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Greetings, Salutations, etc. **open mouth, insert foot**

Kiyel al^Tasadar

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Hail...everyone? My name is Kiyel (aka Kyle, bet you didn't see that one ;)). But I'm new to the Forums, and I no idea what I'm doing. Although I have come to DM for chapter summeries of the books and news on RJ's condition. I even found out about his...ya know...for here.  I've read up to LoC, but I mostly skimmed through. Once I got the concept of the gravity and depth these books cover, I decided to restart from the begining and read thoroughly. I just got done with NS and EotW and can't wait to start on tGH.


I was looking at the Role-Playing thing; and although I do not understand it totally yet. I've looked at a couple different divisions as ones that I would like to join. But could someone please explain the concept to me. That being said..





I am a NOOB, NEWBIE, FRESHY, ETC. I am aware that I will say stupid stuff, but I beleve it is only fair that you all Laugh at me. Because it is probly funny.




Okay...now that my nervous mouth has run wild.


I'm glad to finally join, and I am really encouraged that despite RJ's final journey to the Mother. You all keep this going and keep him alive through it!


I don't know how to compliment in Old Tounge yet so...HOORAH Dragonmount!

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*Eyes Barmy's statue*

Isn't that a little bigger then the original?





Sorry Barmy I could not resist.


Welcome to Dragonmount Kiyel! We are glad to have another RJ and WoT fan join us.


There is an Eye of the World discussion group started. We are up to chapter 13 I think. So, feel free to join in. Just remember no spoilers of future stuff.


I know you mentioned the RP side of life. I haven't made my way over there yet, so I am no help.


I would like to invite you to the Wolfkin Org. We are the nature group here and love to have fun and welcome new members. You don't have to join to stop by for a warm welcome.

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*helps Kiyel take his foot out of his mouth*  :D

There! That should feel much better! I'm Lorei, Head of House Machera over at the White Tower Org. Feel free to drop by and visit. We're not the RP part of DM; mostly we discuss stuff and joke around. RP is not required, but if you are interested, they are very friendly and helpful over at the DIV side, just go on over and ask!

I am also an Ogier Builder. Ogier sit and talk, and drink ale and smoke tabac. Occassionally we get out of the hot tub and repel the odd invasion or build something, but for the most part, we're pretty content to just sit and soak (well, at least I am). We'd love to have you visit us there too, if you want. The Band of the Red Hand does music, the Seanchan do TV and movies, etc., and the Children are the resident jokesters. Their greeters will be along soon.

Feel free to mingle and enjoy!

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Welcome to DM!


Hope you enjoy the RP side, but don't forget to pop by the ORG side either to meet yet more people! Check out the Band of the Red Hand ORG, as we are DM's very own music and travel ORG! There is always something happening, so you'll never be bored!


But whatever you do at DM, have fun! :)

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Welcome to DM Kiyel al^Tasadar! (mind if we call you Kiyel?)


I would like to invite you to come check out the White Tower Org! Whatever your into they have it at the white tower. Spam, discussions, competitions, we have it all. And gender is no issue! whether you want to be an Aes Sedai or a Warder is entirely up to you! But I gotta say, as a Warder, that being a Warder is possibly the funnest^^. Specifically because the Warder's Guild is split up into three sword disciplines that all compete with each other for honor! I'm Sword Commander of the Cuen'd'eren, we tend to be more of the spammers of the Guild, but there are two other disciplines for you to join if you don't like spam!


So hop on over to the White Tower and psot a hello thread and I'm sure you'll be welcomed by many!


+ you'll be happy like my bunny cuz you can have an invisible cheese burger too^^



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