harmony. We shall make daisy chains all day long, and not have to worry about a thing. We will all be one big family, full of love.

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