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Bonus Strength Points

Arath Faringal

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As an incentive to get people to RP more, we have revamped the requirements for earning bonus strength points for the Asha'man.  You will now be able to earn 'buy points' from different sources upon reaching Dedicated rank (you will only be able to spend them as an Asha'man though).  There are a total of 3 STR points available for everyone who meets requirements.  Listed below are the ways in which you can earn them.


  -Mentoring a Soldier up to Dedicated rank, participating in at least half of his RP's. (1 bp)


  -Mentoring a Dedicated up to Asha'man rank, paricipating in at least half of his RP's. (1 bp)


  -Significant activity in an approved interdiv RP (2 bp)


  -Taking an important or leading position in an approved interdiv RP (3 bp)


  -Significant activity in an important BT RP (We'll let you know about these)(1 bp)


  -Fulfilling an OOC assignment from Staff (1-2 bp depending on assignment)


  -Serving actively as staff. (1 bp) 


  -Getting a friend to start playing at the BT (2 bp) The new person would have to remain active for at least 2-3 months before this point will be assigned, just so we don't get flooded by very 'temporary' players so people can get their points.  The new player would have to make some mention of the existing member in their application/bio.


After earning your bp (buy points), they can then be spent to purchase your additional strength points on a scaling system.


STR pt 1 = 4 bp

STR pt 2 = 6 bp

STR pt 3 = 8 bp


So 18 bp will get you all over your bonus points.  I don't think we've ever actually assigned one of these points before, and I'm eager to do so.  Sooooo . . . a good way to start is to go sign up as a mentor here -




If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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About mid way down the page it shows the old requirements.  They've been there for . . . a long time.  Over a year at least.  Skill points for females and Strength for males.


The problem was that nobody had EVER recieved a bonus point at the BT (to my knowledge anyway).  So now you can.  Fun fun.

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This what you get when you assign GLs who don't actually have characters in the Divisions under her :P


It is logical that BT gets bonus on strenght since men are supposed to be stronger with the OP by the books (refrains from any personal opinions about this *grins*). It is also fair that it is possible to earn that same +3 bonus in all Divisions.

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