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  1. You could trace the borders and features in a vector graphics program like Inkscape and then scale it up to what you need.
  2. The Sansa e200 series is pretty decent if you want something like the iPod for a lower price. They're about the size of an iPod Nano, but they play video. The only major con is the Sansa's inability to natively play Ogg files.
  3. I couldn't figure out what sur meant. I looked in several places, but to no avail. :(
  4. Reinforcing Barmacral: Mat is often compared to the Norse god Odin, who was called Odin One-eye because he traded an eye for knowledge.
  5. I am Zyrshnikashnu, but everyone seems to call me Zyr. Not sure why, really. Here on DM, I'm an Attack Leader at the Black Tower, head of the Black Ajah in Shayol Ghul, and a member of the Illuminators. The people at BT and SG are constantly bugging me to do this or that with PHP, because they can't be bothered to learn about it. :P In life, I'm a senior in high school in New York State (class valedictorian, baby!). I'll probably be attending the University of Rochester for the next four years. I'll be majoring in Computer Science and I might minor in some sort of studio art. Have fun stealing my identity.
  6. Can we get an "other?" I guess I could vote for rock, but ska is something all its own. :)
  7. As far as I can tell, either RJ was unsure of how he wanted Traveling to work or this shimmering method is how Traveling works with the True Power. All speculation, of course.
  8. Egwene probably associated the change with the wolves. She likely recognized that Elyas has yellow eyes and assumed they were part of his connection with them. When Perrin admitted he could speak to wolves, it would have been natural to assume the same cause.
  9. No, the attacking Aes Sedai would be unable to do anything. The oath prevents the oath-taker from taking specific actions. Because the attacker would be using the Power as a weapon against creatures not of the Shadow, the attacker would simply fail.
  10. Wait... wasn't Ishamael killed with Callandor in Tear?
  11. I'm an Andor fan. It has sensible people who aren't afraid to voice their thoughts and the Game of Houses is practiced only by those of the highest status.
  12. But the question is how they learned that name. In EotW, we get the impression that nobody in the Two Rivers ever says it, yet they all know it. You'd think it'd be weeded out of the vocabulary over 3,000+ years.
  13. Nicotine is addictive. Bad luck isn't. ;)
  14. I ponder this every time I see the name, but I've so far been unable to figure it out.
  15. Mat ought to tell the Dragon Reborn about the event. ;)
  16. Finish TDR and move on to The Shadow Rising. You won't regret it. TSR is arguably one of the best in the series.
  17. He used saidar as a sieve. Let's see how many more metaphors we can get!
  18. We who live in such a location that Canada is south of us.
  19. Bah! I clicked this topic thinking it said NHL Playoffs. What a disappointment, :( I gave up on the NFL when I realized that Buffalo still sucks. Ah, to be back in the good old days of Jim Kelly...
  20. It occurs as Rand & co. travel out of Shienar in The Great Hunt.
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